Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The dining room

I recently redid the dining room and I love it! I wanted 
something that could create a bit of drama and I was looking 
to give an impact in this room. So, I went dark for the focal 
wall against surrounding bright walls and I ignored 
conventional advice telling me that deep colors go wrong 
in small spaces. 

I think that my mum’s solid chestnut wood handmade table 
has henceforth a beautiful backdrop, my favorite painting 
as well (third photo).Before the renovation, the wall was covered 
with paintings but now I prefer the version I’m showing you. 
The “Fly light” by Kartell (first photo) is also a new piece 
in the room. It combines color with light and transparency and 
adds a modern touch for the mix & match style I prefer.
 The silk rug on the floor has warmed every room of the 
house and the dining room is its last mission! 

Our Christmas tree is already on stage, shining in shades 
of gold and red and the garlands you see are my latest 
craft made with origami paper.

We have made beautiful plans for Christmas holidays but 
I confess nothing else for the moment!...

Wishing you an inspiring and thrilling December! 

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