Thursday, June 6, 2013

So windy!

Ι could stand here for hours, watching the waves all day, 

listening to the sounds of the sea

 our beach, a breath away from home

Mesmerizing beach where is nice to relax and 
just watch the day go by...

On summer weekends and holidays we are used to spending 
the whole day at the beach.
It’s the perfect spot to disconnect and forget everything.

Closed umbrellas…
fourteen days of consistent wind in a row!

Only me, strolling with my bike, on the shoreline…

 Empty of visitors…

Me and some sparrows 

Having all this view exclusively ours!

The time when a new day comes into our life... the sun filling the sky 
with warm colours before it starts its voyage across 
the summer sky  ..........................

Yes, better to play the philosopher than think about my veranda…
See all the damage by the wind, despairing 
and blaming myself of how hasty I have been…
Oh my God, this wind isn’t  enjoyable anymore............

Did I say nobody?
I  thought I was alone?
It doesn't seem like a sparrow!!!

Of course!

In a hidden corner
windsurfers and kiters in a fever of preparations ...

Wind sports have a lot of fans!
and this weather is that they were waiting for!!!

for commoners like me, swimming days are postponed, 
and I'm not exactly the adventurer  I have been dreaming about,
so, let's take a bath at home in the whirlpool tub!

Live your myth this summer wherever you live...
enjoy summertime!

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