Thursday, August 22, 2013

Austria, a love affair

Τhe idea of fixing a padlock to the Salzburg bridge and 
then tossing the key into the water crossed my mind 

but not to prove my devotion to my loved one, 
just to express my love to the country 
I have visited for the tenth time!

This is real love story my friends!

I don’t know where to begin and what show you first!

I 've spent many summer holidays during my teenage years 
in this beautiful land of which I hold fond memories.
Austria won once again this summer as we hesitated between it 
and Scotland. But as we intended to rent a car and drive through 
the countryside, it was definitely intimidating for us to drive 
on the left-hand side and exceed our sense of adventure. 
Scotland remains a forthcoming travel plan.

If you ask me what is Austria I’ll tell you FLOWERS,

wooden chalets  which still looks great even after centuries

balconies filled with every colour imaginable.

Endless geranium plants in wooden boxes.

Apricot tree climbing up a house in Tulfes

Beautiful façades 

This time we were truly determined to avoid museums, big cities 
and crowds of tourists, to experience the beauty of the 
mountains and take advantage of the wonderful warm 
weather we were so lucky to have. 
We didn’t regret it!

Lovely hidden gardens 

beautifully decorated entrances of the houses

Looking over a wooden fence in full bloom 
to a grassy field on the outskirts of a village.

Flower street markets everywhere!

Flower stalls 

Decorative wreaths made from wild alpine flowers 
in the flea market of Kitzbuhel.

Cute garden items

We had a delightful holiday time full of sightseeing, 
hiking, discovering, and relaxing!

The most exciting experience? 
 Climbing up to the heart of the Alps but 
it will be another post for this.
Until then, cheers!

Wherever you are, I hope you had  a wonderful summer too
and thank you so much for stopping by!



  1. Lovely to have you back again Olympia and to see the glorious photos from your wonderful holiday.
    Austria holds the same magic for us, a place we too have visited more times than I can count.
    I love the flowers too especially on the balconies, the freshness of the air, the smell of the meadows, and walking to the sound of the cow bells.
    However, do give Scotland a try. The mountains are different, the flora is different, the customs too.
    You would not have a problem driving on the other side of the road, it takes no time at all to get used to - we have to do it the other way round whenever we drive on the Continent, even I can do it!!!

  2. welcome back, I'm glad you had wonderful time! Photos look really pictoresque!

  3. Welcome back in blogland Olympia, wauw...what a beautiful photo's, youre holiday was amazing.
    Our holiday was also good, but we stay at home, the weather was good, so our holiday was in the backyard.
    Maybe next year....

    Inge, my choice

  4. Ohh dear Olympia,
    Welcome back,you have so great holiday,Austria is wonderful country,this flower details are amazing!
    Many hugs

  5. Dear Olympia!

    Oh my god - you was not so far away from me.
    I live in the near of the border to Austria and Switzerland.
    The whole summer we were going to Austria for climbing in the mountains and in the winter for
    skiing. Austria is a beautiful country - and they have a good food.
    I was also in Kitzbühel - it´s a beautiful town.
    Thank you for these wonderful pictures with so many flowers and impressions.
    This year we have a really good summer - we can enjoy it.
    Just in moment we have still holidays and I can do what I want.
    I am happy, that you have enjoyed your trip to Austria.

    Hugs and a lot of greetings from

    your Bluemchenmama

  6. What a lovely pictures from a great trip !! from me...x !

  7. When I was a young girl, I spent my holiday in Austria with my family. After this time I only saw the wonderful mountains on our way to Italy.

    I am glad to hear your holiday was great! Welcome back!

    Big hugs, Ingrid

  8. Welcome back it was wonderful to see all these fantastic pictures of Austria. I spent many holidays in Austria as a child and you pictures bought back such sweet memories. Why have I never returned there as an adult? Your pictures have me longing to return.

    (I agree with Rosemary Scotland is fantastic too.)
    Sarah x

  9. Oh, how wonderful. It's nice to see you again! These photos just capture my imagination. I would love to visit there someday. The flowers in all the windows just make me so happy. I love the locks on the fence over the bridge; I would do it too!

  10. Dearest Olympia,
    Oh, you made me homesick for this beautiful country where we've been so often. When we lived and worked near Venice, Italy we always drove through Austria. LOVE those trailing Austrian Geraniums. They are a dream. I have tried them here in Georgia, USA but it is way too hot for them... But it is like a dream with all the wood work too.
    Hugs and thanks for sharing and bringing back fond memories for me.

  11. Hello dearest Olympia,
    I'm happy that you love our country so much and that you liked to be here again. Eastern Austria, where I am living, is different to Tyrol but also pretty and interesting (but I think you know that; you wrote me you have been to Pressbaum in your childhood). Your photos are really wonderful. I am curious to know when you will go to Scotland - for this country is very beautiful and interesting, too!
    Warm hugs from Austria, Traude

  12. Greetings Dear Olympia,
    How lovely is Austria and your photos are just beautiful! It is like sweets for the soul with all of these amazing flowers and charming chalets. Thank you for sharing - someday I hope to visit this wonderful place.
    Hugs from Washington State. xo

  13. Τι ομορφιά είναι αυτή Ολυμπία μου !!Μας ταξίδεψες σε ονειρικές πλευρές της Αυστριακής εξοχής !
    Εύχομαι να είσαι πάντα καλά και να ταξιδεύεις σε όμορφα μέρη !

  14. Dear Olympia,

    How wonderful your photographs of Austria are and you must have had a wonderful trip.
    Love all the pretty flowers and the gorgeous chalets. It is lovely getting out of the big Cities and taking in all the beautiful countryside. I know what you are saying about driving on the left hand side of the road - we are planning a trip to France soon and we have that to master.
    Have a lovely weekend

  15. What stunning flowers with every colour in the rainbow. I have never been to Austria but these pictures make me want to go. Have a lovely weekend

  16. Hello Olympia

    Your images are magical. All the beautiful flowers and such variety.
    I loved this post


  17. How wonderful pictures of Austria. It's nice to see you again Olympia!

  18. Lieve Olympia,
    Je hebt me geraakt met de prachtige bloemenfoto's!
    Al die prachtige chalets met zoveel prachtige zomerbeplanten. De hanggeraniums en de petunia's vind ik erg mooi!
    Ik ben zelf ook een keer in Oostenrijk geweest en ik vond het zo mooi! Veel bergwandelen.
    Fijn dat jullie zo'n mooie vakantie hebben gehad!

    Lieve groet,

  19. Hi Olympia ! oh what loveliness !!! as soon as I saw the photo of the wild flower wreaths I wanted to make one ... at once !!...looks like a beautiful holiday in a beautiful country .. I haven't been for many years ..... love the locks on the fence...very sweet idea .... Scotland is also a stunning country ...can be quite rugged in places but it has always been close to my heart as it is where we holidayed when I was a child ...welcome home...Gail x

  20. Your photos are stunning and bring back many happy memories of my visit to Autria when I was a teenager. I remember all the pretty houses with their balconies decorated with amazing window boxes as you have shown here. So many vibrant colurs and I esopecially like the cute little bird boxes and other garden ornaments. The view from the Saltzburg bridge is perfect - like a picture postcard!

  21. Di-vi-ne photos; I've only been once and not in the best of conditions but you're offering another aspect altogether !x

  22. What a gorgeous trip you had, Olympia! I've seen only a little of Austria and would have loved your road trip through the countryside.


  23. Wonderful country, I know. I love Austria and I love Germany, too, so full oh hidden tresures. I remember how beautiful Austria is, as I have seen it. You are right: the houses are gorgeous and "in flower" So much beauty! I love the Alps and I am actually very fond of Bavaria.

    All in all, yes... I am jealous!
    Thank you for the truly wonderful pictures.

    Ciao e buona notte!


  24. First I want to thank you for your sympathy. It is nice to read that people care.
    I enjoyed your beautiful pictures! As a child I went several times to Austria. It's a beuitiful country.
    Greatings from Aleta

  25. Thank you for sharing this wonderful memories of beautiful
    flowers in Austria. Fantastic for me to se your eminent
    photos. Thank you, dear Olympia!

  26. Hi Olympia,

    Beautiful and bright photos of such pretty landscapes and towns of Austria! Love the picture with the birdhouses, and of course every other one. How lucky you are to have visited with great weather and what a logical decision to explore the countryside! Thanks so much for sharing!


  27. Great pictures from your trip, the
    flowers was lovely. And the padlocks
    was so many!

  28. Beautiful photo's of Austria Olympia! Happy to hear you enjoyed yourself so much.

    A Happy Sunday!


  29. Wow! I hope to visit Austria some day. I've never been there, but it looks like a stunning, very beautiful country. Happy Sunday, Olympia!

  30. Lovely photos, looks like you all had a wonderful trip! :D

  31. Lovely pictures - I love Austria too but not since I was a child have I visited in the summer. It's always been winter - a beautiful season and lovely just before Christmas!

  32. Lovely pictures - I love Austria too but not since I was a child have I visited in the summer. It's always been winter - a beautiful season and lovely just before Christmas!

  33. You are so right, this is a country to fall in love with. So many flowers, all those colours, lovely houses,... Beautiful! Thanks for letting us enjoy it with you.

  34. Oh, I`m really agree!!;) REALLY BEAUTIFUL land, I see that in your photos!!♥
    Me and my family haven`t ever visited there, but we really should be...;)

  35. What a lovely holiday you've had Olympia! Beautiful flowers and lovely quaint architecture. We once knew an Austrian family, many years ago, I remember how Helgrid used to show us how to bake 'knudel'. I hope you enjoyed sampling the Austrian food. Have a lovely week. Sharon x

  36. Lovely images from Austria. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  37. Oh my goodness I love every single photo Olympia! I have always wanted to go to Austria. It looks like such a magical country. I am so glad you had such a wonderful vacation!
    hugs from here...

  38. Chère Olympia – que de jolies fleurs! Et les chalets – tout est si pittoresque! J’ai été à Vienne passer 5 jours mais malheureusement il n’y avait pas assez de temps pour voir le reste du pays. Merci pour ces super photos!

  39. Olympia, good to have you back on here.....Beautiful, beautiful pictures captured in your memory for always...I remember school trips to ski in Austria, many moons ago... (I couldn't go in those day's) but looking at photographs with friends reminds me of just how beautiful the country is, my friend! Thank you for sharing...I will be visiting your little corner of the world very soon! Excited! I simply fell in LOVE with Greece! hugs and summer kisses *** Maria x

  40. I see, you have also a great Holiday with a lot of flowers and wonderful gardens. I never been in Austria, but what I see on your pictures it's great to be there...

    Have a lovely weekend with a lot of sunshine

  41. Amazing flowers everywhere Olympia! The balaconies are incredible! I have never been to Austria but have driven through Switzerland and enjoyed similar beautiful scenes a few years ago - seeing your photos makes me want to rush of to Austria!
    Looks like you had a wonderful break!
    Gill xx

  42. This post made me smile! Balconies, Geraniums, Oh I know all so well. But, as we have all of it in Germany I love the Alpes. And Wien with its very distinctiv charme.


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