Monday, May 6, 2013

Greek Easter

As promised, I’m posting the photos of Greek Easter 
of the way we celebrated it at home.

Holy Thursday is the day that the hard-boiled eggs are dyed red, 
signifying the blood of Christ, and the Easter bread, 
called tsoureki, is baked. 
I made both of them by my self… 

Good Friday, in a chapel and
the mass in a convent hidden in the woods.

The name of lilac is related to the Greek name of Easter “Pasha” 
and the flower is called in Greek “pashalia”.

By tradition, Easter is always celebrated outdoors. In some places, Easter is a community celebration with rows of lambs roasting in the village square.

Easter morning...

Checking out!

Easter menu always includes kokoretsi and roasted lamb.
Everything went fine and we can proudly say that we have the know how 
to repeat this experiment on the BBQ perhaps with a little pork…


In the meantime, a few meters away from the garden…

Summer winks at us…

Have a lovely week!

Στο Καφέ του Χαμένου Χρόνου - Au Café du Temps Perdu ❤ Lyrics☟
Λαυρέντης Μαχαιρίτσας - Salvatore Adamo 
"Οι Άγγελοι Ζουν Ακόμη στη Μεσόγειο"


  1. Today a lovely spring day wings to us too, but the sea is far away ;-)! You have a lovely place on earth, dear Olympia!

    I am glad to hear your Easter weekend was wonderful!

    Big hugs, Ingrid

  2. Your photos are so vivid and beautiful but being with you and your wonderful family was even better.You can not give the magic taste of the lamb and everything!!!!!!!!.Lucky us we tasted them.
    Thank you so much.We really enjoyed it.

  3. The pleasure was ours and best wishes for your name day !
    Kisses from all of us !

  4. Dear Olympia,
    You have so beautiful Easter in your home,so beautiful menu,looks so delicious,really great!
    Lovely Easter weekend you have,i send to you and your family best wishes:)

  5. Great way to celebrate Easter. Looks so fine. My husband Janni sends best regards, who lives roasted lamb.
    Donna G.

  6. What a post, Olympia! You must have had a wonderful time! Everything was done with so much love! The table settings, the food... summer winking at you... and we could have a glance at it, guessing and feeling a little bit how it must have been! Thank you very much! Christa

  7. Hi Olympia,

    You certainly know how to celebrate Easter. It all looks marvellous; the food, the decorations, the festivities, your amazing garden! It makes me wish to spend Easter in Greece as well. Even the weather is fine :-)

    Happy new week & thank you for sharing,

    Madelief x

  8. Wow what a great way of celebrating Easter! And the foord looks delicious.
    Greating from Aleta

  9. It is all looking wonderful , warm and cosy ...the food almost made my mouth water ! And you have the sea and summer just around the corner...what a wonderful place. So Happy Easter my friend, enjoy it !

  10. What a wonderful, artistic, happy and festive post. Thank you so much. It has made me feel thrilled just to see it.

  11. And of course we also have the word "paschal" pertaining to Easter, although it's not used very widely. (The "paschal lamb" and all that). I suppose it must have come from the Greek tradition.

  12. Dear Olympia - thank you so much for explaining so carefully and throughly the events during the Greek Easter week.
    I can see that you have worked really hard at making lots of delicious looking food, and I suspect that the lamb was very moist and succulent.
    I am assuming, but perhaps wrongly, that the dish with fruit in it is layered with Greek yogurt.
    You have photographed the red roses perfectly - red is such a difficult colour to get right on a photograph as it usually takes up the reflections from the light.

    1. Yes, the dessert is made with Greek yoghurt and cream, peanapples and prunes staffed with nuts . I'm so pleased you enjoy my posts Rosemary and I thank you !

  13. Hello Olympia

    What a delightful celebration and so different. Wishing you the joys of Easter. The roasting oven is a wonderful idea

    Have a great week

    Helen xx

  14. A beautiful celebration of Easter - everything looks so lovely and delicious. Your outside table is so pretty with all the bright colors, flowers and decorations all around. Thank you for sharing your holiday with us and I hope it was wonderful. xoxo

  15. ¡Madre mía, es como si hubiese estado ahí! Cuántas fotos y qué bonito todo. ;D

  16. This is all truly festive. I have never seen the red eggs. My husband would love the roasted lamb. Our favorite authentic Greek restaurant here is called Olympia Cafe. We love the lamb!

  17. Thank you for sharing your Easter celebrations with us. It all looks so wonderful I have read in the past that Easter in Greece is a good time to visit the country and I can see why looking at your celebrations.
    Sarah x

  18. Wat moet het een fantastisch Paasfeest geweest zijn,
    met zoveel zorg aan mooie gedekte tafel met verse bloemen,typisch Griekse zoete en hartige lekkernijen.

    En je prachtige foto's spreken boekdelen....en hartelijk bedankt voor het delen daarvan!!!

    Fijn om in privé mail te lezen dat de Paas ecard die ik verstuurde goed ontvangen is ☺☺


  19. ~ Dear Olympia.....WOW Easter is celebrated wonderfully, in Greece! Lovely of you to share with us all....And to compare the traditions....~ Have a lovely rest of week from my little corner to yours, my friend! ~ love Maria x

  20. What a wonderful celebration you had. The food and the decoration all looks beautiful. M x

  21. Great pictures and. Great overview of a Greek Easter, love the barbecue it has made me hungry and he lovely trifle and great table settings looks like a great party.

  22. Lovely pictures! The food, the garden, the it! You seems To have a great easter.
    Take care, have a beautiful day!


  23. How lovely garden and delicious foods :)
    you got wonderful blog! thank you for visiting my blog too :)

  24. Always fun to see your photos, i
    learn something new every time.

  25. Thanks for sharing such great photos of your Greek Easter!Food looked amazing, and your garden lovely.
    I hope you all had a good Easter.
    Gill xx

  26. Stunning photos of your Greek all looks so amazing! Love the traditions, the gorgeous flowers and delicious food....and your garden looks so sunny and beautiful!
    Helen x

  27. Wow looks like paradise ! I really enjoyed seeing how you celebrate and the little convent hidden in the trees sounds so nice ! thanks for sharing x...have a nice weekend...Gail x

  28. wundervolle Bilder. Ich bin begeistert.

    Ganz liebe Grüße sendet Dir,


  29. How beautiful it all looks I think the Greek Easter celebrations and the Greek churches the most beautiful of all

    Thank you for the kind birthday wishes
    Ciao ciao xxx julie

  30. Thank you for sharing...I am loving all those wonderful breads...your home looks so lovely!

  31. I just came across your blog and promptly became your follower number 96. Almost 100! Yeah!
    I absolutely adore all your fabulous pictures. You make so many nice and cosy things and your food seems more than delicious. I'm stunned.
    I certainly am going to read here a lot during the next months.

    And, if you're interested: I am having a birthdaygiveaway at my blog:

    Have a nice day,

    Brigitte from Belgium

  32. A wonderful Easter Olympia, what a delightful celebration, everything looks so lovely .

  33. Ciao..
    complimenti per tutto..
    Buona settimana..

  34. wonderful impressions


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