Sunday, May 3, 2015

In the backyard

Outdoor living is part of our lives and now is the time 
to be really excited about this. In the country yard, everything 
we planted last year is coming up now, only the wisteria is still 
underway, I didn’t know that it remains in a juvenile state for
 an extended period. It gave us a beautiful panicle of violet 
flower though! We have to be patient, less hasty, 
this is my weak point! 

Lilacs, daisies and a warm sunshine complete the scene and clear
 the head from pressing, bulky thoughts. A long path under the 
iron pergola is being planned, there is huge potential in this backyard 
which is taking shape now and sometimes I wonder if it is worth 
as the cost can unwittingly increase. On the other hand, 
it’s just a vacation home…

The citrus trees are at their best, blooms and 
edible fruit coexist, offering a cheering sight, spreading 
their exquisite scent around, isn’t that a joy? 

I would like to send a big 
t h a n k  y o u
 to my Dutch blogfriend Ger from Hoorndesovervloeds
who gave such joy to my daughter with her generous gifts. 
Not only did she dedicate a whole blogpost when receiving my 
giveaway but she has also been very kind by sending a surprising 
parcel to my girl. So sweet from you Ger, I’m really grateful 
and happy to get to known you better. How amazing it is to 
share love with people we don’t know, we have never met.

You could also take a look at my board 
“In the backyard” on Pinterest!

Hope you are enjoying May challenges,
loving and being loved.

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