Monday, September 23, 2013

Like little schoolchildren

Entering our home office...

The nature of our work, teaching for me ,court cases and
judicial matters for my husband constrain us to an annual schedule
different of other people. Each September means a new beginning
for us and we go back to serious work feeling like the little boys
 who return to their school, a little anxious but also with relief
after a break which has started to get boring.

We bought two new chairs,
“Mademoiselle” covered with Missoni fabric and
“Moorea”  in grey, both of them by Kartell.
   I really feel better with this light makeover!

Ever since I started work, I have taken advantage of 
this excitement to provide new office supplies. 
Our work presupposes long hours of work at our home office 
and this is my excuse to explore all the bookshops and 
stationers in the area  in search of new stuff! 
Of course, I usually go over my budget but this is how
 it works every year and I can do nothing to change it! 

Erasers which look like nuts, pencil sharpeners, binders 
like clothes pins, highlighters,cute boxes containing everything 
you can imagine, untouched notebooks , sweets and chewing 
gum with antistress effect, all this seems like a shallow 
effective way to restart our activities with fun.

We still see the mercury climb to 30 Celsius even at 8pm
and it stays there comfortably until late at night.
This prolonged hot and dry weather is not exactly that
I would like for my mental reset but we are used to it.

 This little humble bunch is made from 
what still exists in the garden!

Nothing without technology!

Wishing you a good and dynamic start to the new week
and sending you my sweet thoughts…

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