Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Daydreaming on Pelion

How is your summer going so far?
 We have had a wondrous holiday time this year heading to some 
great mountain destinations, seeking cooler climes and serenity. 
June and July reached over 36 degrees, June in particular,
 was the hottest ever recorded, I don’t remember myself having 
sweat so much in my life but thankfully we’ve beat the scorching
 heat on the beach a few feet away from home and 
on the green slopes of the mountains. 

So, where do I begin? Describing the first place we visited,
the land where reality and daydreams meet

The land of C e n t a u r s and C h i r o n
The summer resort of the O l y m p i a n  G o d s
The healing Mountain
The homeland of the A r g o n a u t s
Of A c h i l l e s
The land A p o l l o loved
The land of the D r y a d s, 
the nymphs of trees and meadows
The legendary mountain mentioned in poems 
of H o m e r and H e s i o d's...

Those who know a bit of Greek Mythology can readily find 
the place I’m talking about...

Mount P e l i o n
situated in a long boot of land jutting into the Aegean 
between Thessaloniki and Athens, a hidden holiday gem, 
a favourite place to be and find yourself...

Having taken a huge amount of photos during our stay, it was quite 
difficult to select a good portion of them giving credit to this 
fairytale land. A real deal for an amateur photographer as am I!
Did I my best? I'm not sure but you can  
get the feeling of the area we spent our vacations in. 

Cliff-side beaches

Endless stone paths through the woods

Well marked trails reaching secret, virgin beaches 

The most idyllic outdoor-dining spots

Over 3,000 species of herbs with therapeutic properties

astonishingly beautiful beaches and
horseshoe bays filled with glittering turquoise sea

In some villages, the only means of transport are donkeys

Beautiful vintage gardens

Distinctive traditional architecture, the hallmark of the whole 
region, so that many villages have been declared as preserved  

A furry creature inspector style

Heavenly hydrangeas in all colour everywhere

As long as we were there, we have been immersed in that 
blissful moment that you don’t think about anything else,  
this was exactly what we were searching for and 
felt nourished in a different way, felt completely 
and utterly in love with Pelion despite 
having visited it many times in the past. 

I'll be back with more photos and details from that place.

Oh, friends, it’s crazy how fast time is flying by! 
I hope you also enjoyed your holidays and that 
you have a great autumn planned ahead of you. 
Looking forward to catching up with you and 
hearing what you are up to


  1. You did a great job capturing the atmosphere Olympia looks such a lovely place to spend the holidays ...hope its cooling down for you ....Gail x

  2. Beautiful photographs...looking forward to more.

  3. Your photos are truly magnificent, my friend. You live in a fairtale world with loveliness surrounding you {{smiles}}

    Enjoy the remainder of August. Hugs!

  4. The paradise of Pelion ...

    A truly beautiful post.
    Your photo's and words take me to another part of the world.

    I am so pleased you had a lovely stay.

    All the best Jan

  5. Lovely pictures! So many herbs... do you actualle use them? I love the picture of the horse!

  6. Lieve Olympia,

    Heerlijk voor jullie om terug te kunnen kijken op zo'n fantastische vakantie.
    Ja, het schiereiland Pilion heeft sinds dat wij het geluk hadden om er twee weken te verblijven jaren geleden een bijzonder plaatsje in mijn hart gekregen.
    Je prachtige foto's spreken boekdelen en ik kan mijn ogen met moeite drooghouden met de gedachte dat dit soort vakanties in Griekenland voor mij niet meer mogelijk zullen zijn,helaas.

    Geniet maar lekker na van deze vakantie en van de zomer,het is jullie van ♥♥ gegund!!!

  7. Stunning photographs!
    Pelion is beautiful, a certain place to dreaming as it is living.
    I think despite bits of heat, this summer has been a real summer.

  8. Oh, you're back! Talk about beautiful pictures........THESE ARE FOR SURE! It looks like you had a wonderful Summer vacation, Olympia. The pictures that caught my eye the most are the Purple flowers, the sweet white horse, the cliff-side beach, the turquoise sea, the wonderful donkeys, and that BUTTERFLY! Your pictures put me into a trance, Olympia. I just love them every time. Glad to have you back, my friend.

    love, ~Sheri

  9. A holiday in heavenly luxury of lush meadows dotted with pretty petals, crystal clear light and sea, wildlife wandering freely, welcoming its visitors in the style of hospitality that is unmistakably Greek! Thank you for your gorgeous photos of a magical countryside I miss so very much!!


  10. Greece truly is a magical place, and you have managed to capture it in all its glory! Lovely flowers, gorgeous sea, and stunning wildlife all come together to create a place that is heaven on earth. How lucky you are!


  11. It truly looks like Paradise with the beautiful flowers, blue waters and cobblestone paths! It is like being right there through your lovely photos. Summer does fly by and we must enjoy every day! xo Karen

  12. Oh so beautiful! Pelion...I must remember that place! The pictures are just stunning, just stunning...what a paradise
    Love from Titti

  13. Όσες φορες και να πάω στο πηλιο δεν φτανει .μου αρέσει πολύ !!!!
    υπέροχες φωτογραφίες έβγαλες Ολυμπία μου ..πανεμορφες !!!!
    μπραβο σου ..να εισαι καλά και να περνάς πάντα καλά..
    καλο βραδυ ..φιλακια

  14. Sweet Olympia, I think Pelion is very proud of you and your choice of pictures and words to describe this beautiful place. You do them proud and your pictures are amazing. I can see why you fell in love with this beautiful place. :)

    Take care my friend and I hope you'll have lovely late summer days ahead.♥


  15. You've chosen a selection of fabulous photos! I've heard about the beauty of the region and you've shown it certainly meets every bit of its reputation.

  16. I enjoyed scrolling on your photos...they are beautiful! God bless!

  17. Hello Olympia
    Pelion has such incredible beauty. I can imagine living here with a stack of books. You have the best of all worlds with the beach and also the cooler mountain air.

    Continued joy as the summer progresses.


  18. Such a delight to visit here and see your stunning photos! The views are amazing, and I love all the interesting things you always find to photograph for us too....the gorgeous flowers, houses, animals, stones, and blue sea and sky!
    Enjoy the rest of summer dear Olympia!
    Helen xox

  19. Your camera skill of closeup is great. I feel as if I were watched by this beautiful one.

  20. Years ago I did Greece, Athens,Patras, Delphi and corfu.
    This place looks lovely. Love the roof tiles.

  21. Tu me donnes envie de repartir en vacances tout de suite! Que cette region du Pelion est belle et authentique!
    La Grece est un merveilleux pays et nous avons beaucoup de chance d'y habiter!
    Merci pour ce tres beau reportage.

  22. More Grecian magic. . .lovely post, Olympia! (Four weeks and we should be back home in The Mani!)

  23. Fabulous captures from a wonderful vacation. So many memories to bring back home. Thanks for taking us on a journey:)

  24. That looks an amazing place to visit your pictures are so lovely. Was it as empty as your images portray? It must have been a relief to get away from that heat. Sarah x

    1. Empty?Not at all!But crowds typically leave around sunset and this was the moment for me!

  25. This is heavenly Olympia! Your photos are amazing! What a wonderful place to visit and enjoy! I've never been in Greece but I've been wanting to visit it like forever and your photos just make me want that even more. This is a heaven on earth! Thank you so much for letting us enjoy this beautiful region through your photos and inspiring words.
    Have a lovely sunday my friend!

  26. This is heavenly Olympia! Your photos are amazing! What a wonderful place to visit and enjoy! I've never been in Greece but I've been wanting to visit it like forever and your photos just make me want that even more. This is a heaven on earth! Thank you so much for letting us enjoy this beautiful region through your photos and inspiring words.
    Have a lovely sunday my friend!

  27. So many amazing photos that really tell the story, beautiful, beautiful ! Wishing you a lovely sunday.

  28. Hi Olympia! What a beautiful post. Your photos are just gorgeous! I would love to see Pelion someday. I really enjoy Greek mythology. I loved teaching The Odyssey in particular when I was a teacher, the kids loved the monsters and it was such an interesting, fast-paced story. Thank you so much for sharing your visit, I really enjoyed following along with you.

  29. mesmerizing sharing .you have a very powerful camera and insightful vision .i enjoyed your informative sharing too great job i say

  30. These photos are soooo beautiful ♥

  31. hello dear Olympia, you've captured your holiday so well. The first photograph with the butterfly is my favourite, superb! I don't know too much about Greek mythology, but your photos have definitely captured a beautiful country, with varied architecture, flowers and stunning blue seas. Have a lovely week. Sharon x

  32. Hello, Olympia! Your gorgeous photos made me wish to go back to Mount Pelion once more!!!
    I have indeed visited the area so many times, since my daughter was studying in Volos, but I believe one never tires of visiting this wonderful mountain and its beautiful villages and beaches, the forests and the streams...
    Thanks for sharing your summer experience! I wish you a lovely autumn and a good school year!!!

  33. Big hugs to you sweet Olympia and thank you so very much for your kind words on my blog. You're a star my dear.♥


  34. Dear Olympia,

    Looks like you had a wonderful vacation and loved seeing all your wonderful photos of Pelion.
    I can see it is a dreamy place to visit with the beautiful beaches and all the pretty hydrangeas and thanks for sharing with us

  35. Oh dear Olympia, your photos are magnificent. What incredible beauty they display. I must take a second look. The beaches, hydrangeas, and daily life are just a dream.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing holiday with us.


  36. Another gorgeous post, Olympia. Here it is still quite warm and no rain in sight but you can feel the first hints of autumn and it is a blessed to relief to know that summer is over. It's been a hot and busy one :-)


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