Thursday, June 25, 2015

A colour wheel

These days I have thoroughly enjoyed playing with the whole 
colour wheel approaching to blue schemes and nuances, spicing
 up the home with a splash of summer colours. Before, I was 
lukewarm on blue, tomuch azure in Greece
But, I definitely like it now, in a delicate measure though. 

It was love at first sight! 
Shape, shade and price lend themselves perfectly for this 
beautiful pair of china tea cups. Lately, thrift stores can 
seldom delight my senses as I have the feeling that there 
is more and more tacky, overpriced stuff all around. 
You might strike gold one time and return constantly with 
empty hands for months.This time I was lucky enough!

The first bouquet of vibrant, summer flowers

My Pip collection becomes richer. I like pairing pretty
 colours together and how it all fits on the colour wheel.

I also picked the following coffee mugs from Ikea to which 
I intend to offer the destiny of flowerpots for succulents.

In the country garden, there are now clutches and clutches of 
lavender to harvest. How beautiful they are and what a great sent
 they create barely touched! Soapy and ripe, just the perfect fragrance
 for the dried posies. I should have them cut nonetheless.

 Endless combinations of colour with wonderful contrasts can
 m a k e  my d a y. 

Home backed pizza, Greek farm salad and a cold apricot pudding. 
A menu not so fabulous or sophisticated either but delicious 
and light enough for a hot day.

Life is like a rainbow, a colour wheel. 
We have a colour wheel inside us.
There is the sun and the rain, 
the sober and the bright, 
the joy and the pain.
 Each colour alone would be boring and incomplete,I think.

Sending sunny thoughts your way

" Be swift to love, make haste to be kind" 

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