Monday, September 16, 2013

A visit to grandma


We are used to having Sunday lunch at grandma’s, my husband’s 
mum, and we always do it with pleasure enjoying her 
hospitality and company. She is a person full of energy and 
still keeps cool despite her 85 years and her widowhood. 
She likes crocheting and her chair in the garden path almost 
invariably offers images like the first I’m showing you. 
My daughter, exploring her closets, discovered this lovely 
terracotta basket which comes from her mother-in-law. 
So very old, a family heirloom with sentimental value. 
My little girl, in her childish way, picked a bunch 
of what still survives the season. 


It hasn’t rained a drop for more than five months 
but autumn feeling leads our mood in very fresh tracks…


Faded, wilted roses…

Under the old grape vine

Back to serious work for both of us starting today…
The new season brings changes and I’m ready for them.
Hope you feel the subtle regenerator touch of autumn…
 it’s coming…


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