Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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What would you say if I introduced you into a world
of colors and flavors straight from the past …..?

Would you like to stroll among the walls of a fortified town
located on a rock?

Would you like to smell the fragrance of flowers growing  there?

to wander among the ruins of houses and cisterns of the acropolis?

 to learn age-old secrets ?

to taste an authentic way of life ,

to feel the sea breeze on your face and see the Mediterranean at your feet ?

There is an enchanting land called Monemvasia.
Have you ever heard of it before?

It’s  a little town  located on a small peninsula off the east coast of the Peloponnese.It was the site of a powerful medieval fortress which fortunately  has managed to preserve the traces of its history . 
In fact, the town walls and many Byzantine churches remain from the medieval period .
The rock was governed by Byzantines, Venetians and Ottomans. 
The town was liberated  on 1821 during the Greek War of Independence.

This time, we discovered a unique hotel not inside the walls but a little farther.

a 5 star hotel...
"secluded in the property's astonishing and verdant private ground, the Kinsterna Hotel & Spa offers its visitors flawless hospitality with a strong focus on romance, wellness and authenticity"

Culture is beauty, beauty is culture
and this is the dream of a lifetime...

I’m finishing with a little tribute to a great Greek poet originated from Monemvasia, Giannis Ritsos. 
Unfortunately the translation of this poem dedicated to his daughter is only in Italian.
Music: Evanthia Reboutsika
I wish you all a glorious week and
I thank you so much for visiting this little blogspace which
I hope navigates you into nice virtual experiences.

Versione italiana di Gian Piero Testa
Bambina mia,
voglio portarti
i lampioncini dei gigli
a brillare sul tuo sonno.
Dormi bambina.
E' lunga la strada.
Bisogna che tu cresca.
E' lunga
lunga la strada.
La mia bambina si è addormentata
e io canto...
Sono cose difficili, bambina,
Che cosa dire, non lo sai.
Sono cose difficili all'inizio.
Poiché non si tratta, bambina,
di scoprire soltanto
quello che sei,
quello che sei diventata.
E' che devi diventare
quello che richiede
la felicità del mondo,
è che devi fare, bambina,
la felicità del mondo.
Non c'è gioia più grande
della gioia che si dona.
Ricordatelo, bambina.


  1. Wowwww...beautiful !!..i never been there....love what i see.....love Ria...xxx...

  2. Oh my, what fantastic old buildings. I would love to go there.

    Have a great week.

    Hugs from me

  3. I would like it to close my eyes, to feel the warmth of the sun and to be at this wonderful place on earth. It's so peaceful! I can imagine it was great to be there! Thanks for sharing!

    Big hugs, Ingrid

  4. What an enchanting town this is Olympia! I will have to remember that five star Hotel :-)

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  5. Everything looks very nice, it looks a bit as vacation pictures. What a nice place to life. Greetings Petra.

  6. Wat een prachtig oord! Wat zou ik daar graag even rondwandelen, de zee proeven.
    Wat een prachtige foto's Olympia!

    Lieve groet,

  7. Olympia, I say yes to it all! What a beautiful country you live in. I have never been to Greece, but you are really tempting me.
    Thank you for your kind comments, they are very much appreciated. Have awonderful week, love Linda x

  8. Ολυμπία,
    αυτό είναι post που μόνο στα Ελληνικά μπορεί να σχολιασθεί...
    αν και το ζήσαμε όλοι μαζί σήμερα ήταν λες και ξαναπήγαμε...
    ΄Ολα τόσο όμορφα και οι φωτογραφίες σου...
    ΄Ομως οι μυρωδιές και τα χρώματα και το δειλινό με το περπάτημα στα σκαλοπάτια... και στο τέλος ο Ρίτσος...για χρόνια είχα στην τσάντα μου σε αισχρή κατάσταση τη "Μονοβασιά"...
    και φυσικά τα τσίπουρα ("φέρτε το λάστιχο καλύτερα" φώναζα!!!!)...ντροπή!!!
    Και τη φωνή της Βάσσιας μέσα στη σιωπή το βράδυ στην πλατεία:"Γιολάντααααααα" με το κινητό μου ανοικτό στην τσάντα...Πάντα σε κατάσταση σούργελου!!!
    Ευχαριστούμε που μας τα θύμισες.Η Μονεμβασιά είναι πάντα από τους θησαυρούς της καρδιάς μας...΄
    ΄Ετσι για να αντέχουμε τα ανίερα και τα μικρά και τα δήθεν
    Καλή νύκτα

  9. What a glorious walk through ancient history and a beautiful landscape - yes the attraction is very strong to join you there. The horse in the flower strewn meadow only needs a pair of white wings and he could be from a fairytale.

  10. Hello Olympia

    What a treat to see this incredibly beautiful post and to visit Monemvasia with you. I will look forward to visiting one day soon.

    Helen xx

  11. I would say YES! I would love to visit there someday. It's just beautiful.

  12. Thank you, Dear Olympia for taking us along to see this magnificent place! Like music to the soul, the images are just too lovely for words. Hugs to you! xoxo

  13. No, I never heard about this place, but it looks amazing and so interesting, what a piece of history ! Your photos are gorgeous and really makes you want to book the first flight to go visit. Enjoyed the music too. Wish you a nice week ! xx

    1. Do it Jane,we are not so far...!Thank you so much anyway!

  14. ¡Puro Mediterráneo! Gracias por enseñarnos unos lugares tan hermosos. El azul del mar me ha llenado el corazón. Un abrazo :D

  15. Espectacular, romántico, divino este maravilloso pueblecito, gracais por las fotos son preciosas me ha encantado verlas.

  16. This place looks so romantic and with amazing beauty:)
    Thank you dear Olympia for this beauty pictures:)
    Many hugs

  17. Now, you took my breath away... If I could, I would take a plane right away to this beautiful place! Such stunning pictures you have taken from the scenery! I LOVE the dusty colors at the buildings. The flowers. It's like in a fairy tail. Almost too beautiful.
    That must have been a wonderful place to stay for a few days. Thank you for sharing the link, I will rush right in and read all about it. :) Who knows, maybe something to think of for our next summer vacation.

    PS! This summer vacation is already planned to Greece!

    Wishing you a beautiful evening, Olympia!
    Hugs from,
    Anette Willemine

  18. Les photos sont magnifiques et la façon dont vous les présentez est superbe. Je n'avais jamais entendu parler de cet endroit auparavant. Le poème aussi est très émouvant. Un bonjour de Paris, gris et banal !

  19. Thank you for taking us with you for this lovely walk in the ancient atmosphere. Beautiful.

  20. I´ve never heard of this place, it is
    amazing, i like the pink house. And the
    hotel is different and beautiful

  21. We've just returned from our month in your lovely country. Your post so took me back to the Peloponnese and the wonders that we found there. I am currently sorting through 100's of photos so that I can take my readers down those same wonderful historic streets and show them the glorious views just waiting around each corner. Thank for taking me back today! Hugs, Jackie

    1. Dear Jackie,I was following you during your journey in Greece and all your lovely posts.I know how exciting was your stay here and that you loved my country .Did you visit Monemvasia? I'm pleased you took nice memories at your return...

  22. That is just stunningly beautiful - what a wonderful place to visit.
    Have a lovely week!
    Ingrid xx

  23. You have transported me to this beautiful place Olympia and I am so grateful. I am enchanted by the narrow streets, magnificent walls and the charm of everything.
    Thank you so much for your visit and leaving your sweet words.
    sending hugs to you...

  24. Thank you for introducing me to this beautiful place, about to map it for future reference!
    Penny x

  25. ~ Olympia....I have this in my 'Wish book'...And will show my man, this evening....LOOKS like heaven on earth, my friend! ~ thank you for taking us on this virtual retreat....With kindest thoughts...Maria x

  26. Hello Olympia,

    I have found you about a comment in a german blog (Villa Lieblich) and then I want know it, who you are. I was corius and so I have made a visit to you.
    Your blogg is great - wonderful pictures and impressions. I am amazing.
    I will stay here and so I am a new follower - no. 98.
    My english is not very well, and my french is terrible. But I will do my best.
    Forgive me my mistakes in grammar.
    If you like, you can visit me. I would be happy about this.

    Bye and have a good time

    your Bluemchenmama

  27. Olympia thank you for taking us to such a special place it looks so wonderful and the sea so blue! I was never aware of your area of Greece until I met you. Do you have many tourists visiting the Peloponnese region? Your hotel looks fantastic too, it must have a great break. All of your pictures are lovely with all the old buildings and the horse standing in the flower filled meadow! Have a good weekend.
    Sarah x

  28. It looks like a really beautiful and romantic place. The bright blue of the ocean is so amazing.

  29. I just found your blog. Your photos are lovely – I’d love to visit this city. I have been to Greece 3 times and would love to return. I used to speak Italian fluently but can still read it well. I like the poem. Last week our new baby granddaughter was born and this would be a good poem to read to her.

  30. Would I like to stroll through such an incredibly beautiful place? Absolutely, Olympia!


  31. Wunderschön, da wäre ich jetzt gerne!!!

  32. Oh, sorry, I write in German...would say: a lovely place! Wish I would be there!

  33. No, unfortunately, I haven`t heard about this place before...Thank you for show us this wonderful place!!♥
    Hugs, Marikki

  34. Wow... youre pictures are SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!
    The colours.. Amazing.

    I wish i could be there..!
    (it's raining here... 13 degrees..)

    't Bezige Bijtje

  35. Quel endroit magnifique ! Olympia, tu es la meilleure ambassadrice de la Grèce! Toutes ces images et tes mot donnent vraiment envie de prendre le premier avion...et en plus, il fait beau...Car ici, nous avons encore de la pluie et du ciel gris...sniff...

    ps: et oui, je suis tout à fait d'accord pour le tutoiement ! :-)

  36. Hello .... Greetings to you!
    What ... it's wonderful images for everything almost like new ... sure it's all just freshly built and rehabilitated .... I love the Mediterranean atmosphere. When the sun shines it, then it's a lot better .... kind regards Erwin

  37. GREAT POST:)
    Your blog is so wonderful and Im now following

    If you want some cute vintage inspiration...check out my blog:)

    Have a great day dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  38. This is pure paradise, Olympia! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. I would love to visit Monemvasia.

  39. Wow....what a beautiful place, og wonderful blog you have. And thanks for your nice comment on my blog too;o) Bon week-end!
    Bises Maliva in France


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