Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Am I lucky to live in a big house which I can never manage to finish?
 Why do I have the obsession to make continuous changes
following seasons or holidays or just my desire?

Are all people tortured like me?
These are the questions I ask each time I go about it.
To be honest, I take great satisfaction when that happens
provided I'm not too busy when I'm in the mood.
So, I’m showing you the latest touches I have make 
in the hall and the kitchen.
No time for the rest of the house at the moment!  

I bought a new clock for the kitchen and with the old one
I created an illusion of a pendulum- trompe l'oeil - in the entry (first photo)
Here is the new clock, an imitation of old French clocks.

New arrangement of kitchen items

Tidying up,I found in a cupboard these ancient scales
  gift of a beloved member of the family.
I took them out.

As you see, my little daisy bouquet comes directly
from the roof garden and it’s the first one !
I don’t know why,but I’m fond of yellow !
 It looks to me more kittenish and vivid .
So, the less “formal” rooms and the pergola on the roof
have all got yellow nuances.I love it!

I must also add that in Greece we still have Carnival
as Easter is on 5 may this year.
That’s why there is no kind of Easter decoration yet.
(The rabbit is always somewhere in the kitchen)

Espresso corner

 I leave you with the smell... of  the freshly cut mint  
that I intend to use in a spring recipe and...


a bunch of freesias   

All the best !
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