Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dimming the light

Afternoons are now ending prematurely in darkness. 
An array of pictures have been taken indoors with a low light
and the warmth of candle light. The flickers of light smooth the 
mind and soul…Winter afternoons, classical music for my 
nervous system while cuddling up on a couch and things
 are taken more lightly...

Too early I know, but I’m getting in the Christmas mood… 
Memories jump into my head at random...
I remember my father bringing home the Christmas tree by car, 
its tail was hanging off the luggage rack and after having 
put it up in the living room, he plugged in the lights, leaving
 the rest for me…I was already 22, 23 years old!
I also remember that he brought me this beautiful, red, Scottish 
tartan plaid from a trip to England.(first photo) It was the last trip 
together for mum and dad… Tartan plaids are timeless, creating 
snuggly atmosphere, what would be cozier? 
I love them so much!

Both homes are getting ready for winter. 
Carpets everywhere, warm dark colors and woolen blankets. 
Two tons of olive firewood to light the hearths and of 
course a lot of work for both of us. 

I saw two good movies lately. 
"Grace of Monaco” with Nicole Kidman and 
"The Judge” with Robert Downey Jr and the beloved
Robert Duvall.

“If you can't do it naturally, then fake it.” 
Alfred Hitchcock

New followers, welcome aboard! 
Thank you for visiting me, I love you, all!!! 
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