Sunday, July 14, 2013

A little ballerina

What can be important for a 10 year old child? 
What can make its heart beat hard?
Many things, that’s for sure. But these last days, 
for my little girl it was her performance preparation 
for the 5 and 6 of July.

Six years in ballet classes since the age of 4. 
Each year, a little achievement.

This year, another one. 
“Once upon a dream” from “Sleeping Beauty” 
was the piece of music on which her ballet teacher 
made the choreography.

And the big day arrived!
Everything had to be perfect, 

her costume

her shoes,

her make-up

her coiffure.

Performance menu...
(with great pain, I assure you!) ....

At home, before the backstage.

Other parents sharing the same feelings 
standing in a slow-moving queue...

It was a wonderful performance for all the dancers and the public!

Some lovely flowers for our little ballerina 
in her bedroom balcony!

I hope all the children of this world can find the beauty of life 
and can taste it in their lifetime dream!



  1. Dear Olympia - how lovely - your daughter will remember these very treasured moments forever. Beautiful photographs.

  2. I forgot to mention that I noticed your Philippe Starck Louis Ghost chair.

  3. I am glad to hear the perfomance was great. My daughter (15 years old) is also a ballerina for more years, so I know how special it is to see her dancing! Your daughter looked like a beautiful princess!

    Big hugs, Ingrid

  4. Your daughter looks like a little fairy in her green, beautiful dress. That was certainly a special day for your whole family! Happy Sunday, Olympia.

  5. must be a proud mom....!!....she is so cute !! from me...x !

  6. Lieve Olympia,

    Wat een pracht van een dochter als ballerina,alles tot in het kleinste detail verzorgd voor de belangrijke uitvoering.

    Kan me heel goed voorstellen hoe trots je dan bent als moeder,
    ik ben dat ook altijd als oma wanneer we naar optredens gaan kijken en luisteren waarin onze kleinzoon(vandaag 18 jaar)een muziekspektakel voor volle zalen ten gehore brengt met slagwerkgroep,
    en kleindochter 13 jaar speelt vanaf 8 jaar Alt Sax en heeft al verschillende diploma's op zak.

    Heerlijk wanneer kinderen zich kunnen en mogen ontplooien in hun liefhebberijen.

    Fijne zondag gewenst en lieve groet!!!


    1. You certainly are a very lucky granma sweet Ger!Wish I could be at your place one day!

  7. Dearest Olympia,
    What a DREAM! You surround your sweet daughter with so much beauty... Look at her room; the beautifully crocheted pillow, the lovely and delicate rose bud bed linens. The armoire, her fairy tale chair, the beautiful armoire... No wonder that she just can be a rose bud herself; developing in each stage of beauty and performance. Love the flowers and lanterns alongside that human queue... so romantic and also her bedroom balcony received lovely flowers. You say the performance menu was with great pain but those fruits look lovely and I would eagerly take them any time.
    Congrats for this achievement and hope that together you enjoy summer!

  8. You have a very talented daughter,
    she is very beautiful and romantic in
    here ballet dress. You can be a proud

  9. She looks beautiful! I'm so glad she is enjoying it and learning more all the time. My little girl just started ballet last year at four years old and I hope she will want to continue with it too. You must be so proud, thank you for sharing.

  10. She looks beautiful! It is fabulous, as a parent, to Watch our children flourishing with a true passion.

    Happy days and many happy years to come!


  11. What a Cinderella world! Your daughter looked like a princess!! What a wonderful gift you shared with u today ~ thank you. Hugs, Jackie

  12. LOVELY - LOVELY- LOVELY! What else can I say. Children - our future, our hope!
    Warmest greetings from the Périgord, dear Olympia,

    Sorry for my absence, but - will take soon "a seat" to go and read and enjoy all your recent posts!!!
    Will do a kind of "arm chair-travelling"!

  13. What a sweet little girl you have Olympia and what a pretty ballet dress!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  14. Ohh dear Oliympia,
    What a sweet girl you have,looks like really princess:)
    Beautiful post!
    Many hugs

  15. Hello dear Olympia, it is indeed such a special moment to see a daughter in such a special performance! I am sure you held your breath the entire way through! Beautiful photos! Xx

  16. Oh lieve Olympia,
    Wat een mooie dochter heb je en wat ziet ze er uit als een prachtig prinsesje in haar mooie jurk.
    Spannend zo'n dansuitvoering. Alles moet tot in de puntjes klaar zijn.
    Wat fijn dat ze de kans krijgt om zich te ontplooien en dat ze ouders heeft die haar stimuleren.
    Ze heeft een prachtige kamer met balkon.

    A very lovely greeting,

  17. Dear Olympia,
    Congratulations to your daughter! She looks so graceful and cute!
    It's wonderful, that she loves ballet!
    It is very touching to see the own child dancing - unforgetable moments - and I am sure that you are a very proud ballet-mother!
    Best wishes to you and your enchanting sweet darling,

  18. Dear Olympia,

    How very proud you must be of your beautiful daughter and watching her dance.
    Pretty dress, and I loved seeing your gorgeous photos.
    Also she must feel like a Princess in her lovely room with the flowers.

    Happy new week

  19. A perfect little ballerina! She looks so enchanting in her wispy costume with jewels in her hair! A proud moment for her and for her family, too! Your photos are just lovely, Olympia. Hugs xo

  20. Antes que nada felicitar a tu hija, es una bailarina maravillosa y el vestido es precioso, me ha encantado esta entrada precioso todo, su habitación, su peinado, su vestido, el teatro, enhorabuena.

  21. Enjoy the unforgettable moments, It's a wonderful time when children are young. Congratulations to the little ballerina !!
    Many hugs

  22. Dear Olympia,

    you can be very proud about your little "Dancing Queen".
    She looks very great in her dress - a little elf.
    Enjoy this time, the children are growing up so quickly.
    Give all my greetings to the little ballerina - she is a beautiful girl.
    And she has a fantastic mum, which enable her this dream.

    Have a good time together

    Your Bluemchenmama

  23. Lovely post!!! Puedes estar orgullosa. Un abrazo :D

  24. What a nice girl, with her beautiful dress and hair.
    And also her room is beautiful.
    Enjoy the summer, finely we have here the sun......

    Have a nice week,
    Inge, my choice

  25. Such a pretty ballerina and her bedroom is stunning . Have a fun week

  26. She was quite a fairy ballerina full of charm and feelings and we all enjoy her. You have a lovely little girl who has the gift to give joy to all around her.I wish you will enjoy more and more beautiful days with her watching her grow with colours and happiness

  27. Your pictures of your daughter's preparations for her performance are delightful. I love her dress it is so beautiful. You must have been so proud watching her.
    Sarah x

  28. Hi Olympia,

    The drama of opening night is always one of excitement and anticipation. Your presentation of such an occasion in this most enchanting post is appealing to all the senses. Congratulations to your sweet, little ballerina. I'm sure the magic was felt by all!


  29. Dear Olympia,

    What a beautiful little ballerina you have my friend and what a big day for her. For you all. I bet at mother sat there in the audience bursting with pride and joy over her beautiful and talented ballerina. A lovely post full of so much love.

    Take care!


  30. BEAUTIFUL photos and a fantastic message to
    all children in the world. When I see my
    grandchildren and all the possibilities
    they have and, which they receive, I am
    a very proud grandmother. But so many
    children don't have those possibilities,
    but we can hope, some day will come...

  31. She is beautiful. What a wonderful experience.

  32. Dear Olympia...I could feel your excitement and wonder in this very special post here Just beautiful!Such a pretty, pretty ballerina! My daughter also did Ballet! I can remember how I felt at the wonderful performances....I love the lanterns and floral displays on the floor and your special girls dress is so pretty! Ooh happy days and memories are made of all these things...From my small corner to yours a BIG summery HUG, mm friend! Maria x

  33. How pretty. I'm glad that her hard work has led her to what sounds like a wonderful experience for her!

  34. Merci de votre doux commentaire chez moi !!!
    Tres jolie la robe de la fille !!

    Bonne journee !!

    Maria xxx

  35. How wonderful for you and your little ballerina! Two of my granddaughters study ballet too. So lovely!

  36. Congratulations to your daughter:) She is a pretty ballerina, and I'm impressed by your words. You must be proud of her!

  37. Oh how lovely Olympia ! what a pretty ballerina must be so proud ! I love the costume and the lanterns and flower display ...looks quite magical ! How nice to put some flowers in her room for when she gets home ....have a nice weekend ...we are having Greek weather at the moment ..I feel like I'm on holiday ! Gail x

  38. Dear Olympia -
    What a pretty and accomplished little ballerina! You must be very, very proud of your daughter. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

  39. Such lovely post, Olympia! Your little ballerina is absolute perfection...She reminds me of my daughter years ago,when she was in ballet school,I remember those feelings before each performance...Lovely memories :o)
    Thanks for sharing my Dear !

  40. Olympia, you`ve created a beautiful post to commemorate this special occasion in your lovely daughter`s life.


  41. Oh, this is soooo sweet post!!!♥
    My daughter`s hobby is ballet, too!:))
    Many warmy greetings for your sweet daughter!!:)♥

  42. A very beautiful and memorable post about your own special little ballerina! I enjoyed your gorgeous pictures so much. (My grand daughter goes to baby ballet and loves it very much too!) Thank you for sharing these delightful moments with us, Olympia.
    Helen x

  43. How lovely Olympia, congratulations to your pretty daughter. I think it was so sweet of you to put flowers on her balcony. My daughter is too much of a tomboy to do ballet.Enjoy your holiday, love Linda x


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