Friday, May 4, 2018

In spring-summer limbo

Spring seems to have an effect on you, on your skin, on your mood 
and soul, everything that makes up your everydayness.
It’s thanks to the renewing powerfulness of nature that
everybody feels better in springtime.
Regardless of the mildness of the Greek winter, the new season
 still comes as a predictable surprise. As I watch the hues of light
 intensifying around me, it’s hard not to think of the myth of 
Persephone. The sweet daughter of goddess Demeter who was
 kidnapped by Hades and later became the Queen of the
 Underworld, guarantees the eternal cycle of Nature's death and 
rebirth. The light she brings is the Greek light that mostly fits my
 country, the one that opens the doors and lets us out. 
The only catch with our spring is that it
 must be grabbed by the hair, as short and ephemeral as it is. 
One minute you are staring at the green fields bursting with daisies
 and poppies and the next you are faced with all shades of yellow 
dryness. We are now called to taste the sea and abandon flower
 picking and picnics midway. Who could blame a woman in limbo
 for taking a quick dive last week-end? (that's me!)
 Who could blame summer
 for flirting with us?


Here is an array of springy captured moments we enjoyed during
 our Easter holidays. 
The mountains, castle of Corinth hill and the sea, island of Poros.
Hope this beautiful season has gloriously visited you and your 
part of the world. If not, may spring brightness reside inside you 
and fill your life with good energy and positivity.
 See you soon 

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