Monday, October 6, 2014

Look on the yellow side

Do you boost your mood with color? I do.
How does color affect your emotional well being?
Υellow is my mood enhancer.
This colour conjures up images of sunshine, 
friendship and happiness and this posy of daisies 
filled my home with joy. These late-bloomers  are 
the only to cheer the scene in the country garden.

Flowers freshly cut from the garden are always 
more impressive than bought flowers I think. 
On a dull autumn day, those daisies reminded me 
of the warm caress of the summer sun. 
Nature seems to know how to console us with the 
dimming of the summer light by painting the gardens 
in golden hues. 

This was in my thoughts when I bought the yellow 
trimming and yarn for my crochet cushion. 
Yes, crochet mania ... lately, I have been crocheting
 like crazy!  Thank you Gill !

And  in the country home now with some gourds

and cross-stitching !
The embroidered apple on the sackcloth was done 
in the same spirit of mind and I'm very glad that 
it decorates an armchair in our country home.

and satin-stitching
The embroidered birds were designed by me and 
realized by my mother where she was younger. 

My daughter's baby crib converted to a little sofa.

So, gourds, quinces, pomegranates  and apple cake
complete the theme, induce the autumn atmosphere 
and surround me with the last golden 
sunbeams of the season. 

“As a picture painted in yellow always radiates spiritual warmth,
 or as one in blue has apparently a cooling effect, so green
 is only boring.” 
 Wassily Kandinsky

May your autumn be mellow yellow! 
And look on the bright, yellow side!
Sending love, 

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