Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My green secret realm

I know the path leading up to a place like this. A place of 
tranquillity and peace. Tucked behind the orange trees my 
own spot is here for me, waiting for me to arrive, pop on my 
flip flops and step outside into the backyard with 
a coffee in hands.  

Have you ever being greeted by the birdsong, the caress of 
the sun, absorbed in the beauty of your own garden? 
If so, you can surely appreciate what is around on your 
doorstep. This is the stuff some weekends are made of, 
a leafy coffee, a book and a little chat, enjoying moments 
of privacy in those nooks and crannies throughout 
our second garden in the village. 

Looking around we usually come to the same conclusion; 
still much to do, to correct and add. Some parts look completely
tattered, elsewhere it looks better.
A space in continuous mutation, following the seasonal changes,
flexible and easy going, taking on a life of its own. 

We are still experimenting things, not quite satisfied with 
the result…The backyard is shady, the front yard is basking in
 the sunshine and it was wrong to plant the same things on both 
sides. Weather didn’t help. We have seen a strange, weird truly 
crazy weather this year. Let’s hope weather will normalize...


The school year is over; it has flown by so quickly, finals 
are done although the result isn’t still out.
May all kids have a fabulous and restful summer, full of 
great and fun experiences...They all deserve it.

May inexperienced gardeners like me, find their way 
to create the little oasis they need in life.

May we find the strength to sustain our dreams...
Wishing you all the best and 
thank you again for visiting.


  1. "May we find the strength to sustain our dreams. . ." Olympia I may need to put that on a wall hanging. Loved this, as I think of so many of my similar places at The Stone House on the Hill and it makes me want to be back there again to sip that coffee, listen to the birdsong, watch the butterflies and wrap myself in contentment!

  2. My dear Olympia, I wish I could crawl into your pictures and stay awhile...your photos always take my breath away and leave a smile upon my face.

    It was a joy to visit with you today. May you have a glorious summer, my friend. Hugs!

  3. Your garden is a wonderful place to relax after a day of hard working or on a sunny day. I love the little places where you can sit down. And a garden always has wishes, every year we change some plants and make it more beautiful then it was a year before.

    Here we also have strange weather, I hope the sun will come back soon.

    Sending many hugs from here,


  4. Oh dear Olympia, your garden does look like a little haven of tranquillity and somewhere to sit quietly and contemplate how good life is. Your garden has just the right amount of shade and sun I think. I have a teeny tiny square of a garden and our weather is erratic at the best of times, but this year I am spending more time than ever in the garden, buying more roses and planting more in pots and just enjoying being outside! Wishing you a lovely week ahead. Sharon x

  5. I love your garden. Looks so calm and beautiful.
    Hugs from here

  6. What a lovely place to sit in and enjoy the beauty of your garden.

    Madelief x

  7. The best place to relax is your own garden where it's peaceful, colourful and you are surrounded by lemons and oranges. Here our gardens are also doing well and are on their top in June, but when I go outside into my garden there is no sun, or only for an hour or so, all we see the last few days are heavy showers and thunderclouds. Looking forward to some more sun.
    Enjoy you summer !

  8. Your garden is so beautiful, as always!! I would never say you are a beginner garden as yours really is so beautiful!

  9. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful garden!
    Have a wonderful summer
    Monika x

  10. Beautiful garden!
    A screen hat and a lounge chair...I could nap easily there as well as day dream.

  11. Bonjour chère amie,

    Un très joli petit havre de paix et de sérénité que celui de votre jardin !... Des fleurs, des couleurs tout autour de vous... Quel moment magique effectivement que de déguster votre petit café, assise en pleine contemplation ! N'est-ce pas tout simplement le bonheur ? Je crois que , si !
    Merci de partager avec nous ce moment bonheur avec l'ensemble de vos magnifiques photos.

    Gros bisous 🌺

  12. Beautiful gardens, we are in the south west of France and the weather has been most peculiar this year too, even now in mid-June, it cannot decide what to do, one minute it is hot and sunny and the next chilly and raining again. I guess we are paying the price for the very mild winter.

  13. Like the other comments, I love your garden, so many different places to sit & while away the time. A garden is created over time & you wil change things , but enjoy what you have, I'm sure it reflects your character , bright and gay radiating such charm. I'd love to sit in one of your cane chairs, preferably with a cushion and a fluffy rug for cool evenings. Enjoy your summer. Like Susan from ' Our French Oasis ' I too live in France very rural here & everywhere is very green due to lots of rain, so I'm longing for lots of sunshine for the next months.

  14. Your country garden is a delight with lots of lovely flowers Olympia but how I wish that I too could grow oranges and lemons. It must be lovely to just be able to wander into the garden pluck them freshly from the trees.

  15. Moi aussi je te souhaite le meilleur Olympia!
    Profite sans arrière pensée de l'été et des vacances.
    Travaille juste ce qu'il faut pour encore embellir ce jardin déjà très agréable et qui respire la douceur de vivre.
    Je t'embrasse

  16. Realmente precioso, es una maravilla tu jardín Olympia, me encanta.

  17. This was the first email I opened this morning, and what a delightful way to start my day. Your garden is enviable, most notably your orange and lemon trees! Such wonderful abundance!

    You have truly carved out your own little piece of paradise Olympia. Well done!


  18. I hope all children enjoy summer, too.

  19. I appreciate the way you make the most of your own home and garden, Olympia. You seem very happy with what you have and you have the desire and effort to do more, which is important. I think your garden is beautiful, peaceful and serene. Enjoy.

  20. Wow so wonderful so beautiful flowers to plants, summer is lovely.
    Thanks for photo tour.
    Good weekend to you

  21. What a wonderful garden ! It's always a lot to do with a place like this. But it will be better as time goes by. And all the beautiful flowers! Thank you for letting me see this place where you and your family spent your holidays��

  22. What a wonderful garden ! It's always a lot to do with a place like this. But it will be better as time goes by. And all the beautiful flowers! Thank you for letting me see this place where you and your family spent your holidays��

  23. How lovely you came to see my blog! I am overwelmd by your colourfull pictures :) Like to see more here, so thanks for visting my blog so now I can discover yours ;o)

  24. Olympia, your garden is a peaceful and lovely place for you to read, rest, and enjoy. So many different flowers. I planted various ones myself, but none bloom as nicely as the roses. They live through all different sorts of weather. I especially liked your potted pink flowers next to the tea cup. Oh, the orange tree is a sight for sure. My favorite picture on here is the single pink flower, so unique and pretty.

    It sounds like you are enjoying the June days, my friend.

    love, ~Sheri

  25. A most wonderful garden to be enjoyed at every available minute.
    Yes a chair, a book and a cup of tea or coffee sounds wonderful ...

    The weather has been topsy turvey this year and I think the garden flowers and trees have often been confused but your garden is looking joyous.

    Enjoy the rest of June

    All the best Jan

  26. Dear Olympia,

    Looks like the perfect place to relax in your wonderful garden - so many beautiful flowers and plants.
    Thanks for sharing and can picture you enjoying a good book out there.
    Enjoy the weekend

  27. That knock on the door is Country Living, coming to ask if they can use your photos for the magazine. Gorgeous!

  28. Wonderful summer-impressions, dearest Olympia, they look so lovely!!!
    Many hugs
    from Austria (where it's raining very often this June),

  29. beautiful garden....enjoy the summer solstice !
    Gail x

  30. Missing my Bougainvilleas , orange trees and Florida Gardenias
    It's 70 here, You are in a heat wave, be careful. Maine I have
    a sweet plum and black Cherry tree. Stay cool. yvonne

  31. You may call yourself inexperienced, but your garden looks heavenly. I'd like to sit in chair there, coffee in hand, and soak in all the beauty. I hope you have a wonderful summer.


  32. Hello Olympia,
    You garden is just beautiful and so inviting. I adore bougainvillia Wishing you a very pleasant and relaxing summer with lots of cups of tea taken in your garden

    Helen xx

  33. It must be wonderful to get those flip flops on and retreat to the special place in your garden, it looks so peaceful, colourful and warm! Sarah x

  34. Dear Olympia,

    How beautiful your garden is! I find that it so perfectly represents the Greek, summer landscape, with signature stars like jasmine, bougainvillea, potted pretties and of course, citrus staples, especially those fragrant and juicy Mediterranean lemons! Green is great, cool and comfortable, too, and when you have carved out a special spot of your own for those siesta timeouts, life is, indeed, heavenly.

    I miss my own little oasis in the colourful Cretan countryside, my precious flowers and hearty vegetable garden, which is probably wildly overflowing with zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, green beans and cucumbers right about now!



  35. What a beautiful and peaceful secret realm...the kind of place that one wants to spend hours in.

  36. Your garden looks so beautiful, just seeing the photos of it brightens up a rainy day here. Have a lovely summer. Hx

  37. Hello there,

    I saw your IG and found out you are a blogger too!
    What a lovely colorful garden you have!
    And living in Greece...oh lala...I'd love to be there now.
    It's raining now here in Holland.
    I'll keep on following your blog, it looks lovely.

    Sweet regards, MJ (

  38. Oh I envy your warmth and sun and glorious garden! My english garden is shady and green and I miss the vivacity of a sunny summer garden - your photos are just what I needed!

  39. It is always so very lovely here, your photos are true masterpieces - so realistic I can smell all the flowers and feel the nice sunny breeze...Although we do have plenty of sun here in Florida, but it is often too hot and humid.
    That chair among the greenery looks so inviting :)
    Sending smiles and warm thoughts dear Olympia

  40. It is 55 degrees this morning in Mid coast Maine. I miss the orange trees and bougainvilleas I had
    in Florida..I have planted those gold Calendula's flowers hope they get as big as yours. Beautiful yard.
    Enjoy the Summer.yvonne

  41. The essence of summer.
    Hugs froma France;)

  42. Tucked behind the orange trees my own spot is here for me.
    short stay parking Heathrow


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