Tuesday, July 25, 2017

As far as the yard

Although Greek summer means beach days and sandy feet I’m 
bringing you into the garden again. I'm a sea worshipper 
and beach lover, obviously, but I recently discovered that 
there is something very beautiful about the simplicity 
of enjoying your own backyard. 
So, this year, when thinking about my seasonal favorites, 
the color  is    g  r  e  e  n . 
Follow me so you can peek through my backyard’s gate to 
see the newly seeded grass and the peacefulness of a space 
not yet completely landscaped but inviting enough for an 
evening’s little adventure. Gazing at the fresh lawn, one thing 
came to my mind; those lovely picnics with my parents 
in the ‘80s. Some fresh, local apricots offered by a kind 
neighbor, put me straight in that mood. Despite the high 
temperatures, we took the things necessary for
 this impromptu p i c n i c. 
With the sunlight dappling through leaves, barefoot and a 
camera, how much we enjoyed our last-minute sort of break! 
A getting away from it all, at yard distance. 
So simple, quiet and slow. A way to carve out the time and 
create memories. It’s those little moments that make 
life grand. Isn’t that right?

By now, the garden is arguably at its best, especially after the 
last rain blessings which helped to keep it in top form. 
Summer storms are rare here but much needed as things  
heat up very quickly. 
A vacation trip has already been planned 
and there are many things to get excited about. 
Hope I can achieve my photographic goals while traveling 
but only time will tell. I'll show you when back.

In the meantime, please enjoy this summer! 
Happy holidays everyone whatever you do, wherever you are. 
I promise, I’ll be back! 
I always thank my friends for their time in my e-mails. 
Your friendship means so much to me.

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