Thursday, October 8, 2015

Autumn afternoon in the country

 In our district, citrus trees go through a sequence of growth 
phases and we can have multiple crops at the same time.
 Lemons picked at their silver-green stage can have
 a long post-harvest life. 

The little bouquet I’m showing you is quite humble but since the
 flourishing stage has come to an end and we are heading towards 
colder days the most of the gardens are looking exhausted .Ours too.
 Difficult to extend the blooming season 
in a garden you visit once a week!

So, by the end of the weekend we usually visit our country home as we have 
to keep watering citrus trees and bushes. Our area is still in drought 
conditions despite recent rains but watering has become a very enjoyable
activity for me. Not only that! Pottering outside, tidying up the autumn 
garden is really uplifting and time flies like an arrow… 
So last weekend, we spent some busy but quiet hours in the backyard, 
enjoying the balmy early October weather. The garden was shining under
 the soft sunshine and a leafy lemon aroma was spread through the air. 

 I’m always in a hurry to complete my chores, grasp my camera and take
 as many shots as possible. In the meanwhile, my husband who has green 
fingers is still working hard relieving me of the burden to keep on. 

Fresh flowers cut straight from my own garden 
can make me happier than a florist composition, I confess! 

May I stay keen on gardening and photos and fond of composing 
texts in English so that I will not quit this blog I have been 
so excited about. In fact, it’s all about those good, happy vibes 
I’m sending and receiving each time I post...
Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving your kind 
comments, they just light up my space like this little bouquet!
Wishing you all the best 

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