Thursday, June 6, 2013

So windy!

Ι could stand here for hours, watching the waves all day, 

listening to the sounds of the sea

 our beach, a breath away from home

Mesmerizing beach where is nice to relax and 
just watch the day go by...

On summer weekends and holidays we are used to spending 
the whole day at the beach.
It’s the perfect spot to disconnect and forget everything.

Closed umbrellas…
fourteen days of consistent wind in a row!

Only me, strolling with my bike, on the shoreline…

 Empty of visitors…

Me and some sparrows 

Having all this view exclusively ours!

The time when a new day comes into our life... the sun filling the sky 
with warm colours before it starts its voyage across 
the summer sky  ..........................

Yes, better to play the philosopher than think about my veranda…
See all the damage by the wind, despairing 
and blaming myself of how hasty I have been…
Oh my God, this wind isn’t  enjoyable anymore............

Did I say nobody?
I  thought I was alone?
It doesn't seem like a sparrow!!!

Of course!

In a hidden corner
windsurfers and kiters in a fever of preparations ...

Wind sports have a lot of fans!
and this weather is that they were waiting for!!!

for commoners like me, swimming days are postponed, 
and I'm not exactly the adventurer  I have been dreaming about,
so, let's take a bath at home in the whirlpool tub!

Live your myth this summer wherever you live...
enjoy summertime!


  1. Lovely pictures, Olympia. I love the sound of the see. It's so relaxing.

    It's so warm and sunny now here in Finland. We've had 30 degrees already for several days. I'm so happy, because it's warm. Happy Thursday!

  2. Wauw... you are living by the sea..
    How wonderful.
    Verry nice picture's...i wish holiday is beginning..

    Nice Day,
    Inge, my choice

  3. This is really great Olympia, for me it's a little paradise where you are living. Only to see the sea we have to drive 90 minutes by car! I wish you a lot of wonderful moments this summer!!

    Big hugs, Ingrid

  4. Dear Olympia,

    what wonderfull impressions from the beach.
    It´s so a great feeling to be alone on the beach - when I was in Italy - I always stands up at 5 o´clock early in the morning for a walk alone on the beach and to pick up a lot of shells.
    There was nobody and the man from the hotel has told to me, that he never seen a guest before who stand´s up so early for a walk and this by one´s own choice.
    I enjoy this time - like you - you can be free - no connection to the world - only you and the nature.

    Fantastic pictures - thank you very much for your trip to the beach.
    Today we have sun - in the last days we have got so many rain, a lot of rivers are swamped.
    Now I am happy about the sunshine.

    You have send me a little summerfeeling - thank you for that

    Your Bluemchenmama from Germany

  5. Wonderful impressions! It must be fantastic to be alone on the beach!

  6. Wow what a beautiful pictures! You love my green garden ... but I love "your" sea. It must be great to live near by the sea. And go there by bike. To see such a blue sea I have to wait till this summer when we ar going to France for our holidays. Ik can't wait! Till then I will watch your beautiful pictures!
    Greating from Aleta

  7. Fantastically beautiful images! I love the sea! Where exactly is this beautiful section? A dream I would want to vacation there now :)
    Lots of love, Carmen

  8. You live in paradise, luck with
    the beach so close. Amazing

  9. Wow, wonderful blue!!! I love it. ;D

  10. Ohh dear Olympia what a paradise,so beautiful:)

  11. Dearest Olympia,
    Great photos from this natural but windy beach! Love your bike; almost looks Dutch to me as everyone in my birth country bikes.
    Enjoy your home and soon the tourists will come and fill the beaches.

  12. Ahhhhh! I feel sooooooo relaxed just from your photos, Olympia! Enjoying the blue skies, waves crashing, salty air and windy breeze. Truly paradise!!
    Cheers from DC,

  13. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures of the beach - I'd love to be there now! Your spa bath sounds very relaxing too! Enjoy your week x

  14. Wat een geweldige mooie foto's!
    En de zee is zo prachtig. Kan me heel goed voorstellen dat je daar tot rust komt. En als je dan ook nog zo dicht bij de zee woont, kun je vaak even gaan!
    Ik hoop dat je mooie momenten beleeft deze zomer. Eindelijk is bij ons ook de zon gaan schijnen.

    Lieve groet,

  15. Oh, that was fantastic photos from the beach. Lucky you that live so close to the oceane.

    Have a great weekend

    Hugs from me

  16. Amazing pictures!
    Also, I've nominated you for the Leibster Award, go to my blog to see the details!

  17. Dear Olympia,

    Your photographs make me want to pack my suitcase and head for Greece immediately. The blue skies, the sea, the sun.......absolutely beautiful! Lucky, lucky you!

    Happy evening!

    Madelief x

  18. It's lovely to see your beach and without the feel of that wind! It's nice having a beach to yourself but 14 days seems a long time. When we went to France a few years ago we suffered from a cold wind all week despite the sun it felt so cold. I hope the weather improves and I'm sorry it has done damage to the veranda.
    Sarah x

  19. It is always a pleasure to walk along the beach, I hope the weather improves, nothing is as annoying as wind for me.
    xx Vicky

  20. Lieve Olympia,

    .....Maar het levert wel hele mooie plaatjes op met die harde wind, komen er prachtige witte schuimkoppen op de golven die zó mooi afsteken tegen de azuurblauwe zee en passen helemaal bij de kleuren van de in de wind wapperende Griekse vlag.

    Met de wind in de rug is het goed fietsen langs het strand,wat leuk om te lezen dat jij als Griekse fietst,ik maar denken dat Grieken zich altijd en alleen verplaatsen met de auto......ook al moeten ze enkel om de hoek van de straat om op het terras aan zee te komen;-)

    Nou ik geloof direct dat de sportievelingen met die harde wind de tijd van hun leven hebben.
    Als een vogel zo vrij in de lucht.....

    Wat ontzettend jammer om te lezen dat je tuin te lijden heeft van de wind.

    Hoop dat de wind snel gaat liggen en de badgasten de ligstoelen in gaan nemen,want als uitbater van zo'n gezellig terras wil je toch ook graag dat de kassa rinkelt.

    Toen wij op Kreta waren hadden we een dag een hele harde warme fuhn wind die ook nog een het ''Gaddafi zand'' meevoerde over de Libische zee in het zuiden(Hora Sfakion).
    Volgende dag was de locale bevolking aan de poets want men kon niet meer door de ramen kijken van het gele stof.

    Heb een fijne zomer op een magnifiek plekje op aarde!!!

    1. It's true that Greeks prefer going anywhere with their car but it's not the only true.We are three,we have three bikes.My husband wearing his suit and tie goes every day to the tribunal by bike through the bike path which has been created few years ago. Of course we can't be compared with Dutch people,in no case!
      Thank you Ger for making more substantial this blog contact!
      Sending you sweet hugs, Olympia

  21. Hai ragione il mare è ipnotizzante, guardare le onde una dopo l'altra infrangersi è da sempre una delle cose che ci affascina, come il fuoco in un caminetto. Le tue foto parlano da sole , sono ovviamente bellissime , ma con il tuo testo diventano anche molto interessanti . Ma è una cosa inusuale tutto questo vento ? Ti mando un grande abbraccio e ti auguro un buon weekend.

  22. A little piece of paradise, Olympia! The colors of the sea, sky and sand are so beautiful! Yes, wind is sometimes not pleasant, but it clears the air and makes things fresh and lovely. Amazing photos of the para-gliders - so colorful! I hope there was not too much damage to your beautiful home.
    Hugs, xoxo

  23. It looks perfect Olympia ...glad I can't feel the wind though as we have had more than our fair share over here haha ! the sea looks perfect for a nice swim. Now we have it sunny and hot ...hope it lasts ! Gail x

  24. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful blog. I'm about to follow you. If you fancy a peek at mine please feel free found your blog through the Liebster Award. xx

  25. You can't imagine how much I adore your pictures sweet Olympia. Absolutely breathtaking and it almost feels like I'm standing there beside you. You certainly live in a beautiful place! :)

    Have a wondeful weekend my dear!♥


  26. Que maravilla, unas fotos impresionante, totalmente preciosas.

  27. Thanks so much for your comment, following you on GFC, hope you follow back XO

  28. Olympia, your beach looks fantastic, shame about the winds. We are hoping to go to the seaside tomorrow. We live about an hour away, and we just love to go to the beach to walk and dream and gather shells and stones. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Thank you so much for your kind comments, love Linda x

  29. hi there on that beautiful beach & with such a pretty home!
    i just discovered your blog and i like it very much!
    since 1999 we`ve been 4 times on crete*holidays and in september this year we will travel to santorini for the second time. crete is great and santorini is fantastic!!
    if you like, visit me! on my second blog *dornroeschen on the way* (in my blogroll) you can find some nice
    pics !
    i will come back to you surely, because it makes me feel like beeing on greece*holiday :)
    lots of greetings from a rainy german-sunday, dornrös*chen / sleeping beauty !

  30. oh... how beautiful! you are blessed to live near the sea, here in austria, we`ve only got mountains and fields :)

    greetings and thank you for your kind words!

  31. Witaj - u Ciebie pięknie i kolorowo jak zawsze.Naprawdę można zachwycać się Twoją pracą,Pozdrawiam cieplutko z Dobrych Czasów i zapraszam w odwiedziny,Piękne fotografie.Jola

  32. Z przyjemnością oglądam Twoje zdjęcia. Polskie morze jeszcze zimne:(, a u Ciebie już można się kąpać:)
    Haftoane obrusy, serwety Twojej mamy są piękne:)

  33. Hi Olympia,
    How could you not just love that blue sea and that blue sky - looks so wonderful!
    I like the sound of taking a bike ride along the seafront.
    Have a lovely week!
    Ingrid xx

  34. a wonderful place.
    I can almost hear the sound of the sea.
    You live so close to the sea in a wonderful place.
    Fresh breeze, blue sky.
    Ideal for surfing, ...
    Send greetings to you, Moni

  35. Ahhhhh Olympia! Heaven on earth....In my little coastal corner of England, where we are surrounded by the Irish sea....Winds roar in Summer and winter...But just not now, which is wonderful! I am dreaming of the islands of Greece and am just looking at booking Skiathos, once more.......Enjoy your whirl pool, my friend... Your home is truly beautiful....With kindest thoughts...Maria x

  36. Very original page.
    I love everything in this post

  37. Oh I so love the shells in your pretty bathroom. I also so love to look and listen to the waves it is so theraputic

  38. Such gorgeous photos....the sea looks so inviting. Sorry it's been so windy in your beautiful part of the world....hope it has died down now.. Loved all these pictures...the shells, the umbrellas, your stylish bike......lovely!
    Helen x

  39. Dear Olympia,

    How beautiful your summertime photos are - the beach, pretty blue sky and sea and sand.
    It does have to be one of the most relaxing things to do spending time at the seaside.
    Hope the wind passes, so you can go swimming. Your bike is very cute.

    Happy week

  40. Dear Olympia,
    your beach looks heavenly and the photos and words touch the soul!
    Thanks so much for this joy!
    Best wishes, Siret

  41. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  58. You live in a paradise Olympia! So lovely it! Here it´s grey, rainy and cold....
    Best wishes,


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