Friday, February 12, 2016

Anemones and a Love Story

I’ve rounded up some photos of those awesome anemones 
highlighting the beauty of the season and capturing the
 romantic atmosphere surrounding Valentine’s Day. 
Greek mythology linked the red anemone, sometimes 
called the windflower, to the myth of Aphrodite
Goddess of Love and Adonis, a mortal.
Anemos in Greek means wind! 

According to this myth, when Adonis lived with Aphrodite, 
the two lovers would go hunting in the woods. As Adonis 
chased game through the forest, the goddess would follow 
closely behind, in her swan-driven chariot, dressed as a 
huntress. Aphrodite's ex-lover, the god of war Ares, 
grew jealous of her affair with the mortal. While his rival 
was hunting alone, Ares disguised himself as a boar and 
attacked Adonis causing him lethal injuries. Adonis used 
his spear to strike back to Ares, but was soon gored to 
death by the boar's great tusks. Aphrodite hurried to 
Adonis in her chariot, but his soul had already descended 
into the Underworld. In despair, she sprinkled nectar on 
Adonis’ wounds. As Aphrodite bore her lover's body out 
of the woods, crimson anemones sprung up where each 
drop of blood and nectar fell onto the earth.

This specific myth inspired great poets like Ovidius or, 
much later, Shakespeare, to compose hymns dedicated 
to  l o v e !

Enjoy Valentine’s Day! 


  1. What a lovely story, Olympia! Wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day!

    Sending hugs, Ingrid

  2. I didn't remember this myth , but I was really glad you reminded me as anemones
    are my favourite flowers. I remember going to the countryside with my mother and sister
    at the beginning of Spring looking for red anemones -the rarest.
    We mostly found pink ones but we thought ourselves very lucky to detect the red one !!
    Happy Valentine's
    Tina xxx

  3. So beautiful, Olympia! I love anemones and their bright colours. Happy Valentine's!

  4. Chère Olympia!
    Merci pour ce beau billet et tes si belles fleurs.
    Passe des beaux jours ce weekend et HappyValentine!!!!!
    Et un grand merci pour tes gentils mots chez moi.
    Je pense TU habites dans le paradis!
    Je t' embrasse très fort!

  5. Beautiful photographs! Thank you
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Feliz San Valentín Olympia!!! unas imágenes preciosas.

  7. Olimpia, you are so talented!
    Your pictures are amaizng.

    I love anemones, and have some in my garden.
    I didn't know this myth-thank you for your tale.

    Hugs from France;)

  8. La légende est belle et tes photos lui font honneur!
    Elles sont vraiment très, très réussies, pleines de douceur et de poésie.
    J'aime tout particulièrement celles qui sont roses.
    Bonne journée de Saint-Valentin à toi Olympia.

  9. Beautiful flowers! Happy Valentine to you too!!

  10. My son performed in a Greek play about this at primary school. I didn't howewer know about the anemones. I always enjoy them when they appear in our garden. Wishing you a Happy Valentine weekend. Sarah x

  11. So beautiful and tragic! The anemones are so pretty in your delicate vases. Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day, dear Olympia! xx Karen

  12. J'adore les anemones, et tu nous les as parfaitement présentées avec le mythe mais surtout avec tes superbes photos!!!
    Tes petits vases et la théière sont de toute beauté, chère Olympia!
    Bon weekend and bonne journée de la Saint-Valentin!
    Bisous !

  13. Beautiful anemones. The colors are fantastic.
    Hugs from here

  14. Dear Olympia,

    Your anemones are so very beautiful and used to love seeing them growing in my Mothers garden.
    Will have to plant some in mine. Thanks for sharing the love story with us.
    Happy Valentines

  15. The colors of your anemones are striking in their clarity, a testament to not only their beauty, but your skill in capturing them.


  16. The colors of your anemones are striking in their clarity, a testament to not only their beauty, but your skill in capturing them.


  17. An absolutely perfect post for this Valentine's Day weekend. Hope yours continues to be filled with love and flowers~ xxx J.

  18. What a wonderful legend Olympia ! The anemones are so very perfect and a lovely choice for this weekend. Have a Happy Valentines weekend !
    Gail x

  19. Gli anemoni sono fiori bellissimi ed allegre , ed ho molto apprezzato la visione della varietà dei tuoi vasi con anemoni ! Ti auguro un felicissimo San Valentino. Abbraccio.

  20. A fascinating and very beautiful post at the same time! The flowers really are very beautiful aren't they! Happy Valentines! xx

  21. Oh, so nice reading this love story. And the Anemones, just wonderful!
    Wish you a Happy Valentine's day!

  22. Love That the flowers.....happy valentine's Ria x ❤️❤️❤️

  23. Anemones are beautiful, I had blue ones in my wedding bouquet. It was lovely to read the myth about the red ones too. Hx

  24. What a lovely post,
    What lovely images,

    Those Anemones are just beautiful

    Enjoy your Valentine Weekend

    All the best Jan

  25. Καλημέρα!! Φωτογραφίες που σου φτιάχνουν τη διάθεση :-) χρόνια πολλά !!!

  26. Such beautiful flowers in a gorgeous light, Olympia. Thank you for linking them to the myth - perfect for this weekend. All good wishes, Sam x

  27. Thanks for sending us the colorful and beautiful spring winds of a Greek myth. Happy Valentine's day!

  28. Bonjour chère amie,

    En ce jour de Saint Valentin, ce petit billet est magnifique avec de très belles fleurs printanières... Des compositions superbes dans vos photos.
    Je vous souhaite une très joyeuse fête.

    Merci aussi pour ce joli mythe...

    Gros bisous

  29. They are georgeous the anemones. Thank you for shareing them whit us

  30. Such a fitting story for Valentine's Day Olympia! I loved the beautiful photos of the Anemones. So, so pretty!
    Wishing you a wonderful week!hugs from here..

  31. I love anemones, they are so delicate yet strikingly vivid at the same time. Did you grow these yourself? And what a delightful story. Happy week dear Olympia. Sharon x

  32. I enjoyed the anemones and their story, Olympia. And couldn't help but notice that, as always, you have the most beautiful china to complement the flowers :-)

  33. A wonderful, bad sad story, dearest Olympia - and a really pretty flower! You have a great collection of anemones in your home!
    Lots of hugs from Austria

  34. Beautiful flower pictures, Olympia, and I love that sweet little pink vase.

    I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day.


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