Thursday, October 16, 2014

Autumn beauties

Hi darling! 

Why don't you turn it off?

Here I am, in the garden, a solace for the soul....
Even though the gardening season is drawing to a close, 
a few blazing garden beauties are still there catching the 
eye and cheering the yards . My faded zinnias, late roses
 and flourishing yellow daises created this little patch which 
lifts your spirits and mood. I’m so happy since I rediscovered 
flower power and I now understand how lucky I am to 
have a garden…two actually,to tend.
The little posies on which I experimented my new camera, 
a Nikon 5200 ,were picked in the country garden; 
there are almost no blooms in the town garden except the 
bougainvillea and some exiguous geraniums. The weather 
continues to be whimsical as we have 28 Celsius in the 
middle of October… not so normal but convenientfor my 
photo shooting necessities. I’m a beginner, thirsty to 
learn photography techniques, I have a better camera 
now but it’s a long way for an amateur without help. 
Anyway, no big news for the moment. 
I’m preparing for a little house party to celebrate my 
daughter’s birthday. She wanted a girl party this year 
so that’s how that it will be.I’m behind with visiting your 
blogs again but it happens, you know how it is. 
Wishing you a glorious weekend and 
sending you the fragrance of my roses


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