Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Am I lucky to live in a big house which I can never manage to finish?
 Why do I have the obsession to make continuous changes
following seasons or holidays or just my desire?

Are all people tortured like me?
These are the questions I ask each time I go about it.
To be honest, I take great satisfaction when that happens
provided I'm not too busy when I'm in the mood.
So, I’m showing you the latest touches I have make 
in the hall and the kitchen.
No time for the rest of the house at the moment!  

I bought a new clock for the kitchen and with the old one
I created an illusion of a pendulum- trompe l'oeil - in the entry (first photo)
Here is the new clock, an imitation of old French clocks.

New arrangement of kitchen items

Tidying up,I found in a cupboard these ancient scales
  gift of a beloved member of the family.
I took them out.

As you see, my little daisy bouquet comes directly
from the roof garden and it’s the first one !
I don’t know why,but I’m fond of yellow !
 It looks to me more kittenish and vivid .
So, the less “formal” rooms and the pergola on the roof
have all got yellow nuances.I love it!

I must also add that in Greece we still have Carnival
as Easter is on 5 may this year.
That’s why there is no kind of Easter decoration yet.
(The rabbit is always somewhere in the kitchen)

Espresso corner

 I leave you with the smell... of  the freshly cut mint  
that I intend to use in a spring recipe and...


a bunch of freesias   

All the best !


  1. I just love your interior style! Everything you have is so beautiful. I also like yellow flowers. Have a great week!

  2. I love your new clock. And also the sweet rabbit and your espresso-machine. Good style!
    Donna G.

  3. I feel like a friend who's just arrived at your home to sip a cup of espresso with you. Your kitchen and hallway are lovely and so inviting. We are soon heading to the Peloponnese (I can't wait!) and after two weeks there will celebrate your Easter on May 5th in Crete. . . your photos have tickled my travel bug.

    1. You are more than wellcome ! Thank you so much for your sweet comment!

  4. I love your house! The old clock is truly charming and the scales... I want to take them to my new house in Italy! I love buying lovely things for the house... I am busy collecting interesting items and Victorian and Art Nouveau furniture to send to Italy.

    Your house is very sunny and has a wonderful feel to it! Well done!



  5. Hi! Great pics. I love the rabbit in you kitchen. So cute!

  6. I like your new clock, nice blog!


  7. I love changing things around especially at the turn of the seasons. Your clock looks wonderful with the illusion of the pendulum.
    Sarah x

  8. Lovely your home and your decorating from

  9. Welke foto ik nou ook bekijk.....stuk voor stuk geven ze mij een zomers gelukzalig gevoel.

    De gele bloemetjes doen mij denken aan een boeket kleine Helios-jes.

    Geweldig goed idee van de trompe l'oeil om de klok,
    ik heb 3 van die grote antieke staande klokken in mijn kleine huis....wel mooi maar ze beslaan veel ruimte.

    Jij moet nog even langer wachten op het Grieks-Orthodox Pasen,doe jij ook aan het zogenaamde eitje tikken met rode eieren?
    Ik hoop dat jou eitje het langste heel blijft en het jou veel geluk mag brengen!!!
    En wanneer je in de nacht het licht van de Paaskaars hebt doorgegeven aan de kaars thuis ga je misschien wel aan de grote pan met traditionele mageritsa en het lam aan spit?


    1. I understand that you know very well the Greek Easter traditions.Have you been in Greece for Easter ?Creta, Chania perhaps? So, you have to visit again my country because we celebrate Easter more than every other holiday.Thank you for your kind words Ger!

  10. Your new clock and your decorating is lovely !!
    Xx Vicky

  11. Happy to discover your lovely blog and you have such a beautiful home.
    Love the new clock.

    Wishing you a happy rest of the week

  12. Very warm and inviting touches to your beautiful home. Your clock is very lovely and the beautiful scale, well everything is so pretty. Yellow is so bright and sunny and maybe that is your personality, too! Have a lovely week. xoxo

  13. I love the big clock face, but what intrigues me most is the stone path out to the little cottage in your header photo. It looks like a fun place to relax.

    1. This is a part of our garden! Thanks for your visit and your nice comment.

  14. Hi Oly, thanks for your nice com(pli)ment! :o))
    Your photos are very pretty, too - and I love your house. It's great decorated!
    You asked if you are lucky to live in a big house which you can never manage to finish...
    Well, the only person who can answer the question if you are lucky is YOU, but I think there are great opportunities to feel happy in this house. If you wanna see a house which didn't get finished in mre than 30 years please visit my blog again - perhaps you KNOW this "house"?
    Hugs, Traude

  15. Oh!!!!! me ha encantado tu blog, me quedo para seguirte y me alegro que me visitaras y asi poder conocer tu blog.

  16. Thank you for visit my blog! I will go to follow you.
    My english is not so good, but I will try.
    My mother is very sick, so my reactions and logs are not very regular on the moment.
    I hope on a beautifull blogtime!

    With love,

  17. I too like to swap things about in the house, with the seasons - or just when I feel like it! I LOVE your trompe l'oeil clock - brilliant! Your mint looks so fresh - I can almost smell it! I bought some Greek basil recently, with the tiny leaves - delicious! I remember being in Rhodes at Easter time once - there were huge red eggs everywhere! x

  18. Such beautiful and cozy home you have! I love all of the touches you're showing. Love those willow branches. I have been asking myself, do they stay that way, with the little soft buds, or do they change? Your post brought some sun in these winter days. Thanks!

  19. ♥ Have a nice day! Best wishes, Carmen

  20. Lovely sunny post! I love your clock, and it was lovely to see the fresh flowers and herbs...I could almost smell the mint!
    Have a great weekend.
    Helen x

  21. Oh, I feel I can smell the mint and the freesias...two gorgeous odors ! Love your photos , beautiful and tasteful !

  22. I think it's nice to keep changing things around the house ...keeps things fresh and interesting !! lovely photos ! Gail x

  23. Your home looks so have a lovely decorating style.
    Thank you for visiting me the other day.

  24. Hi Olympia !!!
    Thank you for sending some warm wishes - we will need here, because the next snow front is already on its way. I don´t like snow anymore ... maybe we should move to the south? It looks so warm and colorful in your rooms and what would I give for the fresh mint...

    I wish you a pleasant evening with a very nice greeting from the cold, wintry forest house - Christine

  25. What a lovely home loving the daffodils and the yellow coffee maker

  26. Dear Olympia,

    Lovely touches from your hall and kitchen. The touches of yellow make it look bright and cheerful. I like it!

    It must be lovely in Greece now. Still cold in Holland!

    Have a lovely week,

    Madelief x


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