Saturday, March 30, 2019

A project to carry out

Just a few words to announce that I’m working on a new project with the 
ambition to present it to you very soon. It’s a step which I have been thinking
 of for a while. It needs to be good enough before being uploaded, so please 
stay tuned and be patient. I deeply hope not to displease you.
 In the meantime here are some spring images taken in the country garden 
whose crazy blooms make my heart sing.
Until next time

Stay in the know 
check out the post to follow! 


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  2. Een nieuwe lente en een nieuw geluid.....

    Altijd fijn om weer een nieuwe blogpost van je te lezen en te genieten van je prachtige bloemige foto's.

    Graag wacht ik vol belangstelling je nieuwe plannetje af, Olympia.

    Fijne zondag en lieve groet,

    1. Thank you Ger for leaving your kind words! Wish everything is good for you. Many many hugs to you and your family.

  3. VERY curious about the project :-) And, until the big reveal, am enjoying your beautiful blooms. Here the skies are dark, the weather is very cold and it rains a lot. Winter is back!

  4. Your photos make my heart sing too, amazing how everything flowers at the same time . The normal sequel seems to not be respected any longer, same thing in my garden too of course. SO curious as to what you ' re being up to !

  5. Love your beautiful photos. Here we still wait for spring.
    Hugs from here

  6. Your flowers, and all your photos are always beautiful, full of clear sunlight. I look forward to you project.

  7. Love your photos and reports. Hope your new project means seeing more of you and your world on social media!!

  8. Prachtig die klaprozen. Wij gaan deze zomer waarschijnlijk weer eens naar Griekenland, verheug me zo!

  9. Bonjour chère amie,

    J'ai hâte de découvrir ce nouveau projet qui te tient à coeur... Je suis toujours admirative.
    Merci pour le partage de ton petit univers floral qui apporte une belle touche de couleur dans ma journée...

    Gros bisous et à très bientôt,

  10. I'm looking forward to you letting us know about this new project. It will certainly be very interesting.
    Good luck with it and all the best for Easter holidays.
    Tina xx
    PS. I know you live somewhere near Kiato . Our country house is near Αιγιο , we'll be there for Easter . We will look at and get inspired by the same sea!!:)

  11. Curious to know more about your project …
    I enjoyed seeing these gorgeous spring-time images from your country garden.

    Hope you are having a wonderful Spring.

    All the best Jan


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