Saturday, November 22, 2014

Posies, teapots and a scarf

 isn’t exactly the right term for me as I’m a coffee addict 
and those pots are mostly used to serve filter coffee. 
However, it doesn’t exclude serving tea, Earl Grey is my 
favorite, Fortnum & Mason tea blends are also super. 
The Hungarian bargain 
comes from my last flea market hunting. 
It stood congested, under-appreciated, suffocating in a dark
 corner of a dusty self. So, pitying this lovely piece of porcelain…
quickly decided to change
its fate, for 7 €! 

Chrysanthemums, a few roses, daisies and bougainvillea
blooms enliven vases and home spaces while we go through 
some dull, boring days. 
Fortunately, some shops have already brought Christmas cheer to
 our little town whose lights haven’t yet been switched on.

 I finished the scarf you see, having transgressed all rules 
of crochet, combined all kinds of yarns and allowing myself 
 a freestyle improvisation…I’m glad with the result 
whereas the perfection of the achievement wasn’t a crucial 
issue in my crocheting thoughts! You guessed, no pattern 
except the enthusiasm of the moment.
I wonder if the person to whom I intend to offer it,
 will experience the same joy as me. 

I’m thinking that despite everything, we should never lose hope. 
 A light in our heart, not on the Christmas tree,
 this is our power and strength.

Thank you for being here, thank you for the time you take 
to leave a sweet word or just a simple hello.
You make me happy!
Wish you a wonderful Sunday!

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