Sunday, July 5, 2015

An exuberant garden

Nothing best to stimulate my senses than stepping inside 
a fruitful garden, hosting a riot of colours and horticultural 
treasures. Let me take you into it. It’s not precisely a garden 
but a sprawling property surrounding a cozy cottage in the 
low hills nearby. A retired woman, a daydreamer, a passionate
gardener who feels awe in a nature of endless miracles,
 this is who is tending this beautiful area. Always welcoming
 me with kindness, she allowed me enter her secret 
garden and beauties. 

The harvesting vegetables, ripe and healthy, smell like they should,
recalling childhood’s memories when we bought them loose
 at the local grocery.

From the flourishing capers, wild climber plants, lavender, lilies, 
trumpet vine creepers, roses , fruitful trees and more further 
on in the kitchen garden and the chicken coop, everything grows, 
exists and creates a harmonious area to delight in. 
One post wouldn’t be enough to guide you therein but you get 
a sneak peek of how it looks. What strikes me more is that this field 
sample provides so much satisfaction to its owner that it is worth 
the exhausting task of its maintenance. 

Only think that a big portion of this property burned 
in the 2007 wildfire season !

Leaving with a bag filled with a good part of the crop, a dozen 
fresh eggs and a lovely posy I felt I have savoured a slice
 of a country paradise and I'm grateful to be so warmly
hosted by friends.

Please, stay cool!!!
Life is beautiful
Love to you all



  1. Γεια σου Ολυμπία,
    Τι όμορφες φωτογραφίες . Μου θύμισαν την ομορφιά της ελληνικής φύσης και με ταξίδεψαν
    σε μέρη παρόμοια με αυτό της φίλης σου, αγαπημένα. Τα φρούτα είναι τόσο ζωντανά στην φωτό που
    πραγματικά τα λιγουρεύτικα.
    Κατα τα άλλα , εύχομαι το καλύτερο για τη χώρα μας και εμάς. Θα δούμε ..........

  2. Vraiment superbe !! J'aime cette atmosphère chaude et calme ... Merci de ce partage ! Amitiés ...

  3. This garden is a dream. Look at all of those beautiful beautiful peaches and eggs! This most certainly is a countryside paradise!

    1. Apricots are similar to peaches, these are apricots though!

  4. What a beautiful garden pictures ...enjoy summer love Ria...x!

  5. Ooh whauw, beautiful pictures with beautiful colors. I love everything I see but the picture with the lavender is my favorite. Have a nice week Olympia greetings Petra.

  6. I always enjoy your pictures so much! They make me long for Greece....! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Such a beautiful garden.. The lady must work very very hard to do it all alone. Its full of lovely flowers.
    Even finding time for vegetables.. they look so so good.
    This is such a lovely post Olympia.. you are lucky to have such a neighbor.
    val xxx

  8. What a fantastic summer post!!! Sunn washed pictures of a beautiful garden and fresh vedgetable - that's the best!!!
    Happy days

  9. Beautiful photo's of your garden Olympia. Wish I could have fruit trees like yours in my garden. Those apricots look delicious! Have a good week!

    Madelief x

    1. Actually it's not my garden, but a friend's of mine.

  10. Un jardin plein de merveilles!!!!Et tes photos sont vraiment superbes, chère Olympia!!!!
    Je te souhaite une excellente semaine!!!!

  11. Your friend's garden is beautiful O. The apricots look just like Summer, don't they?
    I loved every photo!
    hugs from here...

  12. Wow! What a place! I can see why you like spending time there The trees are so full of fruit! I'm dreaming of a juicy peach now. And such a pretty bouquet to take home with you. You are a lucky lady!

  13. The fruitfulness, the beauty, the sunshine rippling through each image is a joy to see. What a lovely little corner of paradise your friend in the country has created.

  14. I love your garden, it's so beautiful.
    Have a wonderful week,

  15. This is a gorgeous garden and you are so blessed to be able to enjoy it. Loved your beautiful photos. Hope you have a great week and enjoy lots more blooms and garden treasures.

  16. Hi sweet friend! Oh, how I love visiting you for your pictures always bring a smile to my face :) I hope you are doing well.... May you have a wonderful week. Hugs!

  17. What beautiful colours in the garden. The plants, flowers and those lovely vegetables.

    Have a happy week.

    All the best Jan

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. What a nice neighbor to allow you to take pictures of her wonderful garden. All the vibrant colors of the flowers, and Yes, so much work must go into making it look so nice. I like the "home sweet home" box for the eggs. Your colorful blanket looks so cozy. aahh, the roses, so pretty with a unique color. Thanks for sharing this special place with us, Olympia.

    It's been very hot here, but my roses are loving the warm weather.

    love, ~Sheri

  20. It does indeed look like paradise. That photo of the apricots and lavender is wonderful.

  21. Hoi lieve Olympia,

    Kan me helemaal voorstellen hoe jij al lopend en genietend door de tuin van je vriend gaat met camera, de abrikoos kleur is verweven in bijna al je foto's, hoe mooi.
    De ongeopende bloemknoppen van de kappertjesplant vind ik geconserveerd in pekel,azijn of op olie heel lekker en decoratief in gerechten maar de geopende bloem heeft ook een prachtig exotische uitstraling.
    De abrikoos kleurige rozen zijn van een adembenemende schoonheid en de bakken met abrikoosjes nieuwe oogst hebben een fluweelzacht velletje.

    Ik ga nog 'n keer met veel plezier een rondje langs je mooie foto doen en genieten van dit paradijselijke stuk tuin van jou goede vriend en wil jou hartelijk danken voor het delen van al dit fraais.

    Hoop uit de grond van mijn hart dat er snel goede oplossingen komen voor de situatie in Griekenland!!!!

    Lieve groet en fijne zomerse dagen gewenst,

  22. Τι όμορφα χρώματα!!! Οι φωτογραφίες με τα τριαντάφυλλα είναι οι αγαπημένες μου!!

  23. What a gorgeous garden, it must be so rewarding for your friend as well as a lot of work. How lucky to be able to share it, enjoy! Hx

  24. Dreamy garden Olimpia! So pretty!
    Hugs from France.

  25. What a beautiful garden Olympia, and I do love the fruit and vegetables! A garden like this is such a labour of love, although a lot of work, I am sure your friend enjoys the bounty it produces and those peaches are just ready for eating! Happy week for you. x

  26. Heavenly pictures from a garden of passionate gardeners. I love the kitchengarden, the ripe apricots are mouthwatering, but also all the flowers especially the trumpet vine and the rose 'Oranges and Lemons'. When I see such a garden I can only dream away......

  27. thanks for commenting on my blog, yours is full of mouth watering colours, you transported me to a beautiful place.

  28. The entire garden is so joy filled, but the roses especially so. They almost have a painterly quality to them.

    It's clear it's a labor of love, but the results are so well worth it. The vegetables and apricots are so plentiful and gorgeous, it must be so satisfying for her to harvest them and share with friends such as yourself.


  29. Hi Olympia , I found you on instagram and now I follow your blog . Beautiful pictures and so many 😊 . Happy weekend wishes

  30. Dearest Olympia,
    this really is a wonderful, natural garden paradise! Gorgeous fruit and fresh vegetables - hmmm, how appetizing!
    I wish you a wonderful weekend!
    (My brother and his wife are by the way currently in Greece on holiday!)
    Dearest greetings and hugs,

    1. Thank you so much Traude, I really appreciate your sweet words!

  31. Such a beautiful garden. It's amazing how nature can recover from disasters. It was so lovely of your friend to let you share this with us. It must be hard work at times especially with the heat. Sarah x

  32. I love that photo of apricots and lavender, beautiful colours and contrast!

  33. Quel magnifique jardin, potager et verger !!!
    Dans un décor aussi parfait, on ne peut que passer un bel été !!!
    A bientôt !

  34. How beautiful ! hard to believe it was affected in the fires it looks so stunning now ! how nice to get fresh produce to take are truly lucky to have such fine friends ! enjoy your harvest !! Gail x

  35. Dear Olympia,

    Your garden is so very beautiful and love the pretty roses and flowers you have growing there, also the wonderful vegetables.
    Amazing how a garden can grow back so well after a fire.
    Hope you are enjoying the summer days


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