Thursday, July 16, 2015

What would summer be...

Without those sea images?

If I couldn’t delight my tedious moments in my little 
haven of tranquility,
 reading a book, 
wearing bikini
and sunbathing on the beach?

What's summer without shaking off the sand 
at a beach shower?

What summer would mean if all roads didn’t lead to the beach bar?

Cozy and inviting

I was raised near the beach; with the fresh breeze coming 
off the sea, hearing its sound...
What would summer be for me without 
all those shades of indigo, all those sea pleasures...

without the street vendors selling corn on the cob…?

without freshly cut melons,

without heading off to dreamland?

There's nothing like the guarantee of a golden tan 
during the day, nothing better than swimming passion...

What’s not to love? 

That’s what summer is all about for me. 
And for you?

Dearest blogfriends, the time has come to say goodbye,
I need some rest, take a break and turn off my laptop. 
I need to unplug my tether to the internet, it will be
only Instagram for a while. (real addiction, isn't it?)

I will be thinking of you, of you all.

Keep on going, don’t look back and 
please have fun!!!
What would life be without summer?


  1. Dear Olympia - you will be greatly missed until you return. The sunshine and the ozone dazzle out of your photos - enjoy summer, take care, and come back refreshed.

  2. Hello Olympia, Like Rosemary, I shall also miss you greatly. I understand your decision. Your blog always uplifts the spirit and until next time fondest wishes


  3. You will be missed here in blogosphere land but I hope to see you in Instagram (I am Travelnwrite there). This is simply a beautiful post, Olympia! Rest and relax - will look forward to your return! Hugs, Jackie

  4. Olympia I shall miss you, your blog is one lovely sunny day, that's what we need here in our cold little country. Have a good rest, enjoy your summer and I hope you will be back with the same spirit as always.
    Have a nice summer!

  5. Dear Olympia, I wish you a wonderful summer. We just come back from the beach, it was great to be there at the end of the day. Enjoy your break, love your family and I will wait untill you come back :-)!

    Sending hugs from Cannes! Xxx Ingrid

  6. Have a wonderful summer, you have left us with some wonderful images of the azure blue of our coast. Sarah x

  7. Profites bien de cet été. J'espère que tout va bien pour toi là-bas ... tes photos sont superbes comme d'habitude !!!! Bon week end ! amicalement,

  8. Enjoy the summer and thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures that really bring me in the mood!!!

  9. All wonderful summer things. I hope that you have a truly great summer and that you will be able to return to blogging sometime refreshed and rejuvenated even if it is only in a small and occasional way. Have fun whatever life brings your way! xx

  10. Happy summer holidays, Olympia!
    We will meet again in blog land soon!
    Tina xxxx

  11. Lieve Olympia,

    Kan blijven kijken en genieten van jou altijd prachtige foto's die de vakantie sfeer uitstralen van ruimte ,rust en genieten.
    Wens jou en je familie fijne zomermaanden!!!

    En ik hobbel verder met pijn en ongemakken,de ene keer met en de andere keer weer zonder krukken,volgens specialist ben ik voor op schema en moet wat geduld hebben want het komt na 3 tot 6 maanden helemaal goed met kunstknie volgens haar.

    Lieve groet en knuffels voor jou en dochterlief,

  12. Dear Olimia,
    I like Alsace but we haven't sea here. And summer here is too hot.

    Have a great holiday!
    You will be mised here!

  13. These photos are gorgeous, Olympia. Enjoy your summer and break!

  14. There is something special about being near the sea, have a great summer Olympia. Hx

  15. Absolutely beautiful post, the epitome of summer.....I love all your delightful images of the sea. Wishing you and your family a very happy summer, dear Olympia.
    Helen xox

  16. Dear Olympia, what a wonderful summer post. The blues on here are dreamy, and I didn't realize you grew up near the sea. Jess loves the ocean, and lives near it also. Have a nice rest, and that's exactly what I need right now as well. These pictures look a bit different, are they instagram? They are very nice, but I love your natural pictures too. They are so beautiful.

    Take care, my friend.

    love, ~Sheri

  17. I love to eat a roasted corn in summer. Its splendid smell and sweetness always give me an vitality to overcome the heat of summer.

  18. Hi Olympia, what a lovely post. I have to say I'm not into Instagram but know of many who do use it ..

    Here's wishing you a wonderful summer, and thank you for taking time to read and comment on the low carb diabetic blog - it's always good to hear from you.

    Blessings, and good summer wishes

    All the best Jan

  19. Have a beautiful summer! Enjoy the sun and the sea Olympia...
    Thank´s for your sweet comment on my blog, I´m so happy for it! I will relax now...

  20. Have a lovely summer, Olympia! See you on Instagram!

  21. I'm sorry to see you go my dear O, but totally 'get it'! I have been thinking of doing just the IG thing too. This post is beautiful and since I am a little 'landlocked' here in Idaho, I really enjoyed it. If I were truthful, the few times I've been to the ocean (Hawaii, Florida and Oregon)where my parents lived)) I find myself a little scared when I am on the waters edge. Strange Isn't it. But maybe people that are used to that may feel a lot of anxiety when they see nothing but the open prairie on the south and huge mountains on the north near where I live.
    Your images are beautiful O!!!
    Thank you for your beautiful posts and lovey comments on my own.
    sending hugs from here...

  22. Gorgeous pictures! You have captured the beachy life perfectly! I hope you enjoy your sojourn from the internet. We can all use a break sometimes! See you in the fall!

  23. J’espère que les vacances se passent bien. Quand j’étais en France on pensait toujours passer les vacances au bord de la mer, mais ici aux E-U, les gens prennent surtout leurs vacances avec la famille, et il y en a qui ne prennent pas de vacances du tout. Les Etats-Unis est le seul pays industrialisé qui n’a pas de loi imposant un minimum de vacance payé – il y a même des employés qui ne reçoivent aucune vacance payé.

  24. Sweet Olympia. I do hope you're enjoying beautiful summer days and that life is treating you and your family well? You're sadly missed here in the blogworld and I do hope you return soon. But until then Iwill enjoy your amazing summer photos. :)

    Take care sweetie.♥



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