Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My green secret realm

I know the path leading up to a place like this. A place of 
tranquillity and peace. Tucked behind the orange trees my 
own spot is here for me, waiting for me to arrive, pop on my 
flip flops and step outside into the backyard with 
a coffee in hands.  

Have you ever being greeted by the birdsong, the caress of 
the sun, absorbed in the beauty of your own garden? 
If so, you can surely appreciate what is around on your 
doorstep. This is the stuff some weekends are made of, 
a leafy coffee, a book and a little chat, enjoying moments 
of privacy in those nooks and crannies throughout 
our second garden in the village. 

Looking around we usually come to the same conclusion; 
still much to do, to correct and add. Some parts look completely
tattered, elsewhere it looks better.
A space in continuous mutation, following the seasonal changes,
flexible and easy going, taking on a life of its own. 

We are still experimenting things, not quite satisfied with 
the result…The backyard is shady, the front yard is basking in
 the sunshine and it was wrong to plant the same things on both 
sides. Weather didn’t help. We have seen a strange, weird truly 
crazy weather this year. Let’s hope weather will normalize...


The school year is over; it has flown by so quickly, finals 
are done although the result isn’t still out.
May all kids have a fabulous and restful summer, full of 
great and fun experiences...They all deserve it.

May inexperienced gardeners like me, find their way 
to create the little oasis they need in life.

May we find the strength to sustain our dreams...
Wishing you all the best and 
thank you again for visiting.

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