Sunday, September 1, 2013

Last minute escape


Summertime is running out and we fιnd ourselves alone
 at home as our daughter accepted the kind invitation
of her aunt to stay at her country house for a few days.

  A short escape to Spetses incognito! What a great idea!

If you don’t know this island, it’s included in the islands
 of the Saronic Gulf. From where we live, we need only an hour
 to reach the coast where we leave the car
 as vehicles aren’t allowed on the island.

Through the pebble path that leads to our hotel

Beautiful entrances of the old whitewashed houses 

We have visited this wonderful historical island so many times 
but since we have discovered its accommodation, the destination 
comes second! It happens sometimes that you choose a place
 for its hotels?…This is  our case. “Zoe’s club” 
An amazing retreat where everybody and everything is there 
to help you relax you and make you feel comfortable.

What else could you ask for? 

Luxury sleep comfort on the Duxiana mattresses.

The pool area is really so inviting

Hi sweetheart!

The scent of sweet basil everywhere

                                    A delicious, top quality breakfast.

Ibiscus all around the garden

Our little private terrace 

The magical view from the hotel

The first impressive building every visitor distinguishes 
during the 10 minutes boat trip to Spetses, is Poseidonion, 
a five star hotel with a rich history, recently renovated.

The coffee and reading corner of the hotel Poseidonion 
where we liked to spent the warm hours after lunch.

From the balcony of the Poseidonion hotel...

You can see the statue of Laskarina Bouboulina, a”pirate queen” , 
a Greek heroine who lived there. Through her organisation skills 
and financial support, the island was able to hold back 
the Turks during the war of Independence started in 1821.

The old mansion of the Greek benefactor of Spetses, 
Sotirios Anargyrou

I hope that you’ve got a little fresh air from this wonderful island,
that you are still enjoying late summer….

Let’s hope that this fall will be better than others, 
that everyone can maintain hope and strength in the heart.
Until next post!

Vagelis Papathanasiou " Absolute happiness"

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