Friday, February 6, 2015

The story of a giveaway

An artist, rather a lawyer. 
An inspiring friend, a good one…
She called me having created a new crafting formula, 
impatient to share her excitement with me, to hear my opinion 
and learn if I was positive, this would be my birthday gift. 
Our appointment took place in her lawer's office 
where these photos were taken.

My curiosity was quickly satisfied as soon as the big leather bag 
revealed its secret! My friend took out ... old cake pan filled 
with small, colorful plates so elegant and detailed, 
so various and cute. Enchanted, I was thrilled to see a wonderful 
collection of tiny, clever crafts made by hand. I have always 
loved things that simply happen...

Αn amateur artist, isn’t it stirring?

What could one do with them?

Hang them on the wall, 

Use them as paperweights

a bowl for bonbons,

Just have them around as decorative items

Fill them with paperclips on the desk,

Put a tealight in them
Put your soap in them in the bathroom
 the list is endless I think….


As I have a little mountain of this beautiful stuff 
and the assent of my friend
As I want to celebrate my two year blog anniversary,
To say a big thank you for all the pleasant moments I have 
shared with you, your visits, your sweet and bountiful comments, 
this extra, precious smile you brought to my life
To be thankful for the fact that a lonely blogger like me, 
won the interest and the friendship of very beautiful people, 
and reached the number of 81.000 visits !
For other reasons which I can’t explain now,

I'm giving away six little plates 
of all shapes and colors! 

Don't imagine it is an expensive gift but a very special one 
for its singularity. Sweets will be also sent in 
the tin box I’m showing you.
Everyone can participate with a simple comment. 
The winner will be picked up by my friend and 
the parcel can travel all around the world.

I hope you like it!

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