Monday, November 3, 2014

The adventures of a shawl

Our orange and lemon trees are now giving us their first 
fruit and a few late flowering bougainvilleas kick off
 early November days nicely...

Τhe opportunity to make the first crash test with my new 
Nikon was given to me on a grey, rainy day. The drizzle was
slowly falling as I was trying to discover new poses for the 
shawl I made recently. It was such fun despite the bad 
conditions. A little adventure, just to try the possibilities 
of the camera’s menu, that’s why there is no homogeneity 
from pic to pic. Some of them are quite satisfying for a 
beginner like me, some others don’t please me enough 
but things will surely improve when I will repeat my task
 with a better light. I want to brush up on my shooting 
skills and get to grips with my new camera. There are 
of course a lot of things to learn but for the moment 
the quality of the photos cater perfectly for my needs. 

The shawl is the twin of what was presented on a Dutch 
blog t-jonge a year ago. No pattern to follow apart 
from a range of detailed photos. Afterwards, I easily created 
this colorful poncho which I will keep in our second home. 

I wish you days that are bright, 
joy that lasts for ever!


  1. Beautiful work on the shawl, Olympia! Such vibrant colors and coziness. And how wonderful to enjoy fresh citrus fruit grown at home. Cheers

  2. Such brilliant colour, (it can be seen despite the rainy day), in your beautiful poncho, garden flowers and gorgeous fruit! The clothing suits the surroundings perfectly, accenting the atmosphere with vibrancy.

    Happy November, my friend!


  3. Your shawl look very lovely too. They give so much fun to make. Thank you for sending me a message. It is always nice to hear that my creations give other people so much fun.
    Warm wishes. Marlies from

  4. It looks to me, as though you are well on your way Olympia. You have caught your subjects that you wanted so well and blocked out the background..something i would like to learn..
    Your poncho is really colorful , ideal for the colder days ahead.
    My mother made a few when i was younger and blankets that my daughter now has.
    Your garden looks lovely.. still nice weather there where you are.
    happy week.

  5. Your shawl is beautiful in all your different pictures1 xx

  6. I love the way your shawl captures the colours of your outside surroundings, beautiful. Sarah x

  7. Love That great....i think you have spring there where you we have autumn......enjoy the Ria...x!

  8. Bonjour chère amie,

    La promiscuité de ces superbes fleurs te font créer un châle extraordinaire aux couleurs pétillantes. Il est absolument magnifique. Toutes mes félicitations, tu as des doigts de fée.
    Je pense que tu commences à avoir bien en main ton nouvel appareil photo et tu nous régales avec tes beaux clichés...
    Gros bisous ☂

  9. Bonjour chère Olympia!
    Que c'est beau avec des couleurs et cette blanche .....j'adore!
    Parfait dans ton jardin et deuxième maison.
    Il est toujours très beau temps chez toi (chez moi aussi!!!!!) alors profite bien.
    Et beaucoup de plaisir avec ton nouveau caméra!
    Passe une bonne semaine!!!!
    Je t' embrasse fort!

  10. Chère Olympia,

    Quelle aventure fabuleuse pour un châle! Mais, vu sa beauté, je pense qu'il le mérite!

    C'est toujours un régale de venir te rendre visite ici en Grèce avec ton œil artistique.

    Bonne semaine à toi!


  11. I love the way you combined the beautifully coloured shawl with the colourful flowers, fruit and all the other colourful places in and around your house, it is just gorgeous.

  12. Tus fotos son siempre una inyección de alegría. Have a nice day!!! :))))

  13. Well I think that your crash test with the Nikon went just fine!
    Loved all your pictures.

  14. I hope your new camera will give you so much fun. Make many pictures to exercise and I am sure the results will be a little bit better each time. It's so great to catch your feelings by a camera!!

    Sending hugs, Ingrid

  15. The colors are so beautiful and quite happy :) I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Have fun with your new camera - I look forward to seeing other pictures. Hugs to you!

  16. Oh what fun to see a collection of photos so bright and cheery even though you were doing it on a drizzling day! I love those first few photos taken with a new camera. Look forward to seeing more! Hugs, Jackie

  17. MAGNIFIQUE ! pas d'autres mots ! ton châle, tes photos ! un régal pour les yeux ! Merci ! Bonne soirée

  18. I love this colorful and cosy shawl, and I love your inventive shots :-)

  19. Dear Olympia,
    Your shawl is beautiful - so bright and colorful! So many lovely photos you have taken with your new camera! It looks like you are catching on very quickly. Lovely to see the lemon trees and the bougainvillea and how you have borrowed from them to create your lovely tray of delectable tidbits. Have fun with your new camera!
    Hugs xo

  20. Dearest Olympia,
    You at least do bring lots of joy with your colorful Nikon photos!
    Love your shawl and also the colorful flowers in your garden and on your fruit platter!
    Sending you hugs,

  21. Dear Olympia, the brightness of these colors are sweeping me away! Wonderful! I very much like your shawl! Christa

  22. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL Olympia! I think the lighting or lack there of made the colors so rich and amazing. I LOVE that shawl and the colors you chose. It is SO pretty! Oh to have that kind of bloom around you with the oranges and lemons too must be Heavenly! Don't we live in a wonderful world of differences?
    sending hugs...

  23. Beautiful photos, you and your Nikon
    get along well.

  24. The colours in your garden look beautiful Olympia! Love your scarve!

    Madelief x

  25. Nice, I think it's a good time to test a camera on a rainy or gloomy day. You'll see how good pictures will really appear without the bonus of sunlight. Your pictures are great. I like the vivid colors. And by the way, I wish I could pick an orange from your abundant tree.

  26. how wonderful to have a new camera...your images are always great anyway but I guess it will make certain pictures even sister has a good camera and takes the most wonderful close ups... I love the shawl ...are those tiny pom poms on the hem ...they are so cute ! I would love to be able to harvest citrus fruits from the garden ...such a treat ! enjoy your weekend...Gail x

  27. I love your photos Olympia, They are beautiful to me. I have a Nikon too and it took me a while to learn how to use it but Nikon cameras are amazing. I love mine.

    Have a great weekend,


  28. Dear Olympia!

    Your pictures are so colorful and i love this.
    Um encanto para os olhos... Obrigada, querida!

    Have a nice Sunday

  29. It is almost the end of autumn in my place and the temperature falls down gradually. Your place, on the contrary, has kept full of sunshine and flowers. Amazing! I love your poncho.

  30. What a lovely scarf to keep you warm this winter!
    Great images with your new camera.
    xoxo Ingrid

  31. Oh my goodness what a beautiful crochet shawl Olympia, it is so colourful and cheerful and I love the creamy white main part then followed by row upon row of glorious colour! But my favourite bit is those little red and pink bobbly circles - they finish it off perfectly.
    Lovely photos, you've obviously got the hang of your new camera already, and the bouganvillia is stunning.
    Gill xx

  32. Oh you are doing a great job with your new camera Olympia! Love all your pictures!
    It´s so nice to see all the flowers still are blooming at your it´s greay and dull...
    Take care!

  33. I was trying to decide which pose was my favorite, but each new photo wiped the previous photo out of the running.

    I like playing with "staging" photos for Instagram. It is fun to try different poses. And then I have fun editing and cropping.

    Beautiful shawl by the way.

  34. Thanks for your visit and sweet words 😊 I am glad you found me and in return I you. Your blog is beautiful as is your shawl.
    Have a great week.
    Birgitta xx


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