Friday, January 16, 2015

Dividing the time

Now we are used to blending our way of life, dividing our time 
between two homes.Working days are spent in the town while 
at the weekend, we are enjoying a slice of real country life. 
The second home, my husband’s family home, has no lack of 
challenges.A beautiful place to seek inspiration whereas 
this charming nook has much to offer. 
All my crafting and crocheting supplies are henceforth heaped 
up there and my mind is spinning with ideas hidden up to now who 
knows where… So, this is a little bit of what my inspiration
has given to me. 

I made this crochet lamp cover and spray painted the lamp 
base blue. Believe me, this was not only a quick refresher
but a real metamorphosis!  

The hook needles kit is also a creation of my own.
It took me sometime before adjusting it but it turned
out beautifully.No room for any addition but for the
moment it is ok for the needs of 
a serious ...artiste like me!


Using a vintage printed cloth, I overlaid an ugly, 
black pad, crocheting a little mandala in the middle.

The little butterfly and cherries are a sample of my 
crochet workout, it’s so much fun, really! 

For the windows on the ground floor, overlooking the backyard, 
I sewed this huge crochet lace (a family heirloom)to old linen,
 hedging the other side with white and pink ribbons serving 
for hanging. 

Don’t think that all this has been done from one weekend 
to another, I have been creating for months 
and have not finished yet
and not intend to...

Hope you are also enjoying little joys and 
you are doing fine!

Don’t take things for granted! 

Life is good in its simplicity! 

Life is beautiful because...

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