Thursday, April 28, 2016

Flower days...

Photographing inside is difficult to do the right way without 
sufficient natural light. The arrival of spring gives solutions 
to these kind of concerns and throws me 
into new shooting adventures!

So, I’m welcoming you in my home; the town home livened 
up with some fresh bouquets cut straight from the garden.  
It’s again this wonderful time of the year where everything 
smiles both indoors and outdoors. The bloom season invaded 
the vases with those little miracles spreading euphoria all over. 

For me, if you tell me to rank seasons, spring is most 
conducive to happiness. There is something about opening
 the windows, letting the sea breeze inside, loading up on 
the fresh flowers… Ever notice how when the sun is shining 
bright it just makes you smile, no matter what else is going 
on around you… Paradoxically, even if our home is big
enough, it’s poorly lit and a spot of sun is extremely 
precious and welcomed. 

I'm leaving you, we will be off to an island
for a long Easter weekend...

  Before saying good bye I would like to add something...
Here in blogland, we usually receive comments from people 
who barely know us... Anyway, the only thing I can tell is that 
in life there is everything, the peachy and the tricky side
as well. In my space, I only share what I truly like. 
A part of my life, not the imperfect or chaotic moments 
I daily experience but the beauty around me, the beauty
 that exists and some people undervalue. 
Photographing lovely moments is my refuge
my option of optimism. I offer them to you hoping 
that happy pictures can capture the essence of life
 and transmit good energy! 

So, the sun is out, Easter is rapidly approaching 
and flower days are all ahead. These are the good news!
Let's focus on them!

Happy Easter
and happy new week!
Καλό Πάσχα!!!
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