Friday, June 28, 2013

Colors in the veranda - Bloglovin!

Returning from a short break holiday I picked up this colorful bouquet 
along the highway, which is a selection of wild summer flowers. 
For some of them I didn’t even know their names in Greek but 
I did my research and I also found their names in English.. 
So, there is Vitex agnus-castus, also called Chaste Tree 
(violet color), Nerium oleander (white and pink), 
Mirabilis Jalapa or the four o'clock flower 
(orange with red stripes) and some branches of pine.

In the Mediterranean zone, all fields are almost yellow 
but these flowers, resistant to high temperatures 
keep colors palette alive.

The orange bougainvillea is in full bloom despite the winds 
of June and the other one is preparing to give us 
its wonderful white flowers.

For summer I do like all shades of apricot and orange and 
last week we painted the wall of the roof terrace in this color. 
With the sun it really shines and gives a warm glowall around.


I want to thank all blogfriends who leave me such 
warm and really interesting comments.
Especially in the last post!
They are truly appreciated!

I leave you with the fragrance of honeysuckles 
and the flavor of the first nectarines.

May all the  colourful, warm and sunny summer days be ahead!


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