Thursday, May 30, 2013

Εmbroidered linen and Sunday's breakfast

Be satisfied with cleaning and tidying up crowded drawers 
and cupboards, it maybe happens…
but taking photos that’s a real, real fun! 
A new one! So, when I had to put the linen tablecloths  in order,
I thought that it would be interesting to get some photos of 
this stuff intriguing myself with its presentation.
It’s a challenge for me to experiment with my artistic nature 
in a sector still unknown for me…creating beautiful photos. 
Anyway, I’m trying and I 'm learning from you.
So, I’m showing you here a specimen of my linen embroideries
 but please I have to make it clear, this work is the hand work 
of my mother and not mine. She particularly loves linen and has 
made a great work when she was younger.
I remember how pleased she was when she offered 
her pieces to us but also to friends. Share is wonderful!

One of these linen napkins was used for our Sunday breakfast,
 which unfortunately was taken indoors 
because of the weather. We have had very windy days 
and were obligated to stay inside, 
no chance of the veranda. Don’t imagine that we decorate 
our daily table breakfast like this, we have just 
celebrated our 11 wedding anniversary!!!

Thank you for being here and
take the time to taste the little pleasures of daily life!

Georges Moustaki has passed away and 
I’m uploading a song  in his memory

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