Saturday, November 19, 2016

Immersed in the light

There is not much happening in our little corner of the world. 
Over the past three months, I have been going to a wellness 
centre and since last week I take part in an aquatic group 
exercise class. I decided to give the gym a try;
 the water isn’t really my thing and I wouldn’t have believed 
this possible for me. However, taking up aqua aerobics 
helps to have a gentle and easy workout I’m so in need of. 
Ι’m already feeling better inside and out. Hoping
to be able to keep my mood!

We have been really blessed to have some fabulous autumn weather
 so far this November. The gilded season is upon us with that 
stunning, slanting light assigning beauty to the nature, to the 
backyard, to everything. This is the perfect time to enjoy 
the outdoors through the golden hours of this season. 
Although we emptied the yard of most furniture, 
golden Sunday afternoons beckon us to cherish the garden 
which still appeals to a sense of refuge. 
No lack of frequent showers and chilly weather, though, 
mostly at night, exactly what we were praying for 
as the country garden was watered with the hose 
until late October. 

Colorful snapdragons are profusely blooming now, cosmos 
appear healthy so far, some plum roses are spreading their 
strong fruity fragrance around and it’s a real treat to spend 
time in the yard. 
It seems that the Greek Gods will let this sweet season 
linger further although I can’t deny my love for 
the winter season as well.

That’s all for the moment. I make an effort to leave messages on 
all blogs I’m following but I always have the feeling 
that something is missing ... I apologize for that. 
I’m leaving you with the pics of our home and garden 
in the country, immersed in the flattering autumn light;
it helps to stay focused on the positive side of this life of ours. 

Shake things up a bit, in order to feel energized! 

A warm hug 



  1. Thanks for sharing your pics of home and garden, it's amazing there are so many flowers still in bloom. Here it's cold and rainy...I really hope spring is coming soon ;-).

    Wish you a wonderful weekend, Olympia! Hugs, Ingrid

  2. Tes fleurs ont pour beaucoup de belles couleurs pastelles et si romantiques! J'aime ton univers de douceur.
    Je dois aussi avouer que je craque pour la pasta flora et son petit café. Je suis un inconditionnelle de cette tarte!
    Bon week-end chère Olympia!

  3. Beautiful garden, thank you
    The orange roses, cosmos and snapdragons bring back summer. Then I see the pie! What a wonderful day it is with flowers and pie. :)

  4. Τι όμορφες εικόνες!! Σχεδόν ανοιξιάτικες, λίγο πριν μπει ο χειμώνας!!

  5. Beautifully lit surroundings by autumn's ambient lighting, Olympia. I miss that soft, gentle glow of Greece in the fall, especially, in the Cretan countryside, for me.

    Happy weekend,

  6. The aquatic exercise class sounds fun! You still have so many different flowers coming out in Autumn. I love the picture of the soft Purple colors. Your collection of plates look charming on the wall. And that pie looks amazing. Wishing you a very nice Thanksgiving, Olympia.

    love, ~Sheri

  7. Beautiful photos from your garden, my friend.
    Here it`s a bit under 0 C, so the winter is here.
    Hugs from here

  8. I did some water aerobics in the States and I really liked it. No water aerobics in Sparti!
    You still have a lot of flowers. Lovely pictures!

  9. The light in your photos is beautiful. So different to our glowering grey skies at the moment. Aqua aerobics is great. Effortless excercise but so good for you. Loving your blog. B X

  10. Παλι μια πολύ όμορφη ανάρτηση ..μπραβο Ολυμπια καταπληκτικες εικονες ....
    ελπιζω να κρατήσει ο καιρός ακομα λιγο ...φιλακια

  11. Your photos are so lovely, each telling a story if it's own. I'm particularly drawn to the ones of your table with the lovely flowers in a pretty vase.

    It's wonderful to see such vibrant color,when right about now everything is quite grey here.


  12. Oh such lovely photos and such a vibrant post. We are also enjoying these beautiful autumn days in The Mani. I am planting strawberry plants today and finishing some garden work and we've burned our olive harvest trimmings. . .it makes us glad to see the sun peak over the mountain every morning and to have logs burning in the fireplace at night! hugs, Jackie

  13. What beautiful positive and colourful photos. You're really lucky not to have much happening in your corner of the world, Olympia, and long may it remain so!

  14. Chère Olympia!
    La neige et le givre chez moi et le soleil et des fleurs chez toi.
    Quelle différence!
    Mais depuis aujourd'hui le soleil est de retour et environ 14 centigrade!
    J'aime bien ton jardin avec des roses!
    Passe un bon dimanche!
    Je t' embrasse!

  15. How wonderful to still have all these colorful flowers in your garden , seems like autumn hasn't come to Greece yet. Great discipline water gym , makes you feel so good once it is finished :-)

  16. I ca see that you have been blessed with good autumn weather. Looks more like spring there! Enjoy!

  17. This sunny colourful post made my day, as we have storm and rain, actually our first November storm. When I see your Cosmeas, snapdragons and roses together with the beautiful lilac crochet work I long to summer. All our flowers have definitely gone now with this extremely bad weather.
    Olympia I wish you a great new week and enjoy the water arobics.

  18. How lucky you are to be living in a place like this, with all that this time of the year! I am all envious!

  19. Hello Olympia,
    You certainly have the gift of making a house feel like home. The lingering flowers provide beauty and promise.
    Wishing you a delightful week. We are looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with friends, here in Florida. Wishing you the blessings of the holiday.


  20. I love cosmos flowers, too. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  21. Oh it is wonderful to see your gorgeous photos. What a pleasure to enjoy the cosmos in bloom. Alas ours have gone by the wayside due to much colder weather. Hope you have a lovely day. Thank you so much for taking time to visit me. Hugs!

  22. How lovely to see and read your post.

    I am pleased that you are enjoying aqua aerobics, sometimes it is good to try something different.

    Your flowers are lovely and the shades of lilac running through your photo's are a joy to the eye ... so peaceful somehow.

    Enjoy these remaining days of November, I really don't know where the days go to!

    All the best Jan

  23. Lovely photos, as always. I envy you your nice weather. Ours is awful and not a single flower has survived.

  24. I really enjoyed your photos today, we had a lovely autumn but the flowers are long gone and it's cold now. Sometimes it's nice not to have much going on and having time to appreciate what is around us. Hx

  25. It's lovely to see so many beautiful flowers still blooming in your garden, the light looks fantastic too! Enjoy the extra energy you are obtaining from all of that exercise! Sarah x

  26. How lovely that you have so many flowers still in bloom Olympia ! Over here the frost has nipped everything and so I wait till the meantime I enjoy your garden....hehe ! I used to go to aqua aerobics and found it fun hope you enjoy it...and it helps perk you up ! I usually find that exercise helps keep a positive attitude and seems to energise. Gail x

  27. A lovely and beautiful post from you! Oh some exercise would be just great for me too, maybe next year :)
    Have a great weekend, take care...

  28. Such a beautiful and inspiring post, sweet friend. Thank you for sharing your delightful blossoms with us :)

    Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs to you!

  29. Dear Olimia,
    I would like to tell you so many things, but I know that my english is very simple.
    It is always a joy for my eyes-see all your's flowers. And brightness of your pictures.
    Take care and have a nice time at the swimming pool.
    Hugs from grey Alsace.

  30. Bom dia, excelente selecção de Boas fotos das com lindas rosas que encantam.
    Semana Feliz,

  31. Não há dúvida que a senhora é uma amante da natureza, lindas fotos muito bem escolhidas e bemtiradas,fotografa com muito bom gosto.

  32. It's so nice to see the flowers, dear Olympia, and that pie looks especially delicious! Exercise is always worth the trouble for the benefits of heart and mind. Staying positive can be difficult sometimes in this troubled world, but we must always count our blessings. Lovely photos as always. Sending hugs xo Karen


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