Friday, June 28, 2013

Colors in the veranda - Bloglovin!

Returning from a short break holiday I picked up this colorful bouquet 
along the highway, which is a selection of wild summer flowers. 
For some of them I didn’t even know their names in Greek but 
I did my research and I also found their names in English.. 
So, there is Vitex agnus-castus, also called Chaste Tree 
(violet color), Nerium oleander (white and pink), 
Mirabilis Jalapa or the four o'clock flower 
(orange with red stripes) and some branches of pine.

In the Mediterranean zone, all fields are almost yellow 
but these flowers, resistant to high temperatures 
keep colors palette alive.

The orange bougainvillea is in full bloom despite the winds 
of June and the other one is preparing to give us 
its wonderful white flowers.

For summer I do like all shades of apricot and orange and 
last week we painted the wall of the roof terrace in this color. 
With the sun it really shines and gives a warm glowall around.


I want to thank all blogfriends who leave me such 
warm and really interesting comments.
Especially in the last post!
They are truly appreciated!

I leave you with the fragrance of honeysuckles 
and the flavor of the first nectarines.

May all the  colourful, warm and sunny summer days be ahead!



  1. A beautiful bunch of flowers - and your veranda is so lovely and welcoming. Your settee with its' pretty cushions looks delightful! x

  2. You pick the most beautiful wild flowers.
    The colours are really nice.
    Fine picture's...

    Have a nice weekend,
    Inge, my choice

  3. What a beautiful terrace, the light is really warm and the furniture looks so comfortable. Enjoy the days on it.
    Donna G.

  4. You made a wonderful bouquet of wild flowers Olympia (and of course you are welcome to drink a cup of coffee in our garden ;-)).

    Happy weekend! Big hugs, Ingrid

  5. What a beautiful colorful bouquet! And ik really like the wall of the roof terrace. A lovely place to enjoy the Greek summer.
    Greatings from Aleta

  6. Dear Olympia,

    this is a post for me - a lot of wonderful flowers.
    Fantastic colours and you have picked up these flowers on the highway?
    It´s unbelievable.
    I follow you now by Bloglovin - maybe you have heard it about the Google Reader.
    It will be closed on 1. July.
    The opinions are so different what´s happen with the followerlist and the dashboard.

    Enjoy your weekend - I am jealous of your sun. We have it cold and rainy

    Your Bluemchenmama

  7. Wat een schitterend plukboeket met prachtige kleuren.
    En wat een gezellig terras, heerlijk om buiten te zitten en te genieten.
    En die nectarines zijn heerlijk.
    Een fijn weekend, Olympia!

    Lieve groet,

  8. I wish I could smell those scents! I love the colours of your veranda and the flower bouquet is so lovely.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Sarah x

  9. What a beautiful colorful bouquet !!! it...happy weekend Ria...x !

  10. Lieve Olympia,

    Wat heerlijk om deze prachtige foto's te kunnen bekijken van jullie zonnige,mediterrane en sfeervolle dakterras.

    Ik laat mij virtueel onderdompelen door de warme kleuren die aan mijn ogen voorbij trekken,
    ruik de geuren van wilde bloemen in je kan, die overal in Griekenland zo rijk bloeien.
    Vooral van de Vitex agnus-castus,ze doen mij een beetje aan de bloemen van een vlinderstruik denken. Alleen zijn de violetkleurige bloemen van Vitex agnus-castus slanker en geuren aangenamer.
    In mijn land heten die bloemen Monnikenpeper,en ze bloeien pas in de maand augustus,
    maar bij jullie veel eerder natuurlijk omdat het lekker warm is.

    Geniet van jullie heerlijke plekje op aarde en fijn weekeind gewenst!!!
    Liefs en hartelijke groeten!!!

  11. What a fabulous explosion of summer and warm colors, your terrace is awesome painted in orange , looks so inviting ! And fresh ,spontaneous summer bouquets are just the best ! Wish you a lovely weekend.

  12. Dearest Olympia,
    LOVELY photos and your patio with pergola and bougainvillea is so romantic. Indeed that color paint is the best for reflecting the sun. We too have our home painted like that, it's called Benjamin Moore 'Golden Mist'...
    Happy weekend!

  13. Oh, how beautiful! I can't believe you were able to pick all of those flowers on the side of the highway! That's amazing to me. Your bougainvillea is just gorgeous.

  14. Such a nice photos,the veranda looks so inviting!Love the flowers and nectarines, really smells and looks summerish :-)

  15. Η βεράντα έχει γίνει εκπληκτική!! Ένας λουλουδένιος παράδεισος!! Τα μαξιλαράκια είναι τέλεια αλλά και όλα τα μικροαντικείμενα που διακοσμούν το χώρο πολύ καλόγουστα !!!!!

  16. Such lovely summery photos! Your bunch of flowers is lovely, and the orange bouganvillea magnificent!
    Your terrace looks so pretty and inviting, i hope you enjoy many happy summery times there!
    Gill xx

  17. Your terrace is absolutely fantastic!! I`m sure that you relaxing there so well, beautiful place!!♥

    Many hugs from Finland, my friend!♥

  18. You've inspired me to give some thought to ways to brighten our small upper terrace. . .we have such a short 'sun' season that anything to brighten it would be an improvement. I'll try to make it as welcoming and warm as yours appears to be! Beautiful photos --

  19. Dear Olympia,
    Your terrace are so beautiful,flower details,and cozy place looks inviting for summer:)
    Have a nice weekend!

  20. I have never seen orange bougainvillea,
    that was lovely. And your bouquet is
    so beautiful, the wild flowers is often
    the most beautiful.

  21. Perhaps you won't mind if I sit on the comfortable outdoor couch and take a closer look at your beautiful wildflower bouquet. Your home is so lovely!


  22. Not at all dear Karen, you are welcome!Thank you!

  23. Your veranda is so beautiful. I like the apricot color you've used. Such colorful, lovely flowers and pillows, Olympia. Happy Sunday!

  24. Amazing you found those sweet flowers on the roadside.

    I am in love with your terrace!

  25. Hi Olympia,

    Your veranda is a luxury of loveliness in the sky! That burnt orange on the walls is warm and inviting and your wildflower bouquet complements it well; what glorious colours! I've been wishing for a pergola just like yours, but not in the cards yet.:( The harmony of light, texture and colour makes your veranda a comfy and cozy haven in the clouds!


  26. Hi beautiful it looks! Don't you love summer!

  27. Wow such amazing wild flowers, they are very exotic! I love the warm and sunny colours in this post, especially the colour you have painted the wall, it looks so lovely in the sunshine. Such a wonderful, relaxed and mellow atmosphere.....delightful!
    Helen x

  28. That blue sky is killing me .. kill-ing-me !!!xxx

  29. Que bellas son las flores, me encantan tus fotos, son preciosa, como siempre.

  30. Dear Olympia,

    How beautiful your bouquet of wild flowers are and such pretty colours.
    Also love how blue the sky is and your lovely painted wall - goes so beautifully with the bouganvillea.
    The honeysuckle and the first nectarines, look delicious.

    Happy week

  31. yes I have done it. Probably the last moment with Bloglovin angmeldet me and I can still see you now.
    'm Happy and very much hope that it has worked.
    Your impressions are once again wonderful and the colors of your flowers and patio ... hach simply the overall picture is pretty gigantic.
    Greetings, Moni

  32. ~ It's raining 'cats and dogs' here Olympia! But it is sunny in my heart after reading your lovely blog post..LOVE the wild flowers you have collected here...Olympia your English is superb! and your kind comments always so bright and cheery! I thank you for this! Wishing you a week full of loveliness! hugs Maria x

  33. Bonjour chère amie,

    Que du plaisir en admirant l'ensemble de vos magnifiques photos...
    J'imagine la joie que vous avez eu de cueillir les fleurs de ce joli bouquet. J'aime faire ça !
    Votre terrasse est fantastique... De la couleur, de la lumière que du bien-être ! Comment ne pas être sereinement heureux en ce lieu ?

    Gros bisous à vous et un grand merci pour votre très gentil commentaire laissé sur mon blog.
    A bientôt

  34. Wonderful flowers and your outside place is gorgeous. Hugs Yvonne

  35. mmmm Olympia I think maybe I can smell those warm nectarines !! beautiful "wild flower" bouquet but you know for us over here in England ..your wild flowers are so exotic ! love all your cushions too! Gail x

  36. Oh what a stunning veranda. I love the colours and the variety of flowers.

  37. Oh my your flowers and images are so beautiful! I am loving all your sweet cushions on your little wicker bench as well..such pretty colours. Hope your Summer is going amazingly well. xo

  38. you have a great blog ^ ^
    you want to follow each other?
    follow me and let me know with a comment
    and follow you too :))


  39. Charming and atmospheric images! Lovely flower arrangements!


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