Thursday, January 14, 2016

The winter that isn't

While some higher and western parts of the country were 
freezing cold, we have had endless moments of sunshine and
a bright clear sky over the last few months. It definitely 
feels like spring here and the photos I’m showing you are 
a little sample of what is happening in my little corner of 
the world, in the midst of winter!...So-called!

It is strange indeed to have November without autumn, 
December without winter. I find it a bit surrealistic like 
most other things around us. The trees are budding, 
Japanese medlar started blooming and our country home 
is wholeheartedly whispering of spring. The weird fact is 
that I’m longing for winter while having spring in mind and 
feel pumped to get started. 
I’m torn between two seasons!

Now the plan is to get the yard ready for spring 
and summer trying to avoid expensive solutions.
The problem is that we have been battling all kind of weeds 
and don’t like the idea of roundup all the time. So, the first 
thing to do is to cover the aria to be landscaped with a weed 
control fabric and put decorative stones on top. 
Second ; a walking path beneath the pergola in the 
backyard and finally a decking floor so we can spruce 
up a cozy dining corner. 
And of course seed starting! 
I want more perrenials this year!
I'm so excited about all these things!

Hope you like my cheerful pics and those informal posies. 
A little bit of this, a little bit of that, not so huge, not so 
showy but I would rather favour them than anything arranged 
to perfection. Even if things are bare outside, I try to 
incorporate some fresh cuttings, no matter what their style is.

Hope this handful of flowers brings light 
and warmth to you all, wherever you are.

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