Saturday, December 13, 2014

Decorating and baking

I have finally put the last decorative touches to both 
houses; I prefer lighter solutions than erstwhile. 

The weather has changed,we have cold and heavy rains. 
Dark afternoons are beautifully spent between 
tea and coffee shared with close friends. 

One of the festive season’s highlights is baking in advance. 
Make-ahead Christmas treats has always been good foresight 
as it makes you feel stress-free or almost. 
I have made thousand of batches of cookies over the years 
but this time I wanted to try something new. Having found 
some old Austrian cookie recipes and having been impressed 
by the gingerbread house presented in the last issue of Servus 
magazine, I decided to get involved in the project. 
I had all the necessary ingredients Austrians use for their 
Weinachten plätzchen but it turned out to be very difficult 
considering the lengthy preparation. 48-hour cookies 
didn’t make me cry tears of joy but the little house did me the 
favor of not falling apart because it would be the demolition
of the year!!! Ha-ha…
Anyway, looking at the photos you have an idea 
of what Ι have done; the taste is good enough 
despite the appearance!

I love keeping family rituals and sharing my Christmas delicacies 
with my beloved ones. A freshly opened tin box with all those 
sweet aromas of home baked cookies is a special gift 
I think because it’s personalized and made with love. 

The heart is beating a little faster as we are longing for 
Christmas holidays. A European wonderland is waiting for 
us and the countdown to our trip has already begun!  
Have you started planning your holidays? If so, have fun!
Hope you are focusing on preparations one step at a time!
I’m grateful you are here!

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