Monday, October 6, 2014

Look on the yellow side

Do you boost your mood with color? I do.
How does color affect your emotional well being?
Υellow is my mood enhancer.
This colour conjures up images of sunshine, 
friendship and happiness and this posy of daisies 
filled my home with joy. These late-bloomers  are 
the only to cheer the scene in the country garden.

Flowers freshly cut from the garden are always 
more impressive than bought flowers I think. 
On a dull autumn day, those daisies reminded me 
of the warm caress of the summer sun. 
Nature seems to know how to console us with the 
dimming of the summer light by painting the gardens 
in golden hues. 

This was in my thoughts when I bought the yellow 
trimming and yarn for my crochet cushion. 
Yes, crochet mania ... lately, I have been crocheting
 like crazy!  Thank you Gill !

And  in the country home now with some gourds

and cross-stitching !
The embroidered apple on the sackcloth was done 
in the same spirit of mind and I'm very glad that 
it decorates an armchair in our country home.

and satin-stitching
The embroidered birds were designed by me and 
realized by my mother where she was younger. 

My daughter's baby crib converted to a little sofa.

So, gourds, quinces, pomegranates  and apple cake
complete the theme, induce the autumn atmosphere 
and surround me with the last golden 
sunbeams of the season. 

“As a picture painted in yellow always radiates spiritual warmth,
 or as one in blue has apparently a cooling effect, so green
 is only boring.” 
 Wassily Kandinsky

May your autumn be mellow yellow! 
And look on the bright, yellow side!
Sending love, 


  1. Everything in your home is amazing, your
    coloring is wonderful. And the yellow flowers
    was a nice touch of color.

  2. I do like the piece of embroidery with birds created by you and then beautifully executed by your mother.
    Your post reminds us that we view the seasons through a spectrum of colours which takes us right through the year from whites and blues in early spring, pinks and lemon late spring, vivid colours in summer, culminating in yellows, orange and rusts just now.

  3. I love all the vivid colours in your home. Just beautiful!!!

  4. Me encanta el amarillo, a mi también me recuerda a la calidez del sol.
    La cuna de tu hija convertida en sofá ha quedado preciosa y los cojines de grannies y la mantita son preciosas.
    Tu madre es una artista vaya bordado!!!! y el pastel una delicia.
    Las fotos de las calabazas, los membrillos, las botellas de vidrio, las ceramicas, geniales.
    Besitos Ol

  5. Olympia,

    What a colour coded post, perfectly complementary to the new season that is upon us! Your sunflowers are sweet, your sewing projects charming, your apple cake, scrumptious, and your entire summer house, an inspiration for cozy and comforting fall cocooning!

    Have a wonderfully yellow week!


  6. All of your yellow notes are beautiful, a real bit of sunshine. Your vase of flowers is stunning, just one would be beautiful, but such a wonderful mass of them really is stunning!!!! xx

  7. Dear Olympia,
    What a splash of color you show us. Here you will be fully understood happy!
    It's funny. I am also working to bring more color. In my house I just bought this afternoon _ yellow flowers in a lemoncolour vase in the background color orange. A little color in the fall is very beautiful, the most beautiful as nature itself changes color. And then we have again a lot to photograph.
    I wish you a nice week!

    Love, Gerry

  8. What a lovely coloured post, dear Olympia!! I just love yellow flowers! Your crocheted cushions reminded me of some I have from my granny (and they are yellow and orange!!) and your mother's embroidery is stunning!!!!!!!!!! The apple cake looks delicious!
    Have a happy new week!!!

  9. Hello Olympia

    Your home looks cheerful, warm and welcoming and I agree using yellow looks like rays of sunshine.
    The combined talents of you and your mother in that embroidered piece is stunningly beautiful

  10. Gorgeous cosy home indeed! I have fully embraced yellow this year, it's a big smiley hug of a colour and I adore it!

  11. Dear Olympia,
    I was just telling Jess when we were out shopping that I love the color yellow. It's such a cheerful and pretty one. I can see why you bought the daisies to fill your home. I love that crocheted pillow with the heart. Your home always says welcome to me, and I enjoy seeing pictures of it very much. It gives me some inspiration for my own home. There are different colors in your home, and I wanted to get some couches with a bit more color than the ones I had before. Thanks for giving us a peek in your world, Olympia. That tea pot next to the apple cake is just gorgeous.


  12. Pure sunshine, Olympia!!! I'm painting my front doors in Maine yellow. Your home looks so warm and cheerful - beautiful! Have a great week. xoxo

  13. Dear Olympia,

    Yellow is an amazing colour to give a boost especially on a cloudy day.
    Your home is beautiful and welcoming and love the pretty flowers and all your gorgeous things there.
    The daisies are so lovely.
    Have a happy week

  14. Dearest Olympia,
    Oh yes, yellow does have an uplifting effect on us!
    Last year I did write a post about it which you can find here: {Color Psychology and Blogger I Admire}
    Like you, I too love the walls to have a somewhat golden glow, it makes everything look so much lovelier.
    Compliments also to your Mom's beautiful embroidery; those birds are incredible. Great team work between Mother and daughter.
    Treasure your things and enjoy the last moments of summer weather.

  15. Chère Olympia!
    Comme toi j'aime mieux les fleurs de mon jardin et tes fleurs sont pleine de soleil!!
    Je t' adore pour ton travail à la main!!!!! Bravo!
    Je trouve c'est le temps parfait pour faire des belles choses dedans.
    Les oiseaux sont magnifiques!!!
    Ta maison est pleine de soleil, lumière et couleurs!!!
    J'espère tu vas bien et je te souhaite une douce journée!
    Je t' embrasse fort!

  16. What a beautiful yellow post! Ik love it. It made me look at the bright (yellow) side of life :) !
    Have a nice day. Greatings from Aleta

  17. Ah si, colore decisamente condiziona il mondo ed il mood che ci circonda , hai creato un ambiente pieno di calore anche grazie ai colori . Molto bello il ricamo fatto da tua madre . Abbraccio.

  18. The embroidered birds is beautiful, and I really like the big clock on the fireplace. Hugs :))

  19. A gorgeous post! I love your beautiful birds embroidery and pretty cushions, and all your yellows are so cheerful! Lots of lovely pictures to enjoy here, Olympia!
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xox

  20. Dear Olympia,

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures! And even though we've never met outside his blogworld I always think of you as a colorful person with a big smile and a warm heart. And your posts are always filled with colorful pictures and warm words. So to me you're definitely a colorful and beautiful friend.

    Take care sweet Olympia and I hope you'll have a lovely yellow autumn.


  21. Your yellows not only brightened your day, but mine as well. Hope you continue to have a colorful, vibrant, full-of-life autumn! Take care~ Jackie

  22. Wonderful post, my dear Olympia, bringing us the sun back which we actually miss in Germany.
    I like your decorations so much and nice crochet work very much.:-)

    Send you lots of greetings from Germany, have a nice and sunny autumn week

  23. Oh my nice Olympia,

    I need sunglasses because your post today is so bright and blinding.
    The flowerpictures are so beautiful and your cake looks so delicious.
    The autumn gives us so wonderful impressions and wonderful colours.

    Enjoy this wonderful autumntime with a lot of sunshine and with the colours of autumn

    Your Flowermum

  24. Yellow is really a happy colour! And your photos look so colourful, great!

  25. Hello Olympia,

    Wat een heerlijke weergave van deze mooie periode van het jaar.
    De gele madeliefjes zijn prachtig en verwarmen het interieur maar
    ook zeker je hart, zo mooi.
    Zo lief ook de geborduurde appel om het kussen, het staat zo
    sfeervol bij die mooie stoel en al de kleuren samen in je huis.

    De taart zie er heerlijk uit en zal ongetwijfeld ook heel goed smaken.
    Waarschijnlijk is de taart inmiddels al opgegeten, hihi.

    Bedankt voor je lieve reactie op mijn blog bij de laatste post.
    en voor deze PRACHTIGE post!!!


  26. Dear Olympia,
    I love the yellow color,brings saprkle...beautiful post!
    Many hugs dear friend!

  27. I am attracted to different colours depending on the season. Yellow is the colour that uplifts me in the Autumn, I love your images! Sarah x

  28. Dear Olympia,

    Your post was just perfect for this evening! I must go into my garden tomorrow and pick some yellow flowers while there are still some to enjoy. I completely agree with you that flowers from the garden are the best ones to have.

    I enjoyed seeing the handiwork done by you and by your mother. Your country home would be a wonderful place to spend some time, surrounded by all the colour as well as the crochet and embroidery; I love the stitched birds!

    Thank you for this uplifting post.


  29. Hi Olympia ! lovely images you show us .....the daisies are fantastic and I agree so much nicer than bought flowers.....your bird embroidery is a lovely design and beautifully made ....what a wonderful joint venture ! I too am reaching for my crochet hooks and knitting now it is getting the cushion you made .....Gail x

  30. Your yellow daisies look lovely Olympia and what a sunny and colourful home you have!

    Madelief x

  31. What beautiful photos, dear Olympia! I loved the autumn colors.
    Your home is a dream. How many beautiful details. Thanks for sharing.

    I wish you a happy day.


  32. Je te souhaite un bel automne joliment coloré. J'aime également toutes les couleurs automnales et ses palettes de jaunes, oranges et rouille ! Bon dimanche ! A bientôt

  33. Dear Olympia,

    This post testifies again to the fact you have the soul and heart of an artist! Every picture shows your glorious eye for colour, and honestly, I really, really like the cross stitched apple on that beautiful cushion of yours. Might I ask in which field you have worked? You seem to have so many talents and I am glad, as a fellow blogger, that we are fortunate to share these gifts of yours.

    Thank you Olympia for brightening up this pretty rainy, autumnal week.

    Stephanie x

  34. Thanks for your lovely words
    go straight into my heart!
    What a lovely blog you have
    and beautiful pictures!
    hugs Tina

  35. What an amazingly colourful and creative home you have created Olympia! It is such a sunny and beautiful post, full of personal and handmade beauties, and I am so honoured, humbled and happy to know that I have helped inspire you to make all these lovely crochet cushions!!! This is the real happiness of blogging, the sharing and inspiring!
    You inspire me too Olympia, your posts of your home are always so individual, and as I am about to start a new blog too this post of yours kind of sums up and illustrates what I want it to be about - making a home from items that you hunt out, fall in love with, inheirit and create - making an original and lovely home reflecting your own unique taste and style.
    I love the colour walls, and all the pretty things within - your Mother's embroidery is beautiful.
    Lovely, inspiring post Olympia!
    Gill xx

  36. . . . vases . . . pillows . . . food . . . flowers . . . what lovely yellows!

  37. How cool photos! I love yellow, too. Yes, the color is the symbol of the sun, always bringing something happy and joyful to us. Thanks for sharing such good things.


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