Saturday, July 20, 2013

Medea at Epidaurus

Twenty five-hundred years ago, theatre was born in Greece
Between 600 and 200 BC, the ancient Greeks created 
a theatre culture whose structure has lasted two thousand 
years and produced civilization.

Athens - Epidaurus Festival is an annual arts festival that 
takes place in Athens and Epidaurus, from May to October.

The ancient theatre of Epidaurus is located in an extended 
archaeological site surrounded by lush greenery, 
cypresses, pine and olive trees.
Greek theatres could only be built on hills 
that were correctly shaped.

This year the festival was opened with Medea by Euripides, 
the tragedy of love turning into a terrible and savage hatred.

Greeks and tourists filled the theatre which is able to seat 
around 15.000 spectators to watch the drama of Medea.

The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus is a superb example of classical theatre
and regarded as the best preserved ancient theatre in Greece in terms 
of its perfect acoustics and architectural symmetry. 

It was built in the late 4th century BC. by the architect Polykleitos 
on the side of a mountain and overlooking the sanctuary of Asklepius
 a celebrated healing center of the classical world which was used 
as a therapeutic and religious, as Asklepius was the God of healing.

Due to its incomparable acoustics the actors can be 
perfectly heard by all spectators, as you can even hear
 the sound of a pin dropping!

Medea (431 BC) addresses the eternal struggle between 
Man and Woman as well as the clash between two cultures. 
A complex, alluring creature, the princess from Colchis, 
a foreigner in Corinth, experiences the ultimate betrayal 
at Jason’s hands. Medea the witch, vows to take her revenge 
and comes up with the most inhuman punishment of all;
murdering her two children by Jason.

The play was staged exclusively with male cast in all the roles
(and in the Chorus) wearing masks. 
The protagonist in the role of Medea, was G.Kimoulis.

“Medea is a play which breaks conventional logic, even the same 
conventional passion. And the most paradox: although 
the heroine has committed the most heinous crime, the infanticide, 
she is not punished at the end of the play. 
The Euripidean conception is moving elsewhere. 
Beyond morality” said the director Spyros Evangelatos.

Each summer, we visit the theatre at least once or twice  
and have seen  unforgetable plays and 
great actors, Greek and foreigner as well.
 Helen Mirren  performed Phedra on 2009.

If you ever come near Athens in summer, don’t miss the chance 
to visit the theatre of Epidaurus and its performances. 
Even if the play isn’t so  known, it will be a unique experience, 
I can assure you! It’s a sacred place which emanates 
the magic of ancient times.

The surroundings

There will be another last post before my summer break...

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I hope you enjoy lazy summer days and 
get enough energy to welcome the fall.


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