Friday, June 8, 2018

Garden bliss

Lately, I have been feeling that the existence of our country home has
 turned into something of a tease. Only twenty minutes away, yet we 
rush in and out of it as if in a game of chase with
 time, happiness, serenity.
 We didn’t always use to lead a hectic life that forces us to 
continuously restrict leisure time.
 My verdict: make the most of short visits and 
feel okay with this. 
When stepping into the country yard there is always a slice of 
time, as thin as it may be, to squeeze for a little creative bliss.
 Penetrating into the peacefulness of an ever-changing and 
ever-evolving natural wonderland, you have nothing
 but to turn yourself off and surrender to the intimacy 
of your garden.Though it may seem simple, all it takes is
 a vissinatha (homemade cherry juice), a piece of lemon cake
 and a ball of yarn. As my Belgian friend Brigitte has taught me, 
I strive to be inspired by the garden blooms and transport
 the colour combinations I find around me to my crochet project.
 Perhaps you must forget yourself in such kind of process
 in order to find yourself and feel content.

Wishing you to enjoy many summer moments in a forgetful bliss.

Happy Summer everyone!

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