Sunday, July 14, 2013

A little ballerina

What can be important for a 10 year old child? 
What can make its heart beat hard?
Many things, that’s for sure. But these last days, 
for my little girl it was her performance preparation 
for the 5 and 6 of July.

Six years in ballet classes since the age of 4. 
Each year, a little achievement.

This year, another one. 
“Once upon a dream” from “Sleeping Beauty” 
was the piece of music on which her ballet teacher 
made the choreography.

And the big day arrived!
Everything had to be perfect, 

her costume

her shoes,

her make-up

her coiffure.

Performance menu...
(with great pain, I assure you!) ....

At home, before the backstage.

Other parents sharing the same feelings 
standing in a slow-moving queue...

It was a wonderful performance for all the dancers and the public!

Some lovely flowers for our little ballerina 
in her bedroom balcony!

I hope all the children of this world can find the beauty of life 
and can taste it in their lifetime dream!

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