Saturday, November 22, 2014

Posies, teapots and a scarf

 isn’t exactly the right term for me as I’m a coffee addict 
and those pots are mostly used to serve filter coffee. 
However, it doesn’t exclude serving tea, Earl Grey is my 
favorite, Fortnum & Mason tea blends are also super. 
The Hungarian bargain 
comes from my last flea market hunting. 
It stood congested, under-appreciated, suffocating in a dark
 corner of a dusty self. So, pitying this lovely piece of porcelain…
quickly decided to change
its fate, for 7 €! 

Chrysanthemums, a few roses, daisies and bougainvillea
blooms enliven vases and home spaces while we go through 
some dull, boring days. 
Fortunately, some shops have already brought Christmas cheer to
 our little town whose lights haven’t yet been switched on.

 I finished the scarf you see, having transgressed all rules 
of crochet, combined all kinds of yarns and allowing myself 
 a freestyle improvisation…I’m glad with the result 
whereas the perfection of the achievement wasn’t a crucial 
issue in my crocheting thoughts! You guessed, no pattern 
except the enthusiasm of the moment.
I wonder if the person to whom I intend to offer it,
 will experience the same joy as me. 

I’m thinking that despite everything, we should never lose hope. 
 A light in our heart, not on the Christmas tree,
 this is our power and strength.

Thank you for being here, thank you for the time you take 
to leave a sweet word or just a simple hello.
You make me happy!
Wish you a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Dear Olympia,

    I love your sense of humor and I also love tea, my favorite is earl grey. I never drink coffee! The scarf has become beautiful, your enthusiasm is more important than following the correct pattern. I am sure the receiver will feel your love while wearing the scarf!

    Wish you a wonderful Sunday! Hugs, Ingrid

  2. Ah, Olympia, your photographs are so beautiful, so colourful, sharp and clear, so well set up as well, the thought that you have put into them shows.
    You won't believe this, even though I am English,I never drink tea, I have never liked it, so, just coffee for me!
    I'm sure that the recipient of the scarf will adore it, it has a bit of you in it, rules were made to be broken, that's what makes the scarf so unique.

  3. danke für die bilder und inspirationen!!! liebe grüße von angie aus deutschland

  4. The scarf is beautiful. Love how you put the colors and pattern together.

    Hugs from here

  5. Dearest Olympia,
    You created lovely photos with your teapots, especially the one with the typical Hungarian flower style. Also your scarf is a masterpiece in itself. Love those stitches and colors; you are very creative! The way it is wrapped, that will no doubt evoke some surprised looks when they face its full beauty.
    Hugs and blessings to you for a happy Sunday!

  6. Your pictures are just divine! I, too, am a coffee addict, sweet Olympia :) Hugs to you!

  7. What a beautiful teapot. You have saved it from its sad existence. Thank you. Your scarf is also gorgeous.
    When I see the colourful flowers on your photo I can't believe Christmas season is about to come.
    Have a relaxing Sunday.
    Hugs Donna G.

  8. That scarf is wonderful, I love your freestyle improvisation and it's so colourful, the one who receives it, will be happy and full of joy wearing this piece of beauty. Your teapot and flowers are so sunny!
    Wish you a happy new week,

  9. If I had been there I would definitely have bought the tea/coffee pot, such a bargain and so pretty ! Lovely display of colorful photos, everything so tasteful and joyful, I think I am repeating myself,but these are always the thoughts that come to my mind when I see your posts ! Your scarf is fabulous and will make a grey day shine ! Happy Sunday :-)

  10. Dear Olympia,
    your colorful scarf brings color and joy in the cooler and darker season. And with your new-old coffee pot from the flea market and all the beautiful flowers you brought color into your home - beautiful! I am especially glad at the moment, when I see colors, it reminds me of our two weeks in Cuba ...
    Lots of hugs, Traude

  11. Tea and and fire in the fireplace,
    it looks so cozy.

  12. Prachtige theepot! Ik hou er van!
    En of je er nu koffie uit serveert of er mooie bloemen in doet, je kunt ze overal voor gebruiken!
    En die sjaal is heel mooi geworden. Ik denk dat de ontvangster er ongetwijfeld blij mee zal zijn.
    En ik heb weer genoten van je heerlijke kleurrijke blog!

    Liefs, Gerry

  13. As always your colors and your post brightens my day! Your scarf is absolutely stunning and the photos of that sweet little tea pot inspire me -- another coffee addict -- to take mine from the cupboard and use it for a vase if nothing else! Happy Sunday, Olympia! xxJackie

  14. Whoever is the recipient of your beautiful scarf is a fortunate person. The colours are just the ones to brighten up, what is here, a grey November day. I always enjoy your posts, Olympia, full of colour and warmth.


  15. Thank you for your visit. And thank you for your kind words.
    I'm in love with your colourful scarf (I'm not good at crochet, but I'l a knitting addict and also love freestyle!).

  16. Tea by the fire, a blanket to keep you warm and some pretty flowers - what more do you want?
    Have a lovely week!
    xoxo Ingrid

  17. You have a beautiful blog. Flowers and teapots are two things I love. Your crocheted scarf is gorgeous. I love he vibrant colors and the freedom you expressed in creating it. Wonderful! I'm sure the person who receives it will appreciate its beauty.

  18. Dear Olympia,
    I so enjoyed seeing your beautiful teapots and flowers (and all the delightful little objects that surround them :) ! So sweet and cheerful in these dark, dreary days as we approach winter. I do so much love your hand-crocheted scarf with all your pretty stitches and colors! I know whomever receives this gift will be delighted and treasure it always. xo
    Much love,

  19. Your scarf is beautiful! I love it, all the different stitches and colours go so well all together and I am sure that it is filled with love! xx

  20. Dear Olympia,

    You have styled, photographed, and narrated a most charming post on some of my favourite things, namely, flowers and teapots and colourful bling! How cozy it must be in your home these days. There is a dreamy, autumnal ambiance that is almost fairytale-like. Your spontaneous whimsy is quite evident in your bright and cuddly creation and its recipient, I'm certain, will feel this spirit as they are hugged by its warmth.

    Happy Monday, my friend!


  21. Such a pretty post Olympia full of cheerful colour to brighten up a cold and very dark day here and your scarf is just beautiful!!
    Susan x

  22. Your teapot is lovely and such a good bargain! I also have a small collection of teapots which I mostly display and decorate with flowers in various corners of the house! And your crocheted scarf is so colourful...I have no doubt it will be much appreciated!!!!
    Have a nice new week, dear Olympia!!!

  23. I love Earl Grey, too. What a beautiful tea pot you have! Your flower arrangement is excellent. I really enjoy it. Thanks!

  24. Such a pretty post, with delightful colours, Olympia! I love the sweet teapot and the gorgeous scarf, the pictures of them are scrumptious too! You are so clever at capturing the light in your words and pictures....
    Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Helen xox

  25. Dear Olympia,

    Such a lovely colourful post! What a pretty vintage find that teapot is. I would not have been able to resist it either. Love your crocheted scarf too!

    Wishing you a happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  26. Chère Olympia!!!!!
    J'adore boire un café mais en hiver j'aime aussi boire un thé!!!
    Et un thé de Fortnum and Mason est délicieux!!!
    Que c' est beau chez toi et tu as fait un très beau travail!!!!!!
    Les couleurs sont magique!
    J'espère tu vas bien!
    Passe un bon weekend de premier l' avent avec ta famille!!!!
    Je t' embrasse fort!

  27. This tea pot is so pretty, and the scarf you made is wonderful. You know, daisies are one of my favorites. I really liked what you said about the light in our hearts. Oh Olympia, how I love your pictures. They are magic to me.


  28. Dear Olympia,

    I loved seeing all your beautiful photos, your pretty flowers to the teapot.
    Also the lovely coloured scarf is fabulous and the person will be thrilled to get that.
    Happy Sunday

  29. Soooo beautiful, Olympia! You have eye for the beauty! Happy Advent!

  30. Oh yes, I am sure the person who receives this beauty will think of you every time she dons it dear Olympia. It is so pretty and warm. I love the like the beautiful flowers you have in your lovely pot. I love the one you just brought home _LOVE IT_! Your home is so inviting. Such beautiful photos!
    Thank you so much for the sweet words you left for me on my post. You really lifted my spirits!
    sending hugs...

  31. Hello again, somehow I am not getting your posts in my emails, so I will enter again so I can follow your journey. You've crocheted a beautiful scarf...who says everything needs to be from the same's lovely...I do hope the recipient enjoys the effort you have put into it. Love seeing all your beautiful flowers in those lovely teapots...Have a good week. Sharon x


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