Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A bit of spring

It's probably a passing whim, when winter is upon us, 
I’m here longing for spring, when the sun shines I’m dreaming of 
snowflakes and chilly winds…Constantly in search of 
interior balances and soul equilibrium… 
Who knows why...
Anyway, I’m past the first phase now, 
despising the calendar, trying to add a touch of spring to my home 
which is darker than ever, with the fire in the hearth burning for hours. 

I feel something of spring in the air, colourful promises waiting 
to materialise.No spectacular bunches at the florist's;
she told me that it’s still early, ranunculus are smaller than 
usual, anemones look a little seedy while tulips cost a fortune
 apiece.Cyclamen, hyacinths, mimosa are a much better 
bet for now. Hope the situation will be normalised 
by the end of January.

The gardening season has already started but our country garden 
needs so much work that I have to prioritise the efforts trying
  not to miss the upcoming season. The space available for planting
is huge and we have to limit it somehow in order to 
better look after it, as we aren’t there apart from
the weekends and not always. 
The biggest problem is caused by the grass which grows 
uncontrollably in wet conditions and has to be cut 
frequently. Hope you are also making plans for 
your gardens and flowery projects! 

May this post inject you a good dose of
spring freshness
 we all need it whatever the weather is like.

It’s exactly two years since I began blogging, 
since I discovered how much it contributes to 
my daily life. Posting becomes a little challenge for me…
Capture the beauty in a world that only beautiful it isn’t. 
For my readers I want 
a  s m i l e. 
Just relax and have a colourful pause. 
That is enough for me.
Thank you so much for all your visits and kind words. 
Hope we still have much to share

And time to think about a giveaway! 

I will let you know next time!
Until then


  1. Beautiful photos :-) - I'm longing for spring too!

  2. I can smell Spring in youre photo's.
    Verry beautiful.
    Have a nice evening.

    Inge, my choice

  3. Oh I think many of us are ready for spring. And I do recall our days and nights in the Mani with the fireplace going. . . I loved your photos in this post as they really do look like spring has arrived! Hugs, Jackie

  4. Lovely pictures! For two days it is raining now, so it is nice to see spring pictures! Love your pottery!

  5. Congratulations! Two years of blogging! I always enjoy your colourful posts. Even if it still is winter in our country, your post brings me a little spring.
    Have a nice week. Greatings from Aleta

  6. Congratulation on your blog birthday. A wonderful way to celebrate it by sharing those lovely signs of spring! Sarah x

  7. Has been a while since I visited you (so much shortage of time!) but now that I come here again, it feels like coming home. All your pictures are painfully pretty (makes me realise how much better my own pictures could be with a GOOD camera)

    I absolutely adore the flowers: the first ones in the wrapping (''ranonkels " in Dutch), the mimosa, the hyacinth, SO very wonderful.
    And then I am totally in love with the pot behind the teapot (is it a teapot as well? of is it a Sugar pot?) The one with the yellow and the pink and one carnation on the side. GORGEOUS!
    Oh , and then I forgot your blue and white sofa (how could I forget it,? The master piece of your home!"

    Spring is very much around in your place!
    Great place you have!

  8. Oh , forgot to congratulate you on your blog anniversay. It seems that we almost started at the same time , I started january 2013.

  9. Hello Olympia
    Congratulations on your second anniversary of blogging. Your posts certainly bring joy and your use of happy colours is forever uplifting.
    I adore your beautiful coffee pot. You know how to make a home happy and welcoming
    Helen xx

  10. Your photos are so beautiful, dear Olympia!!!!! They already brought us spring!
    I have been clipping some rose bushes in my garden, but still have a lot to do, once it stops raining. On my way back from my mother's yesterday, I saw the first anemones in the fields.
    Congratulations on your second blogiversary!!!! It is always a pleasure visiting and reading you!

  11. Dearest Olympia,
    You did create a smile for me on a very sad day... Lovely photos and your flowers are just beautiful!
    Sending you hugs,

  12. Happy Blogaversary!! I hope that you have many more enjoyable years of sharing blogging! All of your spring flowers and colourful things are so beautiful and pretty, they really cheer the heart don't they! The tulips are especially beautiful!! xx

  13. Beautiful flowers. I`m sooo thinking about sping.
    Hugs from here

  14. Such a feeling of spring in this blog post. Ahh, I too are longing for spring. Here, way up north in Norway, we have a lot of snow.
    Decorating with flowers is a fine way to bring in some spring feeling. I love Ranunculus at this time of year, and together with Muscari and Tulips, they are my favorite. :)

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

    Hugs from,
    Anette Willemine

  15. Dearest Olympia,
    I love the spring-flair in your post - all those wonderful colors and flowers ... May be they are a little bit small, but they are pretty and look so fresh! In Austria we didn't start the gardening season yet, I think we will need till March... In the most of the places around we had a lot of snow the last days, here it was snowing too, but only for a few hours then it melted away...
    Lots of hugs and best wishes,

  16. Hello Olympia,
    What a beautiful spring flowers you show us. These delicate flowers and bulbs bring us to this month already for the spring!
    It is enjoying their color and tenderness.
    You also colored tableware adds to the gaiety of this log.
    Good luck in planning your garden plans.
    And congratulations on your blog biennial period. I hope that many of these beautiful log may follow.

    Love, Gerry

  17. How I love your pictures, Olympia. It was good to see a bit of spring, as it's been cloudy and cold here. I love the winter weather though, and don't want it to end yet. Your tea pot with the blue rose is gorgeous. I've always thought blue china was the prettiest. My wedding china was even in blue. That little bird pillow is sweet, and your flowers must add a cheerfulness to your home. And the white and blue vase with the yellow flowers flowing out of it.......oh my, that's beautiful. Your gardening season starts early there. Here, it usually starts in March or so because there is still much rain ahead.

    Yes, blogging brings something extra to our lives, and I'm so glad to have found your charming blog, Olympia. Have a good rest of the week.

    love, ~Sheri

  18. ... and you give us a smile!
    What lovely photos - your home looks absolutely wonderful.
    M x

  19. It's raining here so hard and the day is so grey...it couldn't be a better moment to read your spring post now. I also belong to spring, I hope it will come soon. I like it so much to live outside and enjoy the flowers and green in the garden!

    Congratulations on your blog anniversairy!! I am always happy i once found your blog, I like it to 'meet' blogfriends all over the world. Be sure you are a special blogfriend for me!!

    Hugs, Ingrid

  20. Cara Olimpia. Dobbiamo essere pazienti , la primavera arriverà...anzi secondo me è 'just around the corner' . Vedo le Forsythie fiorite qui a Milano , di solito è un buon segno :-) Come sempre mi sono mangiato con gli occhi la tua porcellana, i tuoi tessuti , i tuoi cuscini, sempre tutto bello ! Un abbraccio.

  21. Vraiment superbes et rafraichissant ! comme toujours tes photos sont magnifiques. Merci pour toutes ces couleurs ! ici c'est tellement gris et morose !!!!! J'attends le printemps mainteant et tout ma paraît long à venir ! Bonne journée et à bientôt. Amicalement, Géraldine

  22. I can almost smell the heady scent from your pretty pink Hyacinth. Spring is definitely in the air, I think that I can see her peeping around the corners.
    Congratulations on 2 years of blogging, dear Olympia you have brought an extra dimension to the blogosphere with your colourful and thoughtful posts.

  23. Your photos are so beautiful !! Have a nice evening. Anna

  24. Dearest Olympia,

    Congrats on your two years of blogging! You've brought such beauty to this great, big blogosphere with your fairytale photos that always tell a charming story of your pretty surroundings; they always make me smile. The little bit of spring in your home is enough to brighten all of blogland!

    Happy weekend!!


  25. My dear Olympia, your photos are always full of charm, beauty, and color - I love the way you add such happy colors :)

    Congratulations, sweet friend, on two years of blogging! You blog is truly remarkable and a favorite place to visit. Thank you for sharing your sweet self and lovely pictures to people around the world. Hugs to you!

  26. My dear Olympia, your photos are always full of charm, beauty, and color - I love the way you add such happy colors :)

    Congratulations, sweet friend, on two years of blogging! You blog is truly remarkable and a favorite place to visit. Thank you for sharing your sweet self and lovely pictures to people around the world. Hugs to you!

  27. Bonjour chère amie,

    Une belle touche printanière au coeur de l'hiver cela fait du bien. Tout comme vous j'ai hâte de voir arriver Demoiselle Printemps qui est ma saison préférée.
    Je suis sous le charme de vos merveilleuses photos remplies de couleurs vivifiantes, de poésie, de fraîcheur. Vous nous apportez grâce à elles et vos bons mots un joli moment de bonheur et de générosité.
    Le jardin dort encore chez nous...
    Un grand merci pour votre gentil commentaire.

    Gros bisous ♡ ☼ ♡

  28. Hello Olympia thank you for such a delightful post! I loved all the fresh and beautiful flowers and gorgeous colours......so cheering on this wintry afternoon! Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  29. Your spring flowers look beautiful Olympia and what a lovely selection of vintage porcelain you have!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  30. Oh my goodness your blog is totally enchanting. I am in awe of the beauty here in your photos. I've been going through them and just getting lost in a day dream of loveliness. I am your newest follower. Please come visit my blog. I would consider it an honor to have you follow me back.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Your new blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  31. A bit of spring...yes, that´s for sure! Love it! We have still a bit to go, today it´s been snowing here on the island...
    Warm hug,

  32. What a wonderful feeling of spring you bring! Gorgeous and cheerful captures. The Ranunculus are one of my absolute favourites. Have a nice weekend.

  33. Yes, Dear Olympia, you have brought the spirit of springtime to my eyes and heart with your lovely images! So many pretty scenes.... full of flowers, beautiful china, and colorful textiles. Oh, I do know about gardening in a large area - a trick I have learned is to look out the windows and frame the imaginary gardens in the view - even a flowering shrub and a few bulbs will do. Native plants are ideal, adapted to the climate, not needing much care, with ground covers to keep mowing to a minimum. Gardening should be a joy, not a chore....Wishing you a lovely weekend! Hugs xo Karen

  34. Θεία ο Γιώργος είμαι. Μου αρέσουν πολύ οι φωτογραφίες σου

    1. Αγάπη μου, μεγάλη μου τιμή, σ'ευχαριστώ Γιώργο!

  35. Χρόνια πολλά στό blogoσπιτάκι σου Ολυμπία!!
    Υπέροχο τό φωτογραφικό σου στήσιμο !!
    Μιά ανάρτηση μέ πανέμορφα χρώματα!!
    Καλό Σ/Κ!!

  36. The gardening season may have started for you, but here there is fresh fallen snow. I remind myself to find beauty in each season. Your post is beautifully colourful, as always. It's like a rich feast, reading one of your delicious posts, Olympia. The flowers, the dishes and that adorable bird pillow all speak to me.

    Have a wonderful week.

  37. You say a bit of spring. No. Your house has been filled with spring and warmth.

  38. Beautiful images Olympia ! The mimosa is quite special , I haven't seen that over here. Your country garden sounds like quite a challenge ...I saw a beautiful image of a "meadow" ...with long grass and tall wild flowers with paths mowed through ...so charming ...
    Gail x

  39. Love all the colour and all the spring flowers you are showing. Its what we need right now!
    Have a good week!
    xoxo Ingrid

  40. Congratulations on your blog birthday sweet Olympia!♥ I'm so glad we found each other out there in the big blog universe. You're such a dear friend and your blog is such a lovely happy place. I always have a smile on my face after visiting your blog. I hope you'll have a great 3rd blog year and enjoy all those beautiful spring flowers.

    Take care sweetie!♥


  41. Oooh such glorious colour and a snowy London day!!

  42. Dear Olympia,
    happy birthday to your wonderful blog!
    I had a long blog-break with no time to read. And now, back in the blog world, I am so excited about these beautyful flowers!
    I love ranuncules, tulips and hyacinths so much!
    Have a nice time!
    Sunny greetings, Siret

  43. Félicitations pour tes deux ans de blogging! Tes photos sont si jolies et élégantes. J’adore les jacinthes et leur merveilleux parfum.


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