Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Where time has frozen


Delightfully unspoiled snapshots of a forgotten way of life, 
old fragrances blended with vintage lace hanging on the panes, 
quiet steps on the narrow lanes while everything seems asleep 
behind the shabby wooden front doors, burning under the 
hot summer sun which lights up every single nook … 
the past frozen in time and an old world feeling, 
this is what we experienced in the place I’m showing you. 

I 'll intrigue you a little bit leaving you to find its name, 
the birth place of Aphrodite and a crossroads for seas, 
cultures, pirates and conquerors. Allegory and imagination 
are strictly attached to the island which had inspired artists
 such as Watteau and later the cineaste Angelopoulos… 
You like this land in the way you like a painting, 
you say yes or no...the chosen destination may not be for
everyone, no cosmopolitan lifestyle there, 
they have certainly missed the bus of development, 
only pureness, authenticity and extreme kindness and 
sweetness from the indigenous on the top of a rock, 
below the Venetian castle….

You can pretty much google both words. 
The link will be the same

Cyrigo – Kythira 

It was truly a lovely stay and our journey took us back 
to past decades where life followed slower paces and 
needs were fewer.

May you have always the chance to taste life at its best.
I have to run to catch up with all of you, I have missed you!

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