Thursday, January 14, 2016

The winter that isn't

While some higher and western parts of the country were 
freezing cold, we have had endless moments of sunshine and
a bright clear sky over the last few months. It definitely 
feels like spring here and the photos I’m showing you are 
a little sample of what is happening in my little corner of 
the world, in the midst of winter!...So-called!

It is strange indeed to have November without autumn, 
December without winter. I find it a bit surrealistic like 
most other things around us. The trees are budding, 
Japanese medlar started blooming and our country home 
is wholeheartedly whispering of spring. The weird fact is 
that I’m longing for winter while having spring in mind and 
feel pumped to get started. 
I’m torn between two seasons!

Now the plan is to get the yard ready for spring 
and summer trying to avoid expensive solutions.
The problem is that we have been battling all kind of weeds 
and don’t like the idea of roundup all the time. So, the first 
thing to do is to cover the aria to be landscaped with a weed 
control fabric and put decorative stones on top. 
Second ; a walking path beneath the pergola in the 
backyard and finally a decking floor so we can spruce 
up a cozy dining corner. 
And of course seed starting! 
I want more perrenials this year!
I'm so excited about all these things!

Hope you like my cheerful pics and those informal posies. 
A little bit of this, a little bit of that, not so huge, not so 
showy but I would rather favour them than anything arranged 
to perfection. Even if things are bare outside, I try to 
incorporate some fresh cuttings, no matter what their style is.

Hope this handful of flowers brings light 
and warmth to you all, wherever you are.


  1. Yes, the weather is really crazy in these days....but beautiful them all!

  2. Hello Olympia, the weather is indeed so strange. We've had torrential rain in northern parts of England, with major floods, but in the south where I live, the weather has been mild, except for lots of rain, the temperatures remain in the teens. No bulbs in the garden blooming yet, all still wet and very damp. Your garden looks glorious, one could hardly call it winter at all! Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead. Sharon x

  3. Yes indeed! So much light and warmness in your photos. Love it:)
    Hugs Maria

  4. "Hope this handful of flowers brings light
    and warmth to you all, wherever you are."

    Oh, Olympia - yes, it really did. We have had a cold, grey day in my part of the UK (although some parts have enjoyed blue sky)... so to see your lovely blooms and your array of photo's has been joyful.

    Thank you for sharing.

    All the best Jan

  5. Hi Olympia. I love to see your beautiful garden. It really warm me up here in the cold.
    Hugs from here

  6. I thought my winter had been mild (until recently), but nothing is blooming. What a riot of colour you have!


  7. Dear Olympia - your photos look like May or even June, such a pretty selection of flowers and colour. We were promised some snow and cold weather at the beginning of the week, but it has yet to arrive, now they say the weekend. The weather really is topsey turvey this winter.

  8. I know what you mean about being torn between two seasons. Your lovely photos, however, clearly make me long for Spring. Even whIle on vacation in florida, it has been chilly and at this very moment is raining. I just want to jump in your photos and live there!

  9. I know what you mean about being torn between two seasons. Your lovely photos, however, clearly make me long for Spring. Even whIle on vacation in florida, it has been chilly and at this very moment is raining. I just want to jump in your photos and live there!

  10. Lovely colourful photos and plenty of flowers to enjoy. Like you I would like some winter before spring.

  11. Beautiful pictures. Strange when the seasons do not really change. Me too, I am missing winter. Also in my garden the plants don't know what to do!

  12. Ολυμπία μου ,έφερες την άνοιξη με τις φωτογραφίες σου .Πραγματικά ο καιρός είναι μυστήριος ,οι εποχές περίεργες και εδώ στα βόρεια ακόμη, στα δένδρα άρχισαν να "σκάζουν " οι οφθαλμοί τους ....Τα λουλούδια όμως τα έχω καλύψει μη τυχόν και παγώσουν !Καλό Σαβατοκύριακο !

  13. Your garden plans sound very exciting! Hope that you enjoy it. Beautiful photos! xx

  14. Do I like your cheerful pics? I LOVE them! Looks like summer overthere. For today they expected snow here, but I haven't seen a flake yet! Happy weekend!

  15. I miss winter too, Olympia!
    Let's hope we see some snow and feel the cold next week!
    I know this may sound strange for the people who live in countries where rain and cold
    are in the daily 'agenda', but it is good to feel the change of seasons
    even if it means that we will have to put very heavy clothes on!:)
    Love your photos, as always!
    Tina x

  16. We had a cold day today and in some parts of our country there even was some snow. Ik hope spring will come soon, so I also can enjoy so many wonderful flowers like yours!

    Happy weekend my friend! Hugs, Ingrid

  17. Thank you Olympia! The flowers are cheerful and beautiful!

    Faux winter...turn on the air conditioner really cold, bundle up, and look out the window on a rainy day thinking its winter. :)

  18. You surely know how to create a warm and homely atmosphere , flowers , fireplace, fresh fruit ,everything speaks of cosiness ! Yes , it's incredible how winter forgot to appear this year , here it has been the same as at your place, but finally we have got some kind of colder degrees. But still it is different. Wishing you a nice weekend.

  19. The weather has felt strange this year but your flowers look so cheerful. We have snow now so it finally feels like winter. Enjoy planning your garden Olympia. Hx

  20. It has been a mild winter, even for Greece!
    What a lovely lot of flowers you still have blooming, Olympia.
    Get ready though, because the weather forecast for next week is dire; freezing cold, snow, North winds and thunderstorms.
    All good things must come to an end!

  21. Lovely photos. It's been very mild here too until this weekend when temperatures have plummeted and some places have snow.

  22. Beautifully shot and styled photos of your gorgeous, Greek surroundings, dear Olympia! Your images make me miss my own little piece of paradise on Crete, but I am thankful for your blast of bright colours in your sweet subjects!

    Have a wonderful wintry week ahead!


  23. Καλησπέρα Ολυμπία ...πολύ όμορφες φωτογραφίες πραγματικά μου μύριζε άνοιξη ...
    άλλα δύστυχος από χτες ο καιρός άλλαξε εδώ ,έχουμε πλέον χειμώνας ..
    καλη εβδομαδα ...φιλάκια

  24. I'll take your kind of winter anytime over the kind we are having right now near Toronto! I just waked the dog in -20 degree temperatures. Not nearly as lovely as lemons and roses!

  25. Oh my this makes me want to return right now and not wait until the end of March! Enjoy the season - it looks wonderful! Hugs, Jackie

  26. Hello Olympia,
    Your post is full of sunshine. How interesting that you did not get a winter this year. You will be busy with so many plans but it will all be wonderful when dining alfresco beneath the stars.
    Fond wishes for a great week

    Helen xx

  27. Wow, you have enjoyed "spring"! We had a heavy snow today.

  28. Wow! It loos so beautiful. Like it is really spring now. My friend at said that you have very interesting houseplants there. I'm not so much in plants and all this garden stuff, but I can say that they're looking really amazing. Best wishes!

  29. It looks like spring there and I can almost feel some warmth. Your garden plans sound exciting! Sarah x

  30. I so enjoyed this post Olympia, I´m really longing to the warmth and light of spring and summer. Here we have no real winter until now, it´s just dull. So exciting to make new plans for your backyard, I´m sure it will be another heavenly place to be. Love all these flowers all year round.

  31. I can't stop looking at these photos, Olympia, they are gorgeous. We are having a proper winter day today, cold and windy and very gloomy, and these sunny flowers are exactly what I want.

  32. Hello dearest Olympia,
    your wonderful photos look like summer to me! In Austria we had a very warm (spring-like) winter, too, but now REAL winter is here: lots of snow since yesterday and last week it was very cold outside (about 10 Minus-Degrees).
    I wish you and your family the very best for 2016!
    Lots of hugs, Traude

  33. well now I feel I have been bathing in a lovely Greek sun ..... so thankyou for the images...I love the jasmine with the roses ...I will have to imagine the divine smell....have a nice week and good luck with the plans for your garden....Gail x

  34. Dear Olympia,

    It really does look like spring there with all your gorgeous bright pretty flowers and loved seeing all your photos. Sounds like fun preparing your garden for the summer. Have a lovely week

  35. I'm so glad I found your blog, just been visiting Cabin & Cottage and saw your blog in her favourite blogs to visit.
    Such beautiful photos you have shown. and all those pretty posies of such colourful flowers.. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts .

  36. Your post certainly did bring me lots of warmth and colour on a chilly dark evening here in the UK! I loved seeing the flowers and bulbs and the beautiful crochet and china....and so much sunshine....delightful!
    Happy weekend dear Olympia.
    Helen xox

  37. I your photos warm my heart Olympia. Such bright and colorful flowers.

    Thank you for sharing such beauty with us.


  38. Absolutely amazing Olympia! I can hardly imagine living in an area with so much green in mid-winter. We are under about 3ft of snow here (which was so needed here in Idaho) so your photos are a lift for me today. I have to go way back into my picture files to remind me that i even have a garden :)
    Gorgeous photos...and your plans for this coming summer sound wonderful.

  39. Dear Olympia,
    Your pictures are beautiful and they do feel a lot of spring. Even summer. :) The climate is definitely changing which makes me a bit lost at times. I love the four seasons we've in Sweden and I don't want to be without any of them. But winter has been very mild this season and I miss those snowy days.

    I hope all is well with you sweetie and that you're enjoying your early spring weather. Take care.♥


  40. Olympia, the weather here is very strange and topsy turvy too. We haven't had a proper winter either. I just hope we don't get snow in March. Lovely to hear of your plans for the garden. All your plants and flowers look beautiful.Love Linda x


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