Thursday, October 16, 2014

Autumn beauties

Hi darling! 

Why don't you turn it off?

Here I am, in the garden, a solace for the soul....
Even though the gardening season is drawing to a close, 
a few blazing garden beauties are still there catching the 
eye and cheering the yards . My faded zinnias, late roses
 and flourishing yellow daises created this little patch which 
lifts your spirits and mood. I’m so happy since I rediscovered 
flower power and I now understand how lucky I am to 
have a garden…two actually,to tend.
The little posies on which I experimented my new camera, 
a Nikon 5200 ,were picked in the country garden; 
there are almost no blooms in the town garden except the 
bougainvillea and some exiguous geraniums. The weather 
continues to be whimsical as we have 28 Celsius in the 
middle of October… not so normal but convenientfor my 
photo shooting necessities. I’m a beginner, thirsty to 
learn photography techniques, I have a better camera 
now but it’s a long way for an amateur without help. 
Anyway, no big news for the moment. 
I’m preparing for a little house party to celebrate my 
daughter’s birthday. She wanted a girl party this year 
so that’s how that it will be.I’m behind with visiting your 
blogs again but it happens, you know how it is. 
Wishing you a glorious weekend and 
sending you the fragrance of my roses



  1. You still have so many flowers in your looks wonderful. It's raining now in Holland but next weekend it will be so much better...some wonderful days to live outside and to enjoy our time in the garden.

    Wish you a lot of sunshine, next weekend and in your life ;-). Hugs, Ingrid

  2. Oh such lovely end-of-summer photos and what fantastic weather it sounds like you are having! Enjoy those blooms and sunshine. Like Ingrid in Holland, we've moved to gray, wet weather in the Pacific Northwest. . .it's only been days and already I am longing for the sun and the gardens it brings with it. Enjoy the party and do tell us about it ~ Hugs, Jackie

  3. Beautiful photographs. Good luck learning your new camera.
    The late season zinnias feel like summer pillows to dream by.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  4. Lovely...!,!.beautuful flowers...!! from me Ria...x!

  5. What a nice autumn treasure's.
    Congratulations with youre daugthers birthday.
    Have a nice party.

    Inge, my choice

  6. Beautiful I can almost smell those gorgeous roses from here! The images with you new camera are so good. Hope your daughter has a lovely party.Sarah vx

  7. Tes photos sont superbes!!! Με γειά η νέα σου μηχανή!!!!! Les zinnias me font toujours penser a ma grand-mere dont le jardin etait plein de jolis zinnias. Et j'adore les vieux recipients que tu utilises pour tes mises en scene!!
    Bon anniversaire a ta fille!!!

  8. Dear Olympia,
    I always get so happy login you.
    Always so colorful.
    Color and flowers give fleur and happiness to your life.I work more and more with color in my house. And with flowers in the vase!
    I wish you good luck with your new camera and see happy to accommodate you! Pretty pictures

    Love, Gerry

  9. Great end of summer pictures, all those lovely colours make me smiling. Congratulations with your daughter's birthday!

  10. aahh, your roses are beautiful, Olympia. I can smell them from here. You took such pretty pictures of them. I hope your daughter's 'girl party' turns out just the way she wants it. I remember those days preparing the parties and coming up with ideas for them. Such fun times, so please enjoy, because one day you will turn around and she will be 30! Where does the time go? Such a lovely post today. I always enjoy seeing flowers, they are the magic in our lives.


  11. It is quite frightening setting out with a new camera, but I am sure that you will soon get used to it. I should really update my camera, but I like the fact that I can take photos spontaneously without thinking about any of the technicalities.
    I know that you will give your daughter a lovely party, but when it comes a very happy birthday to her.
    There is still a feast of colour in your garden Olympia and plenty of warm sunshine to enjoy.

  12. Such sweet prettiness, fragrant and full of joy, the petite posy poses with flair, as it scents the autumn air.

    Happy weekend, Olympia!


  13. Bellezze d'autunno davvero , e presentato in modo molto originale e creativo . Concordo con te, avere un giardino è avere un tesoro, ti dà così tanto . Un abbraccio da un Milano tutt'altro che autunnale....oggi c'erano 25° !

  14. Beautiful pictures from your garden. Love all the colors.

    Have a great weekend
    Hugs from here

  15. Beautiful colourful pictures from your autumn garden.... they are all a pleasure to see, Olympia! I do believe I the scent of those gorgeous roses is wafting over here!
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  16. Amazingly beautiful! Your garden and your photography is wonderful
    Have a nice weekend

  17. So beautiful and such lovely colours too! xx

  18. ¡Felicidades por tu nueva cámara! Yo quiero pedir una a los Reyes Magos estas Navidades... :))))))))

  19. Dank voor je commentaar op mijn blog....ik was lang niet op blogs geweest...wat heb je toch een prachtige kleurige bloemen.
    Schitterende foto's maak je....ik word er blij van...

    liefs Fia

  20. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je ne sais pas si tu es débutante mais je suis sous le charme de l'ensemble de ces merveilleuses photos que nous offres généreusement dans ce très joli billet.
    J'aime beaucoup la photo, cependant je n'ai reçu aucun enseignement et j'avoue que le langage de la photo ne me parle pas. Pour le comprendre je pense qu'il me faudrait des cours de pratique avec de véritables photographes ! Si bien qu'en ce moment je me contente de mon appareil qui est un LUMIX FZ150. Un jour peut-être prendrai-je le temps ?!...

    Tu as réalisé de merveilleuses compositions florales. J'aime toutes les fleurs qui arborent ton jardin. Un grand merci pour ce splendide bouquet de roses qui embaume mon écran !

    Gros bisous ♡

  21. Dear Olympia, I would say GLORIOUS pics! It can't be that you are a beginner! If you advance even more the computer will burst due to the beauty of your photographs! ;o) --- These last flowers in my opinion are the most precious as they will be the last ones for quite some time. You have arranged them in such a lovely manner! I hope your daughter's party went well and thank you so much for the fragrance of your roses! Christa

  22. Lovely happy images Olympia ! hope your party goes well ! who needs to smell those roses when they look so lovely !!
    Gail x

  23. That was a lot of beauties, lovely
    floral post.

  24. So fine, autumn is beautiful in many ways.
    Beautiful pictures, have a nice autumn day.

  25. Oh dear, so many lovely beauties! I just adore your pictures...always!
    Have a great day now. It´s getting darker and darker and it´s very chilly here now...soon the snow will come.
    Warm hug,

  26. Dear Olympia.

    Your roses and flowers are all so beautiful - gorgeous colours. Have fun with your new camera and the photographs are wonderful.
    Happy birthday to your daughter and hope that the party went well.
    Many thanks for the kind visit to my blog and the note you left - I appreciate this.
    Enjoy the weekend

  27. Hello Olympia! Oh my, your photos are so beautiful and romantic! I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I looked at each picture - you have an eye for pure loveliness.

    I am a delighted new follower and I eagerly look forward to visiting again. Take care :) Hugs and blessing to you!


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