Monday, November 3, 2014

The adventures of a shawl

Our orange and lemon trees are now giving us their first 
fruit and a few late flowering bougainvilleas kick off
 early November days nicely...

Τhe opportunity to make the first crash test with my new 
Nikon was given to me on a grey, rainy day. The drizzle was
slowly falling as I was trying to discover new poses for the 
shawl I made recently. It was such fun despite the bad 
conditions. A little adventure, just to try the possibilities 
of the camera’s menu, that’s why there is no homogeneity 
from pic to pic. Some of them are quite satisfying for a 
beginner like me, some others don’t please me enough 
but things will surely improve when I will repeat my task
 with a better light. I want to brush up on my shooting 
skills and get to grips with my new camera. There are 
of course a lot of things to learn but for the moment 
the quality of the photos cater perfectly for my needs. 

The shawl is the twin of what was presented on a Dutch 
blog t-jonge a year ago. No pattern to follow apart 
from a range of detailed photos. Afterwards, I easily created 
this colorful poncho which I will keep in our second home. 

I wish you days that are bright, 
joy that lasts for ever!

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