Friday, December 7, 2018

Between tea, fire and chatting

Vivaldi’s winter notes smooth the ambiance and strike the sensible chords 
of two human beings joining on a festively cozy kind of evening. 
Hot tea, the fire lit, Christmas baubles shining and the souls feel appeased 
and open up, beautifully shaping an otherwise mundane moment. A gentle 
soothing afternoon like their freshly brewed cup of tea. Not only chatting away
 but speaking from the heart, laughing loudly, sharing emotions… Nice and 
comfortable by the crackle of the fire.
My friend and I talked about sweet and sour, about how Christmas used
 to be celebrated once upon a time, about how we can go back to our roots
 and simplify our pace of life. Looking at our tree, I asked her how magical 
it would be if I had kept my mother’s decade- old Christmas ornaments. 
It would bring back happy and precious memories about the thoughts 
and love that went into them-recycling family tales through old cherished
 items. She mentioned how difficult it seems nowadays to resist consumerism,
 be moderate but also open to newness.
This was certainly my kind of evening where someone comes to meet that
 old feeling of nonchalance, this childish enthusiasm and simplicity, the purity
 so much needed in human relationships. I’m all the time urging to keep the
 authenticity of old ages inside me and coming across people who have
 the same sense of things, who conceive the world my way, 
makes me absurdly happy.

I wish you all similarly meaningful Christmas teatimes and not only. 

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