Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sea fields

This is the landscape I have had in front of me since I was born.
The sea is constantly alive and can take thousands of shapes and colors
 depending on the season or the weather and this tranformation
 fascinates me all the time.
During these sunny fresh days the seascape looks lovely and although I live
a step away from the beach, every year the view of the coastline seems to me
so stunning and surprising…
The sea wildflowers look particularly tender, they have a soft color palette
but they can’t grow too much because of the sea breeze.
There will be a vast variety of these humble little flowers.
I’m showing you those which are encountered by us.
It’s quite early yet for swimming but a lot of peoplego strolling or cycling
along the bright, calm beach.
However, in northern Europe, spring should be ashamed
this year since she comes and goes undecided and whimsical.
Yesterday, the chilly north wind cooled the atmosphere 
and disrupted the Corinthian gulf !

Only for a day!

Many seaside restaurants are open at the week end and if it’s
not so windy, you can enjoy seafood literally on the beach.
And if the weather continues its weirdness and the thermometer
climbs to 21 Celsius as it has already done,
I must confess I feel closer to summer!

Octopus drying in the sun before putting them on the barbecue.

Deep down, I’m keen on mountains and countryside
but I could never imagine my life away from the sea,
its horizon, its sounds, its smell, its joys.

I finish this post with some photos of my shells collection.  
I’m sending you a very warm greeting
for a happy rest of the week.


 Hand painted napkin rings from the shop of the Benaki museum.


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