Thursday, July 16, 2015

What would summer be...

Without those sea images?

If I couldn’t delight my tedious moments in my little 
haven of tranquility,
 reading a book, 
wearing bikini
and sunbathing on the beach?

What's summer without shaking off the sand 
at a beach shower?

What summer would mean if all roads didn’t lead to the beach bar?

Cozy and inviting

I was raised near the beach; with the fresh breeze coming 
off the sea, hearing its sound...
What would summer be for me without 
all those shades of indigo, all those sea pleasures...

without the street vendors selling corn on the cob…?

without freshly cut melons,

without heading off to dreamland?

There's nothing like the guarantee of a golden tan 
during the day, nothing better than swimming passion...

What’s not to love? 

That’s what summer is all about for me. 
And for you?

Dearest blogfriends, the time has come to say goodbye,
I need some rest, take a break and turn off my laptop. 
I need to unplug my tether to the internet, it will be
only Instagram for a while. (real addiction, isn't it?)

I will be thinking of you, of you all.

Keep on going, don’t look back and 
please have fun!!!
What would life be without summer?

Sunday, July 5, 2015

An exuberant garden

Nothing best to stimulate my senses than stepping inside 
a fruitful garden, hosting a riot of colours and horticultural 
treasures. Let me take you into it. It’s not precisely a garden 
but a sprawling property surrounding a cozy cottage in the 
low hills nearby. A retired woman, a daydreamer, a passionate
gardener who feels awe in a nature of endless miracles,
 this is who is tending this beautiful area. Always welcoming
 me with kindness, she allowed me enter her secret 
garden and beauties. 

The harvesting vegetables, ripe and healthy, smell like they should,
recalling childhood’s memories when we bought them loose
 at the local grocery.

From the flourishing capers, wild climber plants, lavender, lilies, 
trumpet vine creepers, roses , fruitful trees and more further 
on in the kitchen garden and the chicken coop, everything grows, 
exists and creates a harmonious area to delight in. 
One post wouldn’t be enough to guide you therein but you get 
a sneak peek of how it looks. What strikes me more is that this field 
sample provides so much satisfaction to its owner that it is worth 
the exhausting task of its maintenance. 

Only think that a big portion of this property burned 
in the 2007 wildfire season !

Leaving with a bag filled with a good part of the crop, a dozen 
fresh eggs and a lovely posy I felt I have savoured a slice
 of a country paradise and I'm grateful to be so warmly
hosted by friends.

Please, stay cool!!!
Life is beautiful
Love to you all


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