Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Spring on an island

What a wonderful time we had in Zakynthos! 
Invited by a good friend and customer of my husband, 
owner of four amazing hotels, we spent the long Easter 
weekend on the beautiful Ionian island. Thanks to his kind 
invitation, we relished not only Greek hospitality but the 
unique spring landscape and witnessed the solemnity 
of Easter rituals. 

There is a great video in English giving credit to 
the Zakynthian Easter 
which still keeps alive the Venetian influence 
ever since the Italian Rule.

Marching bands and vivid street celebrations  
(One of the four Philharmonic bands of the island 
on Good Friday).

The capital of the island 

Zakynthos belongs to those few regions which experienced 
the Renaissance and the Enlightenment instead of the 
Turkish yoke. In fact, the Italian input grafted from the local 
element is everywhere present, creating a very interesting 
and beautiful culture.

The statue of the Glory

While tourists were soaking up the sun around the swimming pool 
of the hotel, we have been strolling all around the island 
with good company and good mood. Too bad was not longer! 
It put so much energy in our reserves...

With its beguiling landscape of wildflowers, the cypress trees rising 
out of shimmering olive groves, Zakynthos remained in our memory
as one of the most charming places to visit. 

Shipwreck (Navagio)
One of the most famous beaches on the planet, tourist 
trademark of the island and Greece. It was created in 1982 
when a ship carrying contraband cigarettes from Turkey, ran 
aground due to adverse weather conditions. It’s defiantly worth
 getting on board one of the boats taking cruises and enjoying the 
majestic scenery of the turquoise waters as Navagio beach is 
only accessible by sea. Lack of time, we admired the view from 
above on a special platform that exists up the cliff.

"Greece's Ionian Islands were where "the blue really begins" 
as far as writer Lawrence Durrell was concerned. 
Durrell had the mots justes, as always. Like legions of travellers
 and tourists before and after, he revelled in the intensities 
of light and colour that Ionian islands reflect 
from the mirrors of sea and sky."
Independent journal - June 2013

The bell tower of an old church at Kiliomenou village

Ιn a place like this, hidden in the middle of an ancient olive grove 
offering an amazing panoramic view of the surroundings, is 
located the hotel Elegance Suites of our friend Stamatis.
Thank you so much for being so gently generous dear friend!
This escape will remain unforgettable!

"From the steep prow I marked with quickening eye Zakynthos 
with every grove and creek..."
Oscar Wilde

I know I've been absent from your blogs 
as I take blogging breaks quite often lately... 
I read and appreciate every single word you leave me
and I thank you for being so kind, so sweet, so encouraging!
Hope you are all doing fine!
See you around


  1. Such wonderful photos of Zakynthos and thank you for your accompanying words, loved to see this island back which I visited together with eldest daughter about 8 years ago. We toured around the island by bike and your photos reminisce about that time.
    Regards, Janneke

  2. such lovely images...Greece is so beautiful and with lots of history too what's not to like...wish I could just take a little dip right now in that perfect azure sea ahhhh bliss...enjoy your week...Gail x

  3. Que belleza de imágenes, Grecia es preciosa, me encantaría poderla visitar algún día,gracias por compartirlas.

  4. Wow...beautiful pictures of a wonderful island, I can imagine you had a wonderful time here. This invitation was not bad at all!!

    Sending big hugs to you! Xxx Ingrid

  5. What a beautiful place - thank you for taking me along! I can almost feel the sunshine.
    Cathy x

  6. Wowwww olympia......you live in a beautiful place ...looooooove it......enjoy your post ...That blue sea is amazing.......love love love Ria x

  7. Oh, this place is so very beautiful with the azure water, colorful wildflowers and gray and green trees. Everything is lovely, including the buildings and ships. Such incredible history, also. Thank you for sharing the beauty and I am happy that you were able to enjoy a little time away. Hugs xo Karen

  8. Olympia,
    Your photographs are stunning! I'm glad to read your vacation was so enjoyable.
    The photo from the cliff above Navagio Beach makes me feel a bit dizzy, and gives my heart a flutter. Thank you for sharing another beautiful post

  9. Lieve Olympia,

    Dit verblijf tijdens Pasen op prachtig eiland op uitnodiging van goede vriend zal je nooit vergeten.
    Wat heb je fantastische foto's gemaakt, het voorjaar spat er vanaf.
    Sommige foto's lijken op schilderijen uit Romantische School.
    De link naar Engelse video is voor mij niet te openen(Not Found Error 404)
    Heb wel op de website van Elegance Suites gekeken, ziet er zeer luxe uit maar voor onze beurs met pensioen wat ook elk jaar minder wordt niet te betalen....
    Maar ik treur daar niet om want onze genoten vakantie's zijn er ook om met veel plezier op terug te kijken.
    Bedankt voor het delen en ik ga nogmaals een kijkje bij je foto's nemen,kan er geen genoeg van krijgen ☺

    Lieve groet♥,Ger

    1. Dear Ger, thank you for letting me know that the video didn't work. It's ok now!

  10. What a great treat to find your latest blog first thing this morning.
    The photos of the sea and olive groves on Zakynthos are really beautiful

  11. Olive groves, wildflowers, Mediterranean sea – what a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing your holiday and brightening my morning. Sam x

  12. Dear Olympia - the sun shines out from my computer screen with colour and intensity as I look and admire your beautiful photographs taken on Zakynthos. Wonderful architecture, with beautiful flowers in both the gardens and in the wild.
    Interestingly we have just had the most wonderful 6 week series on TV about the Durrell family which was filmed on Corfu. Another series is already scheduled as it has been so popular. Hope that you might get the chance to see it too.

  13. Amazing pictures! The chickens have the best life ever!

  14. Hello Olympia
    I am very glad to read your new post. The photos are absolutely fantastic.

  15. A beautiful trip and a beautiful narrative and photos to remember it. A great post, Olympia. We'll have to put this on our travel list!

  16. I am so happy for you dear O that you were able to go to this amazing place. What beauty is in every photo! I'm so glad that you would post these so I could travel here too!
    sending hugs...

  17. Spring on an Island ... so special.
    Wonderful photo's of some great times, thank you so much for sharing.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  18. Those wild flowers are amazing and the sea images look so enticing it must have been a wonderful way to celebrate the Greek Easter. Sarah x

  19. I love seeing the fascinating places you visit Olympia, a little snippet of life in a completely different country with different scenery and customs. What a lovely time you must have enjoyed. Have a lovely week. I wish it would warm up in England, it is still quite chilly for this time of year! Sharon x

  20. This is the stuff dreams are made of Olympia, and yes, where blue begins. Shipwreck Beach is unbelievable!

    I believe my daughter visited this island last year and loved it.

    It pays to have good friends :)

  21. So many beautiful photos. I love this place. Lucky you.
    Hugs from here

  22. Je ne connais pas encore ce petit paradis, pas plus que Céphalonie.
    Mais je rêve d'y aller et ton billet augmente encore mon envie. Peut-être au prochain printemps!
    Belle journée à toi Olympia.

  23. Amazing photos, Olympia!! I am always impressed by your posts and want to fly to Greek!I enjoyed the traditional Easter Ceremony on the video, either. What a beautiful island Zakynthos is!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  24. What a wonderful place. I love your photos, especially those of the rural landscapes. Stunning!

  25. what a lovely selection of photos, that blue blue blue water is breath taking! I could feel the heat and hear the beetles when I looked at the rural photos - lovely :)

  26. Stunning photos, Olympia! Thank you so much for taking us along to this gorgeous place. Spring on a Greek Island. Can't think of anything better.

  27. Wonderful evocation of easter time in Greece. Those flowers are something else! Beautiful post, thank you.

  28. Gorgeous pictures of an absolutely beautiful place! I love how you find such fascinating things and little extras to make your photos really interesting as well as colourful and beautiful. Thank you for sharing such delights with us Olympia!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  29. The color of the water took my breath away! It's stunning and oh, how I wish I could jump in and go for a swim :)

    Your photos always inspire me, sweet friend. Thanks for sharing! Thinking of you and wishing you a lovely new week. Hugs!

  30. Oh, look at all the daisies! I am really into the daisies lately. It looks like you had a very nice Easter celebration, Olympia. Navagio beach is beautiful. The water is so pretty. Those purple flowers are also seen at the ocean near Jess' house. That statue is cool also. Your pictures are always delightful, my friend. Spring is a great time for taking wonderful photos.

    love, ~Sheri

  31. Thank you so much, I have been to Greece but the only island
    I visited was Corfu.
    This was such a great post,
    loved it. yvonne

  32. To visit your blog is like travelling with a nice friend! Love this post...lovely pictures from a lovely island!
    Have a happy weekend, take care.
    Love, Titti

  33. Gorgeous photos, thank you for sharing your beautiful Spring trip with us. Hx

  34. How lovely dear Olympia. You talk about the Italia influensa. I have been visiting Corfu, and I remember my Sister in law said; "it reminds me of Italy"

  35. How lovely dear Olympia. You talk about the Italia influensa. I have been visiting Corfu, and I remember my Sister in law said; "it reminds me of Italy"


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