Friday, September 30, 2016

Casting a feeling

Crocheting might be the craft that you can get excited about ... 
Whoever said this, was absolutely right! Just have something to 
grab once you sit on the sofa. Something to help you empty your 
mind. A joyful project only with a hook and some yarn, it does 
add magic on an ordinary evening because you create something 
real out of nothing but simple yarn. 

 I wanted a throw for my girl’s bedroom, combining the colours 
of her space. A personalised gift for her birthday 
which is soon approaching. I chose pure cotton yarn in the 
shades that you see on the screen but at first, 
there was chaos in my head. 
Which hue? How large would it be? How many flowers in a row? 
What about the edging stitch? No pattern except those existing 
on  youtube without concrete directions regarding the assemblage 
of the pieces or the way to have a tidy, neat back of the blanket. 
I improvised, as usual, this is my kind of thing. Nevertheless, 
it took me long to understand how it could be and evolve. 
An adventurous process, the outcome didn’t disappoint me, 
though! It turned out great I think!

The icing on the cake was given by a handful of paillettes scattered 
here and there in the hope that they will all remain intact 
in the wash! If you have similar experiences, please, do share! 
Reveal some secrets or remarkable links to visit! 
I personally have been so much inspired by Brigitte
a master on crochet inspiration!

So, my ordinary evenings oozed a little dose of glamour and turned 
into a kind of enchantment I really needed. 
It’s all about casting a feeling, 
an essence in the mundane. 
Spicing things up. 
Erstwhile, I was thinking that magical moments were out of 
my grasp or beyond me. Photography showed me the way but 
I’m slowly striving to find it elsewhere. My little crochet work 
helped me not only to stare in amazement on some boring days
but also create memories.

Be well
and thank you for still stopping by!


  1. Sweet friend, the beauty you share truly amazes me. You have such a lovely way of capturing color and happiness in your photos.

    The blanket is a work of art, dear Olympia, and it will be a joy to use during the colder months :)

    Sweet hugs to you!

  2. Such a lovely post Olympia ... Casting a Feeling certainly did.
    A joy to look at and read your post.
    I love the colours you've chosen for the blanket - perfect.

    As September draws to an end,may I wish you a pleasant October - it will soon be here.

    All the best Jan

  3. Such warm and lovely pictures. You always inspire ME in stead of the other way around. I am very flattered that you mentioned me since I am in awe of this quilt. It's lovely!!!

  4. Your daughter will be thrilled with the pretty throw that you have lovingly made for her Olympia and it is bound to be something that she will treasure over the years to come - I do like the blue fabric that you have covering your sofa.

    1. Thank you Rosemary! It's a Sanderson fabric covering my sofa.

  5. Hello Olympia,
    Your crochet work is beautiful and the colours so uplifting. The addition of the palettes makes it so special and no doubt your daughter will cherish it and it will keep her snug and warm when needed. She will also know that each stitch was created with love
    My husband has the blanket his grandmother made for him when he left for university.
    Have a glorious weekend

    Helen xx

  6. I'm so envious of your crochet skills Olympia. Many years ago when in high school I learned to crochet, but never quite got the hang of it. The colors you've chosen and the pretty pattern are truly delightful. I'm sure your daughter will cherish it for many years to come.

    (The blue coffee pot is charming).


  7. Beautiful crochet, a treasure to have for generations
    Love your coffee pot and plates

  8. Oh just reading your post was relaxing and inspiring at the same time. It made me want to go out and be creative somehow, somewhere! Happy first day of October! from your 'neighbor' just down the road! xxx

  9. Such a beautiful post, Olympia. I love your description of how crochet has fulfilled a creative need. The throw is absolutely lovely and I'm sure your daughter will treasure it. Sam x

  10. Un beau mélange de couleurs chaudes et de couleurs plus pastels en ce début d'automne!
    Ton plaid est superbe et me donne envie de me remettre au crochet!
    Bon mois d'octobre à toi Olympia!

  11. un très joli blog tout en couleurs et en créativité
    ravie de ma visite

  12. Que preciosidad!!! me encanta Olympia, te ha quedado perfecta con esa gama de colores tan alegres.

  13. Olympia, the throw you made for your daughter's bedroom is wonderful! The pink and yellow colors are cheerful. Crocheting is such a talent; my sister crochets and knits. The tea pot with the blue flower is so lovely. And I love the last picture, it's very charming.

    Keep crocheting, Olympia. You have amazing things to make.

    love, ~Sheri

  14. Hello, Dear Olympia - such a lovely throw you have created with love! Pretty, happy colors and photos! Now I want to sit down with some yarn and hooks.....Love, love, love! Wishing you a beautiful autumn season. Sending hugs xo Karen

  15. Sweet Olympia. Such a beautiful gift you've made for your daughter and I'm sure she'll treasure it for the rest of her life. A gift truly made with love.♥

    Take care my dear and I hope October will be a colourful and lovely month for you.♥


  16. Cet ouvrage au crochet est vraiment très délicat et les couleurs vont si bien ensemble. Une belle création avec des teintes harmonieuses.

  17. What a beautiful throw you made. I love it

  18. Such a pretty blanket for your daughter, those are wonderful colours too. I hope she will keep the photos of it being made as that will be wonderful to look back on in many years to come! Sarah x

  19. I really love this throw, the pattern but also the colours are wonderful. I can imagine that you were captured by crocheting when you were working on it and in your imagination you got the idea how to give it a finishing touch, great. Your daughter will love it.
    Hugs, Janneke

  20. Dear Olympia,

    The blanket is so beautiful and the colours all work so well together. Your daughter will be thrilled with her pretty rug.
    Happy October

  21. how cute!! you are so good with it
    stay in touch

  22. I never learned to do it. Looking at your choice of colors brought back a memory
    of my Mother. When I was about 5 I asked Mamma to color a page in my coloring book.
    The colors were like yours. I can't tell you how I looked at that for years and loved the colors.
    Soft, sweet and loving. yvonne

  23. The blanket is zo lovely! I am sure your daughter will love it too!

  24. The throw is stunning, I'm sure your daughter will treasure it, and I do like the blue work bag peeking in one of the photos.

  25. So pretty, your crochetted flowers, dearest Olympia - I love this pretty blanket!
    Wishing you happy October-days!
    Hugs, Traude

  26. Hello Olympia :) Throw is lovely and I'm sure it will be cherished by your daughter. What a thoughtful gift!
    As usual, your photos are breathtaking.
    Stay well dear Olympia :)
    Hugs from very windy Florida !

  27. Whatever hobby you pick up, you always manage to master! Love the colour and warmth and charm of your photos, as usual. Happy Autumn, dear Olympia.


  28. Ma chère Olympia!
    Comme c'est beau ...quel cadeau pour ta petite!!!! Et je sais bien ....c'est beaucoup de travail.
    J'aime les couleurs ...un peu douce et avec lumière ....Bravo!
    Si tu as le temps Ici tu trouves beaucoup des instructions pour faire des belles choses.
    J'espère tu vas bien et ta famille aussi.
    Je t' embrasse très fort!

  29. You have made a wonderful job of that crochet Olympia ! so nice ! so now I 'need' to get some crochet out , it's the right season for it ! have a nice autumn...Gail x

  30. The harmony of the colors you chose is very excellent.

  31. Lovely and cozy post! Best wishes for a lovely weekend Olympia, happy autumn!

  32. Un grand merci pour tes si gentils mots chez moi ma chère Olympia!
    Passe une douce journée!
    Je t' embrasse fort!

  33. I admire anyone who can crochet Olympia! Yours pattern and colours are beautiful, love how you've put together your photographs! I've had a virus on my computer and it's taken a few weeks to get it back on track, so hopefully I'll be blogging soon when I've caught up with reading all your lovely blog posts! x

    1. Thank you Sharon!Always so kind. Looking forward to your next post...

  34. The throw is gorgeous Olympia!
    The colour combination is so fresh , just perfect for a young lady.
    Well done!
    Tina :)

  35. Such a gorgeous throw....the colours you chose are beautiful and harmonious. I loved seeing all your delightful picture in this post, each one filled with joyous colour too. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, dear Olympia.
    Helen xox

  36. Olimpia, jestem oszolomiona uroda Twych zdjec!
    Jestes prawdziwa artystka. Do tego piszsz, jak poetka.

  37. Just have something to grab once you sit on the sofa.
    long stay parking Luton


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