Friday, January 16, 2015

Dividing the time

Now we are used to blending our way of life, dividing our time 
between two homes.Working days are spent in the town while 
at the weekend, we are enjoying a slice of real country life. 
The second home, my husband’s family home, has no lack of 
challenges.A beautiful place to seek inspiration whereas 
this charming nook has much to offer. 
All my crafting and crocheting supplies are henceforth heaped 
up there and my mind is spinning with ideas hidden up to now who 
knows where… So, this is a little bit of what my inspiration
has given to me. 

I made this crochet lamp cover and spray painted the lamp 
base blue. Believe me, this was not only a quick refresher
but a real metamorphosis!  

The hook needles kit is also a creation of my own.
It took me sometime before adjusting it but it turned
out beautifully.No room for any addition but for the
moment it is ok for the needs of 
a serious ...artiste like me!


Using a vintage printed cloth, I overlaid an ugly, 
black pad, crocheting a little mandala in the middle.

The little butterfly and cherries are a sample of my 
crochet workout, it’s so much fun, really! 

For the windows on the ground floor, overlooking the backyard, 
I sewed this huge crochet lace (a family heirloom)to old linen,
 hedging the other side with white and pink ribbons serving 
for hanging. 

Don’t think that all this has been done from one weekend 
to another, I have been creating for months 
and have not finished yet
and not intend to...

Hope you are also enjoying little joys and 
you are doing fine!

Don’t take things for granted! 

Life is good in its simplicity! 

Life is beautiful because...



  1. Hello sweet friend! I love visiting your blog for you share some of the most delightful picture :) And I love how happy and colorful your posts are. Thank you for being an inspiration. Hugs to you!

  2. Great quote at the end of your post. Lol :) Some lovely crafting too.

  3. Such gorgeous colour on a dull, London day!!

  4. Beautiful colours and the cherries are so good! Enjoy the weekend in your lovely country home! Sarah x

  5. So lovely makes me so happy this friday! I wish you a beautiful weekend Olympia, take care!

  6. Hello Olympia

    You are a busy lady. I just love all of your creations and that blue lamp is a wonderful edition. No one in the world has a lamp like this. That is the joy of creating, one can have unique possessions. Keep up your great work. Enjoy the best days of Saturday and Sunday

    Helen xx

  7. Hallo Olympia,
    Je hebt je creatieve geest aardig laten waaien door het huis.
    En je hebt het heerlijk vintage en kleurig gemaakt.
    Het ziet er gezellig uit!
    Ik hoop dat je komende zaterdag en zondag heerlijk geniet!

    Liefs, Gerry

  8. You've decorated the house so beautifully, Olympia. I'm very impressed with your taste and style.

  9. What a lovely set of pictures! I love the way you make the colours combine to seem so vibrant and inviting. Not like winter at all!
    Have a lovely weekend in the country. It would be nice to be in Greece....

  10. Dearest Olympia,
    You are well on your way for creating a lovely 'NEST' with all your personal touches, created by hand and from the heart!
    Love also your very cute mouse; she fits right in there.
    Enjoy the beauty of the home with the flowers and the warmth of family together!

  11. What a lovely group of photographs, lovely lovely shots!

  12. Beautiful, happy colours Olympia - I love the lamp you have created with that stunning and unusual crochet shade. It must give out some pretty reflections when it is on.

  13. Olympia, you are skillful woman!!!<3
    Sooooo beautiful, really beautiful works, all!!!<3<3
    Yes, weekend is the best!!;D
    Thank you for lovely post, previous toi!

    Hugs hugs hugs there.....<3

  14. Mi piace moltissimo la tua strabordante creatività ed amore per il colore. Crei un'ambiente pieno di colore, amore e allegria, un posto dove è bello stare ! I weekends hanno solo un difetto...sono troppo brevi ! Abbraccio .

  15. I love visiting your blog! Your photos are so lovely.
    Have a nice week end.

  16. Superbe ! J'aime toutes ces couleurs si joliment agencées ... Merci de les partager, j'en avais besoin en ces temps si tristes et mausades !!! De tout coeur Merci !! Amicalement, Géraldine

  17. Oh, your pictures are pure prettiness, Olympia! Photographing your cute cottage and all its adorable accessories, flowers, and crafty creativity, make you the Cath Kidston of Greece! Beautiful!

    Happy weekend, and thanks for always making me smile!:))


    1. I didn't know Cath Kidston but I googled its name and found treasures!!! Thank you Poppy, I'm flattered to be compared with her...

  18. It looks as though you are really getting into the swing of having everything just as you would like it to be. It is all so very pretty! I totally agree with Poppy, you are the CK of Greece!! xx

  19. Dear Olympia,

    A beautiful breath of colour! And I would add that your are exquisite Greece's answer to Madelief. Your style is quite distinct from dear, dear Madelief's, of course, but there is such a feast for the eyes here; the colour and composition which make all of us smile widely.

    Thank you for this much needed colour blast during one of the most start months of the year.

    Warmest wishes,


    1. We probably share the same love for color, vintage items and all the rest. I'm really flattered Stephanie although Madelief is insuperable I think.

  20. Lovely to see all your flower arrangements and all your little projects. All very lovely and colourful.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    xoxo Ingrid

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Beautiful, sweet pictures!!!!
    I love even all your crochet works!
    Happy weekend, xxxxx Ale

  23. What a beautiful colorful post......lovely Ria...x!

  24. Chère Olympia!
    Quel régal de voir ta nouveau maison pour le weekend pleine de couleur et joie de vivre!!!!
    Je t' adore pour ton travail!!!
    Passe une bonne semaine!
    Je t' embrasse!!!!

  25. Dear olympia, lovely colourful crochet and lots of lovely flowers, just the thing we need in this dreary weather. Love all your craft work! Sharon x

  26. How absolutely lovely!!! The post and the idea of a country weekend house!
    Beautiful crochet... I especially like the one made with the vintage fabric and crochet round. It reminds me of a pin cushion a good friend once made for me. So sweet!

  27. Tu as l'art de faire de très jolies mise en scène, un régal pour les yeux mais aussi pour le moral !
    Merci pour ces très jolies images !

  28. I love your unique style and photos, dear Olympia! I can see the country home has inspired you and your flowers and crafts are all so beautiful and colourful.....such happy homemaking!
    Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Helen xox

  29. Hello Olympia,
    I agree with you! Life is good in its simplicity. Photos you have posted are always beautiful and impressive because, I think, each of them has a firm theme. The theme seems to be brought by the simplicity of the world you have grasped.

  30. Oh, I've always wanted a second country home, Olympia. How special it is for you to divide your time from one house to another. These pictures are so pretty with all the beautiful flowers, and oh, those red roses! I love the crocheted cherries. You know, cherries are my favorite fruit. The pink tea cup is darling. I love coming over here and seeing all your treasures. Between both of your homes, you have really made them a special haven for your family.

    love, ~Sheri

  31. Hello Olympia, Your crocheting is beautiful but my favorite things you've shown are your succulents and flowers. Beautiful! :)

  32. Lots of colors.... Love it!!!! =)
    Hugs Sofia

  33. Hi Olympia,
    I have just discovered your blog and I'm really glad because your photos are really pretty
    and your style in decoration is similar to what I like .
    Greetings from Athens,

  34. Love all your creations ...home made bits and pieces really make a house a home. I haven't done a lot of crochet from patterns ..I especially love your light shade nice! have a lovely weekend...Gail x

  35. Dear you. Happy new year to you as well! So many lovely and colorful pictures! Beautiful flowers arrangements. Looking forward to the spring:-) And I love the text in the last picture.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend.
    Hugs and smile from me:-)

  36. I just love your photos, have come over from Amy's blog and just love the field of depth to them. I shall return x

  37. Beautiful❤
    Have a lovely weekend
    Hugs Tina

  38. Dear Olympia,
    your pictures are fantastic! Love all the flowers around! So beautiful and elegant arrangements! Wonderful!
    All my best and a happy sunday

  39. So glad I found your blog. Can't wait to read your posts. Beautiful photos. Take a peek at my blog anytime.

  40. Dear Olympia,
    As always it's such a joy to visit your blog. Your bustling creativity and bright colors. Lovely! And I'm so happy you enjoy your two homes and the creativity that blooms thanks to them. :)

    And thank you so very much sweetie for your kind and loving words on my blog. Words I need now more than ever. So thankful to know you.♥

    Take care my dear and have a lovely Monday.


  41. Plants/flowers and all these pretty things are instant pick-me-uppers. Lovely things.


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