Saturday, December 7, 2013

In the lead-up to Christmas

First, I would like to let you know that some technical 
problems with  my Internet, kept me away from your blogs
 and for mine, for a while, but everything seems 
to be normal again!

So, the Christmas mood makes life easier and happier ... 
We use to buy a real fir , the procedure is always the same, 
Christmas pro classic music, my husband's  contribution is
the lights before he disappears , my daughter and I argue
about the tree decoration, which ball is better here or there... 
 We always avoid decoration "recipes", I prefer give a personal 
touch as much as I can in all the house.I'm showing you 
the outcome of our work, mine and my little accomplice.

Nevertheless when  the Christmas overproduction and anxiety 
kicks in and I find  it difficult to harmonize with the season, 
 I try to take a step back and  rediscover the child inside me ...
to be inspired by the wonder and excitement  which 
shines in my daughter's eyes and enjoy the merriment 
of the upcoming holiday . 
I remember my childhood, we had 
fewer things and less glamour but the Christmas magic 
enveloped us and fascinated our untainted hearts.
I think that we can reignite the real meaning behind 
these festivities sharing time and affection 
with family , friends, colleagues , neighbours...
be affected by the children's pureness and impatience .. 

Looking forward to Christmas time...

We wish you love and luck, luck and love! 

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