Saturday, October 25, 2014

Shopping therapy

I opt for neighborhood stores, I still buy household items 
from the stores located in my area, I know the staff 
and we have a little conversation each time I visit them, 
I may get better service in the best case, gratis! 
I love this atmosphere of intimacy even if I have to
 make all possible maneuvers to park my car otherwise
 I have to come back on foot, bringing all kind of 
bags , with my mood frazzled!

This is the time where you think about wide shopping malls, 
endless parking areas and a whole day spent there, including 
a gourmet lunch and a movie to finish off… My favorite 
shopping centers in Athens are three, two in the city and 
the other is this great outlet I’m showing you today. 
Mac Arthur Glen is located near the El.Venizelos 
airport. Farmland, mostly vineyards and olive groves,
lie around. The buildings respect the neo-classic Greek 
architecture and form a village where there is everything
you want in clothing mostly. All big brands, a huge range 
of products at discount prices, reduced by up to 70%! 
Graffiti creators show their art live,carousel 
and amusement parks, beautiful water chutes and 
open air bistros complete a day fulfilled with beauty 
and shopping therapy.I share with you my last visit 
to this beautiful outlet. 
Don't think it's an advertisement, nowhere close!

It’s raining cats and dogs at the moment, those who know me,
understand my joy, cozy time… I’m leaving you, a romantic, 
candle light dinner in a new restaurant is waiting for me.
Have a wonderful Sunday and  happy new week!

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