Thursday, November 21, 2013

Winter signs

The countryside... 

the top spot for a nice walk and 
an endless source of inspiration. 

I could spend hours and hours just exploring the surroundings 
and playing with the sunlight which I can’t always adjust 
to my photographer needs.

The first winter signs are already evident and it’s amazing 
how quickly we go from season to season.

I noticed that even if you regularly stroll along the same path, 
each walk is unique if you keep your eyes open! 
Nature changes constantly and each time you wander,
 you could discover a different scent, detail,
or wildlife emerging from nowhere! 

Dried, withered plants and branches, 
tree shapes, ancient woodlands and olive groves tucked away 
around modest hamlets caught my attention while I was 
crisscrossing the fields of this enchanting swath of land 
we are lucky to have nearby. 

Autumn colors are in 
their full glory and took me on a relaxing nature trail 
through the trees, foliage and still life. 

A fig tree ...
 It could easily be taken for a watercolour painting, 
couldn’t it?


My detective walk broke up the monotony of a homeschooling day
 and I felt excited to discover nature’s secrets and delights.
To discover that behind still life is hidden the eternal 
circle of life 
and nature is always fascinating!

Old farmhouses, ancient properties and neglected gates 
along my walk…

An elderly gentleman has just quenched his thirst 
with the crystal-clear spring water. 

My…harvest at the end of this rejuvenating walk.

I'm leaving you...
Time to light the fire !!!

Keep smiling, keep dreaming!


  1. What gorgeous photos. The colours just glow . I wish it was as warm here. The North wind has made it freezing and gloomy recently, thank goodness we have the fire to make the house cosy!

  2. I have really enjoyed it walking along with you through this beautiful countryside showing us all the miracles you discovered. The light is fantastic. Unfortunately it's grey outside these days in Germany and the sun isn't often to be seen.

    Lots of greetings to you and have a nice evening

  3. Ολυμπία μου πανέμορφες οι φωτογραφίες ! Φαντάζομαι την ηρεμία και τη γαλήνη που θα σου έφερε αυτός ο περίπατος !
    Ο χειμώνας έφτασε ,το καλοριφέρ άναψε και απο ότι λένε την άλλη βδομάδα θα έχουμε χειμώνα !!
    Καλό σου βράδυ !

  4. What a beautiful autumn photos I like the colors of the autumn season. Thanks for your comment at my beach walk. Have a nice evening, and it's maybe a little bit early but I wish you a nice weekend. Greetings Petra.

  5. I am really deeply impressed by your beautiful photos. The fig tree indeed is like a painted picture. Great!!
    Donna G.

  6. Beautiful light! Beautiful photos! Thank you, Olympia, for sharing the beauty of the countryside with us. You are a gifted photographer.
    Warm greetings,

  7. Wonderful autumn pictures, I like the colors of the trees!! These colours are so special in this season!

    Sendings hugs, Ingrid

  8. According to your photographs you've had a wonderful walk. Love the light in your images, and certainly enjoyed the colors of Fall you've captured.

  9. What a wonderful world.....
    I love the colours.

    Inge, my choice

  10. What an amazing autumn walk you have taken us on. Lovely pictures your autumn feels drier and warmer than here. Autumn here so often means wet leaves on the ground.
    Sarah x

  11. How lovely your walk in the countryside is, Dear Olympia! You have captured the essence of this beautiful season - your photos make me sigh with happiness. Enchanting. xo Kisses - Karen

  12. Dear Olympia,

    Beautiful photos you have shared of your wonderful walk in the countryside - so true walking you see so much more than driving in the car.
    I love all the dried flowers and seed heads and the harvest you came home with.
    Happy weekend

  13. Dearest Olympia,
    What a lovely posting and so well phrased about the cycle of life and showing the final stage of its seasons when seeds ripen.
    Hugs to you,

  14. Beautiful photographs Olympia! How pretty the Greek landscape surrounding your home looks in autumn! I especially like the photo's of the farmhouse and the old man. So sweet!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Madelief x

  15. What a beautiful post. The colors there are spectacular and everything is definitely looking autumnal now. I hope you enjoy your cozy time by the fire. :)

  16. Prachtige wandeling Olympia! Ik mag het ook graag doen en in deze tijd van het jaar ziet de natuur er prachtig uit! Zo mooi en zo kleurig.
    Ik hou van de herfst.
    Je kunt zien dat door de warmere temperaturen jullie wat later zijn.
    Geniet er van!

    Liefs, Gerry

  17. A beautiful autumn walk - the brightness and color like jewels you discovered along the way. . .it is gray today and I am in Scottsdale, Valley of the Sun, they call it in Arizona. Took a walk through the desert under surprisingly dark skies. . .I'll show you the treasures I found along the way one day soon. . .Have a lovely weekend! Jackiexo

  18. What a wonderful autumn and what a great atmosphere! I love these photos!
    Sunny Greetings, Siret

  19. I simply adore your beautiful pictures Olympia! So beautiful! Thank you so very much for bringing us along on your walk in the countryside. Here in the south of Sweden we still haven't had winters first snow yet but it seems like it will be here soon. I'm not much of a winter person but I love the first snow. It's like being a child again. ;)

    Take care sweetie and have a lovely weekend!


  20. A beautiful show of autumn photos , nature is just the best and most majectic at this season , lovely lights and colors. Wish you a joyful weekend.

  21. Even as winter approaches we just need to use our eyes to appreciate the wonders of nature as you have done. I love to see the bare bones of the plants at this time of year, and the soft yellow late autumn light.

  22. Hello Olympia! El otoño es una estación maravillosa para ir a su encuentro con una cámara de fotos. Lovely pics! :D

  23. I smile, I dream, I feel it.
    Thank you for your wonderful impressions of the nature.

    You Bluemchenmama

  24. Such beautiful photos. It's lovely to take the time to enjoy nature x

  25. LOVELY pictures! I love the nature, the calmness, thank you for sharing this Olympia!
    Take care,

  26. Wow beautiful pictures! I enjoyed this walk with you!
    Greatings from Aleta

  27. Your Autumn pictures are just beautiful, Olympia. I just got a new computer and am figuring out how to organize my pictures. It's been frustrating, and miss my old computer. Your lens have captured all the beauty this season has to offer, and I especially like the charming doors and archway. What an eye for pictures you have. I truly enjoyed browsing through all of them.

    Have a lovely Sunday.


  28. Dear Olympia,

    You are gifted at capturing those very moments you describe. It is true that even though we tread the same paths most days there are always treasures and changes underfoot. This post reminds me a little of one I wrote a few weeks back about the beauty of seed pod architecture although yours is a treasure chest full of stunning pictures of plants in their winter garb.

    I wish you a very happy week as we glide, remarkably swiftly, towards winter.


  29. Wonderful photos Olympia! The dried flower heads and grasses are almost more beautiful in their skeletal form than when in flower.
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures of your countryside.
    Keep warm and cosy!
    Gill xx

  30. Such stunning photos, Olympia! I love the decorative seedheads and the golden beautiful! The old farmhouse and the red berries.....gorgeous! Thank you for a lovely post. xx

  31. These photos are amazing, especially the fig tree ... it does indeed look like a painting! Really atmospheric images. M x

  32. I can only say, WOW!!! This post is really BEAUTIFUL as well photos as your text!!! Love, love it!!!♥♥
    Thank you, my dear friend!!

    Yes, time flies, season for the other season, sooo fast....

    Many warmy hugs for you♥

  33. Very nice, Olympia. Fantastic colours, sunshine, shadows, and the
    nature, of course. This is a very lovely part of Greece, too. Have a
    nice week! :)

  34. Beautiful pictures, I love the leaves changing colors, the crisp air and the aromas of winter . ....!!

  35. Your winter is beautiful, and your
    photos great as always.

  36. Hartelijk dank voor je bezoekje op mijn blog....ik vind dit zo leuk!'
    Mag ook graag jouw blog bezoeken wat een prachtige foto's ik hou van Griekenland...
    Ik kom gauw weer een kijkje nemen...

    fijne dag..
    liefs Fia


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