Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The dining room

I recently redid the dining room and I love it! I wanted 
something that could create a bit of drama and I was looking 
to give an impact in this room. So, I went dark for the focal 
wall against surrounding bright walls and I ignored 
conventional advice telling me that deep colors go wrong 
in small spaces. 

I think that my mum’s solid chestnut wood handmade table 
has henceforth a beautiful backdrop, my favorite painting 
as well (third photo).Before the renovation, the wall was covered 
with paintings but now I prefer the version I’m showing you. 
The “Fly light” by Kartell (first photo) is also a new piece 
in the room. It combines color with light and transparency and 
adds a modern touch for the mix & match style I prefer.
 The silk rug on the floor has warmed every room of the 
house and the dining room is its last mission! 

Our Christmas tree is already on stage, shining in shades 
of gold and red and the garlands you see are my latest 
craft made with origami paper.

We have made beautiful plans for Christmas holidays but 
I confess nothing else for the moment!...

Wishing you an inspiring and thrilling December! 


  1. I think your diningroom looks wonderful. I like the combination of antique, vintage and modern. Good for you to ignore conventional advice and do it your own way, that mostly turns out best.

  2. Hi Olympia! Your Christmas decorations are so pretty. I especially love your china. That light fixture is gorgeous, I've never seen anything like it before. Hope you are enjoying this festive season!

  3. Hi Olympia! I must say your diningroom is just beautiful and I love the calm brown colors this time of year. You made a great work there!
    You always show us so lovely pictures...
    Thank´s for your sweet comment about the magazine Lantliv! Ingrid and I are so happy about it, FLOWERS means much for both of us.
    Have a great evening, take care...

  4. It's always a good idea to have a little bit of drama in the dining room, from invigorating conversation, and scrumptious fare, to glimmering light and intriguing colour! From where I am sitting, you have dressed you wall in indigo blue, itself, a hue of depth and mystery. Then, we see a Provencal mustard on the living room wall, warm and welcoming, and together, these two shades complement the space perfectly, just like good room mates should!

    Beautiful, cozy, a great space to cocoon during Christmas!


  5. Happy December to you too!! Your dining room looks so pretty and cozy... Hugs

  6. hai love your blog to.
    beautiful things you have in your house by the sea. nice nice
    happy evening

  7. Your dining room looks wonderful! You can definitely use darker colours in dining rooms I think, it really makes a wonderful dramatic statement! xx

  8. Dear Olympia,

    The new look to your dinning room is fabulous and you must be thrilled with how it has turned out.
    Happy December to you and enjoy preparing for the holidays

  9. Your dining room is beautiful....I love the darker is dramatic yet oh so elegant :o)

  10. Bonjour chère amie,

    Merci de partager avec nous l'ensemble de vos magnifiques photos qui nous fait pénétrer dans votre nouvelle salle à manger.
    Chaque meuble, chaque objet est mis en valeur... aucune faute de goût.

    Gros bisous ♡

  11. Dear Olympia!
    Your dining room is extraordinary with a hint of dramatic .....very beautiful and fits perfect to you!
    I love it!
    You have already a christmas tree!!!!
    The origami work is very friendly in your room ...I love it!
    Hope you are fine!
    Happy December Olympia!
    With love,

  12. What a wonderful room. I love your table and the chairs. But also the decoration is great. You are very early with Christmas tree.
    But it is good not to wait until the last day before Christmas and do the things in a relaxed way.
    Have a beautiful Christmas Season.
    Donna G.

  13. The lovely shade of blue really compliments your dining room table and chairs, and the Kartell light is just perfect.

  14. The dark blue wall is grate! Beautiful
    background to the dining area.
    Love it

  15. Such a lovely shade of blue, Olympia, and the perfect backdrop for your Mother's beautiful table! Everything looks warm and cozy for the holidays - beautiful details, as always. <3 Wishing you a magical season. Hugs xo Karen

  16. Cambiare fa bene , noi cambiamo ed il nostro ambiente ci deve seguire. Il muro scuro ha creato un effetto di calore ed il mischiare moderno ed antico crea un equilibrio perfetto . La sensazione è quella di grande armonia. Abbraccio.

  17. C'est superbe ! j'aime l'ambiance qui surgit de ces magnifiques photos ! Joli travail de rénovation et de présentation.... Bonne journée, amicalement.

  18. Your photos are so whimsical and enchanting, my friend and a real joy to look at. The blue is simply lovely and looks perfect.

    Hugs to you!

  19. Olympia,
    I think I love your style so much because you have stuck with the dark rich colors. I love them as well, and the dark traditional wood. Your dining table is gorgeous! I really like the color of those candles, and I have the same color in my own home. That tea cup, oh my, it's so pretty. Did I ever tell you that I think the blue tea cups are the prettiest? I'm not sure why, but my wedding china was even in blue. All the dark colors surrounding your space, and then one white sweet reindeer. The contrast looks wonderful. Everything is so nice, Olympia, and you have done a great job on the decorating of your dining room.

    Enjoy this Christmas season.


    by the way, I know I tell you this often, but I truly love your pictures. There's just something so magical about them. :~)

  20. Beautiful blue color, Olympia. The drama effect have been reached. The last picture I find beautiful, as if you just walk into antiquity: very nice!
    I wish you a wonderful month of December!

    Love, Gerry

  21. Olympia,
    what an elegant room. So much atmosphere in it! Fantastic. Would like to move in within a minute.
    All my best from Austria and a happy happy time

  22. I love the dark wall it is stunning and the combination of antiques and modern pieces. Sarah x

  23. Dearest Olympia,
    You have such an artistic eye for beauty and for creating a 'warm' NEST, you never will go wrong!
    Love this setting; very warm and cozy and glad to see the silk rug in more detail than in your previous post: Dimming the light
    Sending you warm hugs for the Advent and Christmas season with your loved ones.

  24. I love the rug with the dining table and chairs and the blue wall. A perfect match, just beautiful!

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  26. Hej Olympia, the blue wall looks very nice. Have a nice weekend,

  27. Such an amazing photos of the beautiful china! Floral motif is my favorite and I think i found my new inspiration here:) Happy December to you as well!!!!

  28. Oh goodness, your dining room is beautiful! And I loved the burning candles and the Christmas tree all dressed up in its finery. Christmas adds such a festive addition to any room and seems to drape the entire scene with just a bit of magic!

  29. You did great work, Olympia. I love your dining room. Happy weekend!

  30. I really like the color of your dining room – it looks dramatic and warm at the same time. Your pictures are presented in such an elegant way – what an attractive post.

  31. It is not just your table that is beautiful. You have so many lovely pieces.

  32. So nice and delicious mood you created in your living room, you have many beautiful things that fit so nicely together.
    Good second Sunday in Advent to you.

  33. Your dining room looks so stylish.....and I love all the pieces you have placed together, Olympia. Beautiful interiors photos, you are an inspiring lady. Wishing you a wonderful countdown to Christmas.
    Helen xox

  34. Hello Olympia, happy December to you. Your dining room turned out amazing. So rich and elegant. And the decor is fabulous. Very chic and stylish. I say that color selection was the perfect choice. Enjoy your holidays and thank you for visiting me.


  35. Dear Olympia,
    that black wall is such a sight! Great. But I wonder if it would work here in winter: freezing drizzle for two weeks now. Have a nice week!
    Yours, Sarah

  36. Hello dear Olympia, I love how you've given the walls a dark dramatic look...really stunning and it makes the artwork pop out. I think your room is hugely successful. I haven't put up our tree yet, but I keep telling myself I will do it this week! Hugs Sharon x

  37. wunderschöne bilder!!! eine schöne woche wünscht angie

  38. I love your new dinning room look, Olympia!
    Rules are meant to be broken, sometimes, I think, dark-coloured walls, look better in small spaces, than in large.
    Your tree looks great too, not done ours yet, will do it at the weekend, with the help of our little Granddaughter, Melina.

  39. Your dining room is beautiful. From that amazing light fixture to your lovely china, it was all truly magazine worthy. I also loved your Christmas decorations in the background. Have a wonderful day... :)

  40. The blue looks just lovely ! Very rich ...and also will probably be really good in the hot summer Greek sun ! love the silk rug too very cosy...Gail x

  41. Olympia, just lovely!!♥ Sooo elegant, so cosy!! Beautiful details!!

    Many, many, many hugs from me to you, my friend!!♥♥♥

  42. Merci Olympia pour cette gentille visite.
    Belles fêtes à vous dans votre chaleureuse maison!



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