Thursday, November 28, 2013

A triple birthday!

Last Sunday, we celebrated my brother’s birthday and the third 
birthday of their adorable twins, a girl and boy. 
A triple celebration! It was also the first big luncheon 
at their new wonderful home.
A delicious menu was served, prepared half by my sister-in-law, 
whose culinary competency is well known and half by my brother
 who surprised us pleasantly. ” Well done Michael!” 
Men are definitely great cooks because they take charge 
of the more exotic version of traditional dishes and they  
experiment with new tastes without getting into a food rut. 
But of course they aren’t involved in daily cooking!

The day was spent between gastronomic delicacies and 
cocooning on sofas and armchairs  while the kids....

Oh, yes! I can’t resist!
Walnut, chocolate cake. 
The most successful formula I have ever tasted,
 whose secret remains closely guarded in the recipe books
of my brother’s wife!

 We also overdid the drinking as my brother 
is knowledgeable in wine serving and food matching. 
A top selection of wines and spirits were available and 
we didn’t quail to honor our hosts cheering again and again...

Our Vinsanto aperitif dating from 1989! 

Oh, the kids disappeared, left their hobby-horses 
and went upstairs in their own universe…

A lovely family festive lunch between the happy laughter 
of my three angel-nephews, my daughter and 
the happiest of grandmas, my mum who after having 
 suffered  badly with her health, was finally feeling 

 well enough to share the day with us. 

Christmas is approaching faster than we can count…Lets hope
 that the true spirit of Christmas will not escape us between 
carols, stockings, wreaths and lights...

It would be nice just to spend more time with family and friends, 
to be thankful for that we have and share all this festive mood 
with other people.

Best things to you!


  1. Bonsoir,

    Merci à vous de partager avec nous en photos et en émotions les moments agréables de ces anniversaires communs...
    A ranger soigneusement dans la boîte à souvenirs de la mémoire...

    gros bisous à vous et bon weekend.

  2. Hi Olympia,

    Happy birthday to your brother and the twins! The chocolate cake looks delicious!

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  3. Congratulations with youre brother and the twins.
    I think the cake is delicious....
    Have a nice evening Olympia.

    Inge, my choice

  4. Hello are you.....congratulations to your brother and the twins !! from me Ria...x !

  5. Happy birthday to your brother and twins! Everything looks so beautiful and delicious. Happy Thursday, Olympia.

  6. Lieve Olympia, hartelijk gefeliciteerd met de jarigen. Zo te zien waren jullie in een heel mooi en warm huis.
    Fijn om zo'n dag met elkaar door te kunnen brengen en wat fijn dat je moeder er bij kon zijn!
    Ik heb enorm genoten van je mooie foto's!

    Lieve groet,

  7. A belated happy birthday to your brother and the twins and what a wonderful day you all spent together. It's so nice to meet up and celebrate together. And that walnut cake looks absolutely amazing. :)

    Thank you sweet Olympia for all your sweet comments on my blog. You're such a sweetheart.

    Take care!


  8. Dear Olympia,

    I am glad to hear you had a wonderful day with your family. Congratulations to your brother and the twins!!

    Sending hugs, Ingrid

  9. Dear Olympia congratulations, and I she some beautiful cakes and I can smell that lovely food. It looks like a wonderful happiness, I hope it was a great day. Nice pictures from I think a lovely place. Have a nice weekend, greetings Petra.

  10. Hi Olympia,

    Great pics (as Always). What a nice party all of you had.
    And the food. Yummie.

    What are the names of the twins?

  11. Belated birthday greetings to your brother and his twins - sounds as if you all spent a lovely day together. I know coffee and walnut cake, but chocolate and walnut is new to me.

  12. Congratulations to your brother and their twins. What a great day for all of you. It looks like you were having a nice party. Wish them all the best for their new year of life.
    Hmmmm, what delicious cakes and other culinary delights you are showing here, looks very gorgeous.

    Send you lots of warm greetings from Germany

  13. What a wonderful birthday celebration you had. Good wishes to your brother and the twins. Isn't it fun when family time is spent over good food and drink? Warm wishes to you as we head out to stuff ourselves with Thanksgiving feasting at a friend's home. . .if you can't be with family, friends are the next best thing! Hugs to you, Jackie

  14. What a lovely and happy family reunion , nothing better than sharing time with the ones you love. All the best wishes to your brother and his little twins .

  15. Dearest Olympia,
    You were all so blessed with your Mother being present too and in better health. What a special celebration and is their actual birthday all on the same day or just celebrated at once. That would be almost miraculous! Happy belated Birthday to all involved!
    It looks like you enjoyed a very royal celebration with some great delicacies. The photo also showed some delicious looking Baklava...

  16. It's not exactly baklava but galaktompoureko, it's a similar sweet delicacy.

  17. Olympia, this is just sooo lovely post!!♥♥
    I`m sure that you had happy time and got happy memories, too:))
    I send best wishes to your brother`s family!:)

    Many, many warmy hugs and kisses for you, my friend there far away,

  18. What a wonderful post full of happy things,celebrations and family love. Just perfect x

  19. What a wonderful celebration and so great that your mother was well enough to attend. It was such a stylish celebration and what a great cake. I agree we need to remember the real meaning of Christmas particularly when both our countries are in recessionary times.

  20. A post that is so wonderful! I think you are right one should spend more time with family and friends. Good talks, laughter, delicious food (like you had!!!!), kisses, embraces. I think that is all that counts in life. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Christa

  21. It looks and sounds like the perfect time. I love get-togethers like this. It truly is what life is all about, isn't it?
    Your photos in and of themselves told the story of a wonderful time spent with family.
    hugs from here...

  22. Belated birthday wishes to your brother and his children. It looks a wonderful occasion, what a shame your sister in law cake is a secret it looks delicious.
    Sarah x

  23. How lovely this celebration is - beauty in the simple things of family, good food and wine, and best of all, good health for your Dear Mother. Birthday wishes to your brother and his little sons. Your photos capture the joy and pleasures of this wonderful time. You have a lovely gift of sharing the beauty of life's simple pleasures.
    Karen xo

  24. These are, without saying, the finest things in life; nothing compares to the love of one's family, sharing a bountiful birthday feast, in a cozy and comfortable space, chatting and laughing the day away, lazy, luxurious and lucky to be together for a blessed occasion, marked by memories in the making, once again.


  25. Ολυμπία καλησπέρα. Δεν αρκούν μόνο τα όμορφα αντικείμενα, πρέπει και η φωτογράφος να έχει ταλέντο!! Υπέροχες φωτογραφίες, μπράβο και ευχαριστώ!!!

    1. Εύχομαι πάντα χαρές και όμορφες στιγμές μικρές και μεγάλες.

  26. Hello Olympia, it sounds like you had a wonderful party, and I am glad your mum was able to join in. I love the way you photograph all the little pretty things in your home. I agree with you about Christmas, that it is friends and family that are the most important things. I tend to get myself in a tizzy, fussing over the details, when really they don't matter a jot. Thank you for your sweet thoughts on my blog, I treasure them. Much love, Linda x

  27. Olympia,
    Oh my, look at that cake! Your pictures are always such a delight for me to see, as they are filled with simplicity and beauty. I liked what you said about men and cooking. I do think they are good chefs too. My son was interested in Culinary Arts at one time, and he still likes to cook every now and then. The teacups and the wooden doll are so pretty. You have many treasures at your home.

    I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season, and thank you for the gentle reminder to remember the true meaning while in the hustle and bustle of it all.


  28. The birthday celebration sounds perfect, peaceful and relaxing. I love all of your photos. The food looks delicious at the party and there were such pretty things on the table. Thank you for sharing.

  29. Hello Olympia

    Your family certainly know how to host a memorable party. All looks so beautiful and effortless.

    Thank you for sharing and wishing you the joys of the upcoming Christmas season

    Helen xx

  30. Dear Olympia,
    I just wanted you to know that we put your blog on our side bar as "lovely blogs." We don't have many on there, but I think your blog is so special and your pictures are filled with simplicity, which I appreciate.

    I hope you enjoy the Christmas season, dear.


    1. Thank you so much Sheri, it's really appreciated. Best wishes and I'll come visit you, I had some technical problems with my connection. Thank you again darling!

  31. Dear Olympia,

    Looks like a wonderful family celebration and it is always lovely to get together for special times. Happy belated birthday wishes to your brother and children.
    The table and food looks delicious - the walnut chocolate cake looks divine. The bottle of Vinsanto Apertif from 1989 was a special year for my family, our daughter was born that year.
    Happy week

  32. What a nice party!!!
    I love the brown sofa... =)
    Hugs Sofia

  33. What a happy day. That cake caught my eye too! Your photos are always beautiful and elegant, every detail is nice...
    Enjoy the run up to Christmas!

  34. How fun! Do you celebrate all three birthdays every year? The food looks amazing and how fun to have someone who is knowledgeable about wine pairings! I would over do it too if I was there!

  35. Just found your blog - sigh - how happy am I! Thank you - love it.

  36. Hello Olympia. Happy belated birthday to your brother and the twins! What a wonderful day you all had. I loved seeing your gorgeous photos.....the cake looks delicious, and the interiors so beautiful.......and a hobby horse, how lovely!
    Wishing you a wonderful December.
    Helen x

  37. Hello Olympia.... what a wonderful day you had ! And that chocolate cake looks delicious ! family get togethers are so nice ...hope you didn't have too much of a bad head the next day after all that wonderful wine !! wishing you a lovely 2 Advent weekend...Gail x


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