Saturday, July 6, 2013

Take a seat!

Do you like zinnias? I really do because they are growing 
so well in our front country yard which receives sun all day 
long and seems like to have a little zinnia forest! 
Bougainvillea blooms are really impressive along the hedge, 
roses continue to be so generous and the vineyard 
is ready to color its grapes…

The weather is perfect, the sky is blue, the country garden 
is refilling with colors, the sea begins to invite swimmers 
like me (not so brave!) and holiday season is approaching 
fast so we can finally slow down and take the time 
to think and dream… Our mood is improving day by day…

I took a seat, put it under the lemon trees and tried 
to transfer a bit of garden’s fascination and magic. 
It’s all so quiet and peaceful, I can only hear the sound 
of cicadas and feel the warm embrace of the breeze.
Let’s hope that it will be a lovely peaceful summer!

Have fun and enjoy summer delights!

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