Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dimming the light

Afternoons are now ending prematurely in darkness. 
An array of pictures have been taken indoors with a low light
and the warmth of candle light. The flickers of light smooth the 
mind and soul…Winter afternoons, classical music for my 
nervous system while cuddling up on a couch and things
 are taken more lightly...

Too early I know, but I’m getting in the Christmas mood… 
Memories jump into my head at random...
I remember my father bringing home the Christmas tree by car, 
its tail was hanging off the luggage rack and after having 
put it up in the living room, he plugged in the lights, leaving
 the rest for me…I was already 22, 23 years old!
I also remember that he brought me this beautiful, red, Scottish 
tartan plaid from a trip to England.(first photo) It was the last trip 
together for mum and dad… Tartan plaids are timeless, creating 
snuggly atmosphere, what would be cozier? 
I love them so much!

Both homes are getting ready for winter. 
Carpets everywhere, warm dark colors and woolen blankets. 
Two tons of olive firewood to light the hearths and of 
course a lot of work for both of us. 

I saw two good movies lately. 
"Grace of Monaco” with Nicole Kidman and 
"The Judge” with Robert Downey Jr and the beloved
Robert Duvall.

“If you can't do it naturally, then fake it.” 
Alfred Hitchcock

New followers, welcome aboard! 
Thank you for visiting me, I love you, all!!! 


  1. Such a beautiful post, Olympia. Stunning pics and beautiful memories. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Olympia, you beat me to it! I am photographing exactly this mellow glow in my living room, to post next! How pretty your wildflower bouquet is in that floral vase, surrounded by other colourful lovelies, rich and velvety textures and playful candlelight. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Here the evening also makes his start, the candles burn all. It's a great time to be inside, if it is cold outside and rain and freezing temperatures keep us within. I still make no plans for Christmas, but the memories you describe are beautiful.

    Wish you a wonderful evening, Olympia. Sending hugs, Ingrid

  4. Lovely photo's of your home Olympia! Love the vintage teacups and the pretty bouquet of flowers!

    Enjoy your evening!

    Madelief x

  5. Hello Olympia
    Your images and home are beautifully portrayed in your images. The provenance of your tartan rug make it highly loved. A treasure indeed.
    Your post has made me aware of how close we are to Christmas.

    Wishing you a great weekend
    Helen xx

  6. Hello Olympia,
    Your photos are so warm and welcoming.
    We are indeed getting closer to the christmas season.
    Your flowers in the vase are lovely.
    super post
    happy week
    val x

  7. Dear Olympia,
    These pictures are so soft and pretty, and they all look like a peaceful setting. I really like your tea cups.... and everything else you have. I think I relate to it so much because it is very unique, one of a kind. I like the tartan plaid throw also. Jess has a bedspread in red plaid, and I just love it every time I see it. How nice that you have these memories of your father. You know, at 23 I had a child, and one on the way. It seems like just yesterday.

    It's good to hear you're getting into the Christmas mood. I don't think it's ever too early, my dear friend.


  8. Dear Olympia, beuatiful post with so much warm and beauty..Christmas season is so close,and I am so happy!

  9. Lieve Olympia,

    Jij hebt ook zo'n mooie spullen die je op de juiste manier weet te combineren en te decoreren zodat ze warmte uitstralen.
    Met verse bloemen en kaarslicht maak jij er altijd een sfeervol geheel van.
    De tartan die je van je ouders kreeg zal je koesteren en zal een dierbaar bezit zijn en blijven.

    Ik wens je warme en sfeervolle wintermaanden samen met geliefde mensen om je heen!!!

    Liefs en hartelijke groet,

  10. Lieve Olympia,

    Prachtige sfeervolle beelden laat je ons zien, de warmte met
    een vleugje weemoed. Het hartje in het kopje zo mooi.
    Je bent echt een romanticus, prachtig om het allemaal te bekijken,
    en en mee te voelen met jou als persoon.

    Geniet van deze mooie periode van het jaar met al
    z'n geweldige kleuren en geuren.................

    Veel liefs,

  11. Dear Olympia,
    You have filled your lovely homes with beautiful light and cozy scenes, with sweet memories to warm your soul. Thank you for sharing your beautiful world.
    Love and hugs xo

  12. Querida Olympia, siempre es un placer pasar por tu blog, tus imágenes transmiten tanta belleza y serenidad que es una maravilla recrearse en tus fotos.
    Besitos guapa.

  13. Stunning photos that really set the mood , as always you are an amazing 'metteur en scene' ! I have started thinking about Christmas too, but for the moment only thinking ...maybe the red candles will substitute the white ones very soon though !

  14. Olympia your pictures are truly fabulous, I can learn a lot from you!
    You have some nice English-looking porcelain tea cups there.
    Your home looks so cozy and inviting.
    I haven't started thinking about Christmas yet, too early for me and we haven't ordered any fire wood yet, must get organised!

  15. Wat weer een prachtig sfeervolle log laat je ons zien! En wat een mooi servies en vazen.
    Lekker weer die sfeer in huis de komende manden.
    Maar de Kerst is echt nog een beetje te vroeg hoor!!

    Liefs, Gerry

  16. Dearest Olympia,
    LOVE your winter-style and coziness photos! You do know the secrets to happiness with the recipe of candles, flowers, classical music... fond memories like with your Royal Stewart Plaid from your Parents.
    Also love your silk rug... We got one from Kashmir, where my husband Pieter has seen how young boys made them.
    Sending you hugs,

  17. Another colourful post from you, dear Olympia, getting us all into Christmas mood! I always enjoy visiting your blog!
    Your tea cups and tea pots are so beautiful...I also have a collection of old tea pots displayed around the house.
    Your house seems ready for the holiday season!!

  18. I love everything about this post. Your flowers are beautiful, the cups ready to be filled with warm tea, the tartan is so perfect and timeless,the candles lit up adding charm and cosiness to the room and everything which completes the mood.
    Hope you have a good weekend Olympia.

  19. Every photo is so much beautiful. I love the second one. Your candlelights warm my heart. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Such gorgeous, cosy photographs of beautiful things!! Glad to have found your blog, just settling down with a cuppa to enjoy it properly! I do love this time of year! Katie x

  21. Oh Olympia again you've written with such grace, warmth and welcome. I can only imagine the olive wood waiting to bring more warmth to your homes and the lovely plaid wrap just waiting to be put into service!

  22. Hi Olympia, lovely post's hard not to be thinking of Christmas exciting and gives us something to look forward to in the darker days. Your tartan rug is precious I bet you feel comforted every time you wrap it around yourself. Things with such memories are so nice to have around. I agree classical music to soothe the soul (even though I love all sorts of music) I have classic on when I'm driving it's quite peaceful especially when things are hectic ! I never thought about you using olive wood for the fire ....over here we have lots of pine which is fast growing , a wood fire is just so cosy and with candlelight becomes perfect. Enjoy your weekend...Gail x

  23. Dear Olympia ... such a warm and cosy little space. I love the soft light with a bit of candle lite. So, so homey and so pretty. Warmest Blessings ♥ Teri

  24. Hello Olympia

    Your photos show the warmth and love you have instilled in your beautiful home
    Enjoy the weekend

    Helen x

  25. Superbes photos ! quelle ambiance tu réussis à dégager de tes clichés ! c'est extra ! Bon dimanche à toi ! A bientôt

  26. Lovely colours and candle
    lights, and i like your plaid.

  27. Oh so lovely and evocative images you have created.
    Good Sunday to you.

  28. You have such a delightful collection of cosy pictures in this post, Olympia! I love the atmosphere of these images and the soft warmth of the colours and the candlelight. Every now and then I too catch nostalgic glimpses of Christmas times from long ago ......I think the darker afternoons and the chill in the air bring them to mind. Wishing you a happy week and cosy times.
    Helen xox

  29. Dear Olympia,

    How cozy and warm your photos look with you getting prepared for winter, love the candlelight and the warm glow.
    Tartan plaid is always a favourite of mine and having a Mother of Scottish heritage, that is probably why.
    Also how beautiful all your pretty flowers are.
    Wishing you a happy new week

  30. Love your photographs and its tight cropping.
    That tea pot, is it from Delft?

  31. Your photos are beautiful. I like the vintage Christmas Balls.

  32. Dear beautiful and yes, this is a time for taking care, take some rest and have a nice cup of tea. Lovely your dreamy pictures and the flowers!
    Have a happy week and keep calm!

  33. Dear Olympia,

    I love your colorful pictures and beautiful words. As always it's such a pleasure to visit your blog. And I agree with you, I enjoy autumn and winter afternoons. The slow pace and time to just be. And the longing for Christmas... it's here too and I'm ready to embrace it now. Go all in and just enjoy this last month before Christmas and feel the spirit of it all.

    Take care sweet Olympia!


  34. Oh, I missed this post Olympia and it is such a special one (again) which reflects just the way I feel. I'm always startled by the inevitable darkness which surrounds us so very early but the positive side is that with the darkness comes cosiness, log fires, hot drinks, classical music and a lot of dreaming and magic.

    Beautiful, inspiring pictures as ever.


  35. Lovely photos... Picture perfect!!!

  36. This is such a warm and cosy post - the right post for this "getting darker and colder time" Your candle light is wonderful and your garden flowers on the table! The warm colours! Great!
    Wish you a happy weekend and a wonderful and warm time

  37. Hi Olympia! After you left your sweet message at my Heaven's Walk blog, I just had to stop over and see you at yours. What a delightful world you've created here! When you wrote you were from Greece, my interest was certainly peaked. I think Greece is the most beautiful place - and that's just from pictures and documentaries and of course, the Olympics. :) Is it warm there all the time? I imagine it warm and sunny and just heavenly. I've always thought the whiteness of the buildings standing tall and historical against the azure sea is just breathtaking. Thank you for showing us all a slice of your wonderful country - and I look forward to getting to know you!

    xoxo laurie

  38. Καλημέρα Ολυμπία!
    Υπέροχες φωτογραφίες καί τό σπίτι σου δείχνει τόσο ζεστό καί φιλόξενο!
    Λάτρεψα τά vintage φλυντζάνια σου!
    Καλό Σ/Κ!!Καλά νά περασης!


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