Sunday, September 29, 2013

Autumn shades

I do love fall...

but September has succumbed to the summer’s charms 
so that we still have mild, dry weather and a lot of 
sunshine, a prolonged Indian summer...

Anyway, autumn is in my heart...
the changing fall foliage, its turn to
golden hues and the flowers fleeting beauty 
never fails to surprise and delight me.

The only resistant flowers I can still use for picking 
are Zinnia, Justicia plant, yellow daisies and some foliage
like this white one my mum calls “snow flower”
but it certainly isn't a valid name for it.

Fall blooming flowers come in rich amber shades and extend 
the gardening season despite fading and wilting…

The last autumn bouquets keep the beauty of the warm 
sunny days and cheer up my coffee table in the city 
garden where there is nothing other than green. 

Let’s hope that October brings us 
everything to do with
a u t u m n...

Warm ,dark colours, hot beverages, 

and this is definitely apple pie season !!!

I do love everything having to do with apples, 
grated lemon zest and pie. 

This is my way to say hallo to the new season which 
still doesn’t dare to reveal itself in all its glory! 

The red colour of this apple pie is due to an Italian liqueur 
called “Alchermes” which is mainly used in colouring pastry 
and very difficult to find anywhere else except Italy, 
but I have my own secret caterer!

Yellow roses from the terrace

A yellow paper flower, my daughter’s new mania 


So, I’m warmly welcoming October, its cooler days, its crisp nights, 
the lighting of the fireplace, the wintry look of the house…
in a regenerating, refreshing mood.


It’s so sweet to leave such interesting and friendly comments, 
I thank you all for visiting me, I really appreciate it.


  1. Love the autumn season......great colors !!!..enjoy the evening Ria....x !

  2. oh what beautiful photos O!!! You have captured the amazing essence of Autumn in these. Such a lovely tapestry you have woven.
    sending hugs from here...

  3. Dear Olypmpia,
    Thank you for this great post,colors and sunshine brought me onto this kind of a rainy day is here with us.
    Many hugs my dear friend

  4. Spring and summer are my favorite seasons, but I also like autumn, especially when the sun shines a lot of time ;-). But it's true, the colors are very special and autumn brings many lovely nature decorations.

    Wish you a wonderful week! Big hugs, Ingrid

  5. WHAUW, what a beautiful colors and you no i love autumn. And you cake looks very good, we had also a lot af appels and nexr week I make some appelpie we love it so much with a bit of cream on it yummmie. Have a nice week, greetings Petra.

  6. Beautiful colours Olympia - late summer is lingering on here too - misty start early in the morning but warm balmy sunny weather during the day - after our cold spring I am relishing it.
    Your daughter's paper flower is lovely - my grandson makes things out of paper too, it is surprising what you can make with a bit of paper.
    There's that lovely white flower again with green stripes!

    1. Yes, I know, you have already asked me that but my research didn't reveal me the scientific name of this flower.

    2. Dearest Olympia,
      The Latin name for your 'snow flower' is: Euphorbia Marginata and it is poisonous --
      Contains ingenol. Common name: "Snow-of-the-Mountain". Acute toxic reaction. Causes skin irritation and inflammation of the skin. Scroll down here to Euphorbia:
      We used to have this too and I loved to use it as a filler flower with my roses until I learned about it being poisonous.
      Hope this was helpful to Rosemary and to you!

    3. Thank you Mariette for your help.I'm so surprised and impressed with all these informations...We have this flower in the country garden for so many years, since I remember it...I always pick them without problem but I''ll be more careful anymore.

    4. Interesting to learn that it is a Euphorbia - I have three different Euphorbias in the garden, it is the milky sap that you have to be careful of with all Euphorbias. If the milk gets on the skin it can cause blistering or irritation - just don't get the sap on you.

  7. What a beautiful post, with the most fantastic colours i have ever seen.
    I love also the fall..and the apple pie.
    The paper flower you daugther make is verry nice.

    Have a nice week Olympia and enjoy the beginning off the fall
    Warm Greetings,
    Inge, my choice

  8. De liefde voor de herfst deel ik met je Olympia!
    Ik vind de herfst prachtig en het herbergt ongeveer alles van de andere seizoenen tezamen.
    Wat een prachtige kleuren van je bloemen, betoverend en romantisch!
    En je dochter heeft een leuke hobby!

    Lieve groet,

  9. Dear Olympia,
    The colours of the flowers are gorgeous, and you have such a way of displaying them which is so lovely. Where does the white flower grow is it on a bush? Your daughter's flower looks so good too. Do you have a recipe for your apple cake?
    Sarah x

  10. It looks so summery there, I'm envy:) Gorgeous flower, the first frost has came here so almost everything is dead.

  11. Dear Olympia,

    How beautiful the gorgeous coloured flowers are and really heralds the coming of Autumn.
    The yellow flower your daughter made is pretty and how yummy the apple cake looks.
    happy new week and many thanks for visiting me.

  12. Lieve Olympia,

    Kan niet anders zeggen dan dat jij in hart en ziel een Griekse bent, zo'n warm en gastvrij onthaal aan het jaargetijde herfst....

    Wat een prachtige en verschillende bloemen kan jij nog uit je tuin plukken,werkelijk een lust voor het oog.

    Het kan ook bijna niet anders dat je dochter zulke mooie bloemen kan vouwen/knippen met altijd die weelderige boeketten op tafel,daar krijg je inspiratie van.

    De prachtige wit/groene plant met mooi geaderd schutblad bleef maar in mijn hoofd hangen,het binnenste van de bloem deed mij steeds aan de Kerstster denken en ik ging zoeken met zijn Latijnse naam (Euphorbia) en ja wel ik denk haast zeker de naam van je moeders ''Sneeuwbloem''
    gevonden te hebben Euphorbia Marginata.

    Nou heb ik eindelijk rust....
    en ben blij jouw aan de naam van bloem te kunnen helpen.

    Geniet van alle moois wat de herfst te bieden heeft en lieve groet!!!

    1. Thank you Ger, you are so kind and generous with your comments.I also thank you for your help, it was impossible for me to find the name of this flower!

  13. Dearest Olympia,
    That is funny, at about the very same time that I was searching for the Euphorbia marginata, Ger, another sweet friend and lover of flowers and GREECE! found it... I had not yet scrolled down all the way to see that.
    Your photos are stunning and you have such healthy bougainvillea and your roses are so lush. Certainly Greece does hold on to summer in the same way as does Georgia here. We both are about the same latitude I guess, we're on the Tunesian or North African latitude and part of Greece is too. Did you know that in the 70s that my first husband (he died long time ago) and I loved to go to the Balkan Grill near my hometown. Love the food and for sure you would know most dishes on their menu. Wonder if that still exists...?
    Apples don't grow here, in the northern part of our state yes, but not in our area and you are right about loving them for a great fall baking of pies and other things. The lemon zest I use a lot myself, like for my Italian Amaretti cookies, made with almond meal.
    Enjoy a happy new week!

    1. Apples don't grow here neither but on the mountains nearby... I can see from your blog that we have similar vegetation and weather.

  14. Your photos are beautiful, nice colors. The apple cake looks so yummy!!

  15. Me encantan los colores del otoño. ¡Todas tus fotos son maravillosas! Hugs :D

  16. What a wonderful post with colors that fill the eyes with joy, make me really long for autumn fact today is the first cool day here in Milan. xx

  17. Lovely autumn photos Olympia ... I love the snow flower ...I have never seen that before ..all our zinnias have gone now but they were fabulous so I have collected lots of seeds to hopefully grow next year. Love the origami flower ...that will look pretty all year round !
    Gail x

  18. Hi Olympia,

    I did not plant any Zinnia's this year, but when I look at your photographs, I wish I did! They look beautiful!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  19. Your photos are so pretty, Olympia. I love the colors, especially the reds. Your apple pie looks so interesting, I've never seen that kind before. I am sure it was delicious. Here's to cooler weather coming your way very soon!

  20. Love that picture of the apples on the little tablecloth, so romantic and nostalgic and sweet! Gorgeous, rich colours of late summer, Olympia, a joy to visit!


  21. ~ A truly beautiful post welcoming the new season....Rich in colour and delighting the senses...Happy October , dear Olympia...Hugs Maria x

  22. Love Zinnia, too. But mine was died last week at last. Your photos are beatiful as always. And your flower arranges are gorgeous! Especially the combination of bougainvaillea and lemon on the dish is lovely!!!

  23. Your Autumn flowers are beautiful. I love flowers so much. I think they are the magic in our lives. I welcome October too. There are so many festivities around my house at this time. It is Jess' birthday Saturday, and that's just the start of it. Your apple dessert looks delicious. I love apples this time of year. We go to a place every year called Apple Hill, and they have the most delicious apple goodies. What a cute flower that your daughter has fashioned. I love the tin that says Old Silver Tea Pot and also your polka dot cup. What a lovely post this is today. I see that your name is Olympia. I have another blog friend that's dear to me, and her name is Olympia too. Her blog is called "Old Things."

    Happy October!


  24. Hello my Dear,

    it´s look so wonderful in your garden. I think it´s summertime not autumn.
    Here in Germany is the weather not so nice. This is also the reason, that my family and I are ill.
    So I lie in the bed and see the birds who goes to Africa.
    Enjoy your wonderful flowers - this is the sun for your heart.

    Your Bluemchenmama

  25. Τhank you dear friend! Wish you and your family a quick recovery!

  26. Very lovely photos of autumn flowers and delicious treats, Dear Olympia! Everything is a feast for the eyes and soul. Happy Autumn to you, Dear! Hugs xoxo

  27. Amazing flowers and colors, autumn is wonderful.
    Here we have had could nights so it is only roses
    in bloom in our garden.

  28. Such fabulous autumn colours in this post! I so enjoyed the gorgeous photos, and the food, flowers and richness of the season are so well captured! Happy autumn!
    Helen x

  29. I love your blog and your pictures♥♥♥

  30. The leaves have started to turn colour here. Just as you do, I love the rich colours of autumn and must go apple-picking soon.
    Enjoy your weekend.


  31. Your pictures remind me of sunshine. Such lovely colors! Beautiful. Happy weekend, Olympia!

  32. Oooh, dearest Olympia,
    your garden is sooo full of autumn-treasures and wonderful sparkling colors - it's like a dream!
    Hugs ans many thanks for your warm words relating to my mother,

  33. Prachtige herfstbeelden laat je hier zien.
    De Herfst is werkelijk een bijzonder mooi jaargetij.
    Samen met de Lente voor mij zeker favoriet.

    Lieve groet,

  34. I also love autumn with his colours, fullness and incidence of light...
    Happy week and delightful days for you!
    Greetings to Greece


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